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Você não conseguiria encontrar o silêncio discutindo sobre o que é silêncio porque uma vez que você discute, debate ou até briga sobre o real sentido do silêncio, nesse momento você já perdeu esse silêncio.
I’ll be there, behind you when you walk alone
Singing till the end, this song that won’t end
Open your ears for just a moment
I’ll sing for you, who is walking through an especially long night
At the last moment the whole life is reflected in our memory, and emerges from all the forgotten nooks and corners, picture after picture, one event after another.... The man may often appear dead, yet from the last pulsation, from and between the last throbbing of his heart and the moment when the last spark of animal heat leaves the body, the brain thinks,
Knowledge and Courage

are the elements of Greatness. They give immortality, because they are immortal. Each is as much as he knows, and the wise can do anything. A man without knowledge, a world without light. Wisdom and strength, eyes and hands. Knowledge without courage is sterile.
Good afternoon :sanapray: