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Appreciation The collision of the two most unique voices


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21 November 2018
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I'm so late to the party. My two favorite Turkish male soloists had a collab (over a year ago!) and I'm only seeing it now. And just as I expected, it's amazing. It's interesting how despite having such different voices, they managed to sing this song in a way that flows and doesn't sound mismatched. Their voices matched so well in here although if they were singing in their normal voices, they would be clashing so much.

AND THIS ONE TOO. They didn't try to suit each other as much in this song and it's so so beautiful. It's not as clashing as I thought it would be but it's still more toned down.
Gosh, I really need more of these!

And here are some of their own solo works just because I want everyone to hear their gorgeous voices more

Cem Adrian
He's more mellow and sad.

Mabel Matiz
He's more colourful and weird

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