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25 August 2018
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What is

DNS: Internet’s Directory
Nearly everything on the Internet starts with a DNS request. DNS is the Internet’s directory. Click on a link, open an app, send an email and the first thing your device does is ask the directory: Where can I find this?
Unfortunately, by default, DNS is usually slow and insecure. Your ISP, and anyone else listening in on the Internet, can see every site you visit and every app you use — even if their content is encrypted. Creepily, some DNS providers sell data about your Internet activity or use it to target you with ads.
We think that’s gross. If you do too, now there’s an alternative:

To test it out, head over to — the Internet’s Fastest, Privacy-First DNS Resolver & check out how to switch your dns instead of using your isp's.

For mobile users there is an app, head over here to find out how to download — The free app that makes your Internet faster. .

How will this speed up your browsing experience here?

Our dns is hosted behind the same dns provider (they are the #1 managed dns provider & has the top speed among the rest) so this will make your dns much faster while searching/browsing for stuff on our website. Try it out today and check out the difference.

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