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Discussion What's the one book (or more) you read in school that you really liked? (1 Viewer)

21 February 2019
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The Screwtape Letters - i really enjoyed

I am a reading addict. I read so much i cant really remember what was assigned and what i choose to read.
My high school actually had a whole course for reading. One of the easiest A's i ever got(university had some stupid easy classes). A whole hour a day i could read in class....../joy.
Also a class on Sci Fi. That was a good year even if i did have to take CP writing too.

I think ya needed 2k pages a nine weeks i did 20k per.
Conversely i really disliked some of the books i had to read.
like brave new world
David Copperfield
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Hua Hua's #1 Martian
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21 November 2018
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Wow I find it interesting that so many of us are in different countries and different generations but we still had really similar booklists. And I'm so happy that there are other people who like The Catcher in the Rye! I was the only one who liked it in my class. But then again, I was like the only one who actually liked reading at all...

The others I loved (basically all the ones I remember):
• Shakespeare's Julius Caesar (Literally the best play I have ever read... I read it like a hundred times. Mark Anthony's speech literally the best speech in any play/book.)
• Dorian Gray
• Lord of the Flies
• Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf (play)
• The Tempest (play)
• Of Mice and Men
• The Bacchae (play)

I took English and Literature so I read a lot of plays as well as novels. And these are the only ones I remember at the moment but the only books I ever remember not enjoying in school were The Atonement and Jane Eyre.
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