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ANON ⌜SIXNINE⌟ - A YG x JYP Collaboration (5 Viewers)


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18 February 2019
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💫Buddy Hole💫

Presenting the debut of the latest group; SIXNINE. Said to be the most ambitious collaboration to date between two rival entertainment companies; YG and JYP, the 6-member group was formed as a result of a drunken bet between Yang Hyun Suk and Park Jin Young and serves no purpose whatsoever


Graphics created by @Ireneisbaee

Stage Name: @Tir (티르)
Birth Name: Mitsuo (미츠오)
Position: Leader, Visual
Zodiac Sign: GFriend
Height: Wouldn't you like to know? :welp:
Blood Type: Who's asking? :welp:

Tir Facts:
- He was born in the harsh outback of Australia and was raised by a loving kangaroo and emu couple
- He was a former trainee at FNC, Cube, DSP, Big Hit, Starship, Pledis, Woollim, Stone Music, TOP Media, LOEN, TS Entertainment, Plan A, Jellyfish, and Fantagio before attending the joint YG x JYP training facility
- He is currently a permanent MC for The Show, Show Champion, M Countdown, Music Bank, Show! Music Core and Inkigayo
- Can play the triangle
- He is currently the face of all soju brands in South Korea and models for every fashion brand in existence
- Can't sing or dance to save his life but his blinding visuals makes all his deficiencies irrelevant
- Tir's Ideal Type: the mirror SinB

Stage Name: @perhapz (퍼하프스)
Birth Name: Perhaps (퍼하프스)
Birth Place: Flover Garden
Position: Main Vocal, Lead Dancer
Height: Above average
Blood Type: Uchiha

Perhapz Facts:
- He dreams of paving the way of k-pop to his birth continent, South America
- He's a OST singer, having participated in a lot of k-drama works in the past
- He is the Spanish and Portuguese representative of the group
- He was recruited while eating mint chocolate ice cream at the fromis_9 concert
- His father was a famous soccer player and played a World Cup with Pele
- In his early Korea days, he took English classes with Jiwon, Sowon and Jisoo, improving his English skills very muchie
- Perhapz's Ideal type: any Flover

Stage Name: @Ozymandias (선배)
Birth Name: Soulless_Senpai
Position: Center, Lead Vocalist, Face of the Group
Blood Type: Blue
Favorite word: Sweg
Favorite phrase: Farken Hell

Ozymandius Facts:
-YG's favorite, JYP's least favorite. Gets the most mediaplay from Papa YG
-Loves skinship, especially with Ireneisbaee's wife Irene
-Not particularly skilled at anything, but son of chaebols which makes him immune from getting fired
-Has had multiple scandals related to pot, dating and bribery but cleared by Papa YG
-Has starred in several hit dramas like "My Kohai is a cuck"
-Owns side businesses, most prominently 2 nightclubs called Turning Sun and Burning Bun
- Ozymandius' Ideal Type: JESS (Jennie Eunha Sana Sejeong)

Stage Name: @JisoosHusband
Birth Name: Walnutt
Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist

Zodiac Sign: Jisoo
Height: Taller than Jisoo, shorter than BM
Blood Type: J

JisoosHusband Facts:
-Legend says his umbilical cord was a microphone and his mom only ate mixtapes to nourish him
-thE oficcial english reprasantatave
-Forms the North American Rap Duo with AnotherKpopTrash which outsells SIXNINE 20:1
-Hobbies include eating chinese food, drinking coffee, and bullying Ireneisbaee
- JisoosHusband's Ideal type: Jisoo and Ireneisbaee's mom

Stage Name: @Ireneisbaee (아이린은 배이)
Birth Name: Ireneisbae (아이린은 배이)
Position: Maknae
Zodiac Sign: Irene
Height: Irene
Blood Type: Irene

Ireneisbaee Facts:
- Has some weird skinship relationship with his group member Ozymandias
- More than 2.000.000 fans attended his royal marriage with Irene in Korea
- Is actually the genius and the mastermind behind the group, but JYP decided to give him just the Maknae role
- Sells some Bratwurst every Saturday evening
- Runs his own survival show called "Produce 69"
- People call him visual stan but in reality it's the opposite. Visuals stan him
- He wants to go solo or exchange his members in the future, because they bully him
- The only mixed breed from the Flover Garden and the Buddy Hole in the entire world
- Ireneisbaee's Ideal type: Irene and Ozymandias

Stage Name: @AnotherKpopTrash (다른게이팝휴지통)
Birth Name: JustAnotherKpopTrash
Position: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist
Zodiac Sign: Tyrell
Height: Godly
Blood Type: na rukave

AnotherKpopTrash Facts:

- Founded a top tier dancing school: The School of Trash
- Comes from the Great White North so his diss tracks are ice cold
- His great grandfather invented ice dancing
- Prays to the religion of God Jihyo
- Part of rap duo with JisoosHusband
- His best friend Mitsuo was consumed by a hole and never seen again
- Likes candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach
- AnotherKpopTrash's Ideal Type: God :sanapray:



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23 September 2018
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