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Announcement [APPLICATIONS CLOSED] Attention! Attention! Looking for NA Moderator Applications- Apply today! West Coast and East Coast (1 Viewer)

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4 November 2018
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Hello to the fellow kindest users of the forum galaxies. Your time has come but yet sadly there's a catch. Your time has come to become a moderator only if you are placed in the North American region. I know what you're thinking; "How heinous to already choose a region to apply with?"
Allow me to explain: We recently have had a lovely moderator who was promoted to senior moderator. So, just now with experience comes a stronger legacy you can obtain. Our moderators are all equal but growth is possible if you ever wish to grow into a senior moderator. To the main point of this explanation: they were a European based Moderator which we have aplenty in our staffing for the time being. Only I and the lovely senior moderator @Jimin are NA based. Due to an increase in our scheduling, we are reaching forth to ask for a new addition who can possibly be you.
In time, the forum will ask for more staff due to the growing activity. Your time may not be now but it can be for the future. Pretty Kewl Dood. Am I right? Now moving on. We still have guidelines that need to be met. It's not too worrying, so you can still chill and not sprint for the hills. Wouldn't want that.
1: Activity
Criteria: Moderately active before your application
This means that you need to engage in this community. We need NA units who are logging into here frequently and have found a love for this site and see the potential for it's expansion that it will meet in the coming months and years. You need to see this as something you want to stand by for awhile. Not as a passing moment.
2: NON-Biased
Criteria: Accepts to not handle their friends, or stanned groups if they can not see with an objective gaze.
This means to not personally punish/handle your friends, lovers, family, bias groups or anyone you feel you will not be fair to. There are many people who have the quota who can not be fair to their favorites or friends. No one will be treated better than the other. We will remain equal and fair as staff. We are an assistance to the users, but are still users with a love to guide and assist. We are not power abusers who give special treatment to anyone. You will not be one either. If you can't handle it, then you will let another staff member handle the report on your friends or favorites.
3: Communicative/Interactive
Criteria: Really simple. Just talk to people and be open to answering and helping staff and users.
You can be shy but still be a really helping guy and gorlie. This community is all about kindness, helping hands and fresh faced hello's. Users need to understand that they are important and they matter which is something you should always have ready at hand when they need help or when staff needs assistance.
4: Behavior
Criteria: Level headed and rational
You will run into many types of situations: some stressful, some not. As such: you need to be able to remain rational and level headed. Don't lose your cool and lash out at users or situations, etc. If you feel you cannot handle a situation calmly, please back off from the situation and ask a Senior Moderator to assist you. We are here for you.
Do I have to be active frequently without breaks?
A main occurrence in joining an online community is that we are all still regular users. We possess jobs, still continue with schooling and have emergencies to attend to. You can still check in for a hiatus, or inactive notice. Just please inform staff and if it's too personal just say you're taking a break. We're a team and we'll watch out for you.
Will other regions be accepted?
In time, yes. More position openings will be become available and likely even more than just moderators.
What is the difference between a moderator and senior moderator?
A moderator will be able to choose two sections to be placed to. They also possess warning points. Senior Moderators possess all criteria due to their experience and ability to work with our program software, Xeno. As I stated: it is possible to slowly move up, but it takes time and dedication. Our application is for Moderator only.
At what age can you apply?
17 and up are appropriate ages that can apply. It's closer to the age of graduation from high school.
We are in search of an East coast moderator, and a West coast moderator. Feel free to apply if you're willing to become a part of our home. If you're happy and you know it then please apply.
If you have any further questions please message @Jimin, or I, @Lilac as we are the ones to assist with the NA moderators. If you have further questions just about moderators in general please see to our staff online and they will be answered as soon as they can.
Hope to see hear from you all.

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