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News East Light finally seeing the light?

After being mistreated and abused, the South Korean boy band East Light may finally see their own light.
On March 4th, a trial for the producer, CEO, and president of Media Line Ent. was held.

They each were charged for equally horrible things, like violence, abuse, and violation of Welfare laws.
The producer, Moon Young II was charged for 31 counts of mental abuse for two of the members, and he pleaded guilty, admitting to all charges.

CEO Kim Chang Hwan and president Lee Jung Hyun denied their charges and disagreed with the use of testimonies of two East Light members.
Another trial will be held in April with further interrogation of the witnesses.

The issues began last October and have spiraled downhill from there.
Although this is quite a big issue for the company and the boys, not many people have heard about this.

Thankfully, the East Light boys may be getting justice for their mistreatment, and they may finally see the light.
Make sure to support the boys! They are all very talented and special!



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19 November 2018
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Glad to hear some good is finally coming from this back and forth case. It's horrible to have read what allegedly happened to the boys in that group, and then to see some of them go against what they said previously to say that the allegations were false/too harsh :/ it really shows where the mental abuse came into play.

I hope they can continue in the industry elsewhere if they so choose to, or can at the very least get back to a normal life and be happy and healthy.

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