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In this thread, we will follow all the music video releases for the current month.
There is an enormous amount of music videos released in Korea on a daily basis, so we will try to follow up with the majority of those.
Now there have to be some rules as to what constitutes a valid entry to our list.​

Here are guidelines as to what constitutes a valid entry:
  • A reliable source (label website, YouTube channel, social media account) confirmed a release.
  • A date is set (month or season only or even worse, “soon” is not valid). Songs announced without the date will be under "Rumoured" section.
  • Date of release is the date of MV release, not the single/album.
  • A song title remains TBA until there is a confirmation (track-list, audio snippet, poster, etc) of the official name.
  • If the song name in the teaser is in Korean without English title in the brackets, a direct translation of Korean title will be used as is. If the song gets an official English title upon/before release, the title here changes as well.
  • There has to be some kind of indication that there is going to be an MV (cinematography teaser, MV release schedule, etc).
  • If on the day of the release (latest by 6 PM) there is no MV, the song will be removed from the database. Should an MV be released later, the song will be re-implemented.
  • The song was released as a single/maxi-single or part of an album/mini-album in Korea and features in any music stream sites such as Naver, Mwave, Genie, Melon, Soribada, Bugs, etc.
  • The song has a music video released on official YouTube channel of the artist, company or distributor to accompany the song (usually declared by M/V in the title of the YouTube video).
  • The music video is enabled in aforementioned music stream sites.
  • The song is by a singer/group who already debuted.
  • The song is by a singer/group coming from a survival show or is about to debut.
  • The song is by a singer/group that is part of a temporary project.
  • The song was released as a part of entertainment agency project.
  • The song was released as a collaboration between agencies.
  • The music video for a side-track was released during promotions for the single/album it is coming from and/or before the release of a new single/album/repackage.
  • The song is a remake of an existing song, but the instrumental was changed and the song is arranged differently. This includes songs released on markets other than Korean as well..
  • The song is promoted as a part of brand/TV show promotion.



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