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Performance My Favorite Chao Yin Zhan Ji Performances (1 Viewer)


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28 August 2018
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Alice & Carat Land
I was listening to my playlist, and a song that Jun performed on 潮音战纪 came up, and it made me wanna binge all the performances from the show again, so here I am now sharing some of my favs.

I'll start with Samuel's performance of One! I love the song (I love it a little extra in Chinese, too), and I loved the performance. It really makes me happy to see how much he's grown, and his improvement really showed here.

Next up is Gong's performance of My Name Is. Ok, so maybe I'm biased in my liking of this performance because I literally love every single one of his songs,, but damn, I still really enjoy watching this now. I love his music so much.

Jun and Minghao both performing their own remakes on Seventeen songs,,, obviously are gonna be on my favorites list, wow.

Jun's acting,, Yanan's high note. Yes yes yes.

This is one of my favorite songs, so of course hearing my ult bias sing it was incredible.

I'll link some more performances below that I also enjoyed. There was really no point to this thread, but I hope some of y'all might check out some of the performances, haha.

Carat taglist because this thread was mostly China line dominated. :yolk: :
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