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i'm just a chemical
21 November 2018
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Well deserved :sanapray:
Lately I've gotten kinda busy and also burnt out from forums, I stuck to mostly lurking but the event brought me back fulltime again and it wouldn't be possible without everything @Chlorine has done to make it a success :maheart:
Your dedication is so admirable, and you were the best event organizer anyone could ask for.

Congratulations :pikahappy:
Thank you so much! I'm really glad you decided to come back. I know life gets in the way and it's impossible to not be busy but I hope you can continue to visit the forum whenever you find time. :bigcatlove:
Congrats :pikahappy:
You well-deserve it; when I realised you were staying up till 3am to run the anniversary events, even as just an onlooker I was impressed w/ur dedication, n knowing now u hv exams this week-wow.
N LMAO u hv to update the thread n post ur own name as September User of the Month, I find tat hilarious smh. But I believe ur humble n would find Irvin embarrassing smh. Which makes I think even more amusing n adorable(unless notthatmarko or other staff helps you do it instead.)
We KS lurkers/barely actives hardly deserve such a hard-working staff/events lead.
You deserve all the recognition n rewards there r in KS; does user of the month come with a cash prize or it's just prestige.
Anyway, I hope u enjoy being user of the month, it's yours even if there's no cash prize.(also just checked u ran/led/were in charge of Easter n Clash of prides event which I had so much fun participating in, so I'm more glad you r getting user of the mth.):pepeheart:[U shd hv got it much earlier like in April or May, you wuz robbed--oh there's wasn't any such thingthen; it only started in June, forget I said this last bit then.]:junweary:uh, just congratulations n thanks for being such an awesome events lead.
Yeh for some reason most of our events coincide with my exam/assignment periods. At least it's teaching me good time management skills... 🤣
And thank you! :nekolove:
I hope you can join our future events.:sanapray:
The Anniversary Event truly was iconic! @Chlorine totally deserves this!
I'm so happy that you enjoyed the event. And thank you so much! :bigcatlove:


29 March 2019
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