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23 November 2018
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planet carat
NCT confuses me and I just can't make myself like them.

Most if not all of the members seem to be really good at what they do and they're funny as hell (especially the foreign members). I really wanted to like their music too, but all the songs I've heard sound so experimental, repetitive and weird, no matter how many times I listen to them. Not to mention that it's already so hard to get to know and like them individually when there are so many members, and as a group(s) as the members rotate all the time. Their concept is so overwhelming and the music is hard to take in. It's sad, really, since I really like the members.

edit: oh and I don't know whether this is unpopular really, but I'm even less interested as now it seems the whole brand is just "Mark, Taeyong and friends"?
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