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  1. dimpledsoobin

    Discussion Who's your EXO bias?

    I have two Biases in EXO. They are Chanyeol and Baekhyun.
  2. maruif

    18+ Xiumin is definitely a sub

    How do I know? I HAVE RECEIPTS!
  3. maruif

    News Xiumin is ignoring fans

    Minseok is not alright with this whole make Chen leave the group business! He ain't even looking at them! Kerries have crossed a line!
  4. Haolat

    News EXO’s Xiumin, Shinee’s Onew, VIXX’s N and more are Devoted Soldiers in New Army Musical Posters

    Army musical “Return: The Promise of the Day” (literal title) has dropped individual posters of its cast members! “Return: The Promise of the Day” is an original army musical that deals with the topic of excavating the remains of the heroic soldiers who sacrificed themselves to protect their...
  5. Haolat

    News SHINEE’s Onew and EXO’s Xiumin have been casted for the Military Musical ‘The Return’

    The Musical is about friendship and growing up until the start of The Korean War when the two friends voluntarily enlist together
  6. PetitBonheur

    Discussion Which EXO songs should also get an MV?

    Aside from those that already have MVs, which EXO songs do you thing deserve an MV? If not an MV, then at least a dance practice video, live acoustic performance video, or performance video? 1. Oasis 2. Gravity 3. Been Through (personally I think these three songs deserve an MV because they...
  7. maruif

    Appreciation Minseok says Baekhyun first, Military second!

    Look who escaped the military to show support for Baekhyun!
  8. baekhyunUWU


    [THEQOO] BAEKHYUN'S HOUSEWARMING GIFT FOR XIUMIN Baekhyun : Hyung, what do you want as a housewarming gift? Xiumin : A scented candle! You choose the scent~ Baekhyun : Then I'll buy you the same scent as your perfume ㅋㅋ 2.1 kg 4 wick candle During the housewarming party, he...
  9. maruif

    Appreciation Xiumin is too pure, I'm gonna cry!

    OMFG I am not OK with Crying Xiumin! He looks so beautiful and sad and just stunning! I love it but I am hurt by it, somebody please make these pictures either less pretty or less sad!
  10. Ozymandias

    News EXO's Xiumin enlists in the military

    Xiumin is the first EXO member to begin his military service! On the afternoon of May 7, Xiumin quietly entered the recruit training center in Yanggu County of Gangwon Province. Before enlisting, Xiumin posted photos of his buzzcut and shared several additional images for fans. He wrote, “You...
  11. maruif

    Appreciation Xiumin is lowkey hot with short hair! [+ Kai's comment]

    I didn't think it was possible, but he looks even younger now! He literally looks like 17 in this picture not even joking. He is a fucking vampire! Also what is with EXO and their perfectly shaped heads! First Ksoo and now Minseok!
  12. Taeri

    Appreciation I love them so much

    they have the mushiest hearts ever :bigcatcry:
  13. maruif

    Appreciation Let us appreciate Xiumins existance!

    Xiumin is our perfect vampire chinese kid! We will love him and remember him and wait for him! His vocals are heavenly and his dancing is stunning! He is such a sweet and caring person, so we will care for him also! He loves us so much, so we will love him back!
  14. Queen

    Discussion EXO-L support group

    EXO recently had a surprise ambush on Minseok at Xiuweet and well: It has been dramatic but amazing because we got OT9 BITCHES in video call form at least There was a lot of crying but Kyungsoo wasn't having emotions today so he put everyone in their place So any other EXO-Ls in emo...
  15. Chlorine

    Discussion I'm emotional

    I teared up within the first second. I don't know how I'm going to deal with the whole song but I can't wait for the release. And there's only 3 days left until he enlists. I'm starting to feel really emotional now that the day is approaching. I'm going to miss him so much! The years are going...
  16. maruif

    Appreciation So you think your idols have boss bitch energy?

    They might have some, but they aren't Suho and Xiumin!
  17. Chlorine

    Appreciation The sweetest fairy

    I'm going to miss him so much. :pandasad: Here is the full performance fancam
  18. maruif

    News EXO Xiumin to enlist next month

    EXO’s Xiumin Announces Military Enlistment Date by D. Kim @ Soompi Xiumin has confirmed his military enlistment date. On April 9, his agency SM Entertainment announced that he will be enlisting as an active duty soldier on May 7. As he wishes to enlist quietly, the enlistment location...
  19. Chlorine

    Appreciation "I love my guys, I love my bros"

    You guys don't even understand how happy this makes me. And there was this yesterday too: I miss ot9 so much. When will we see ot9 together again? Xiumin is enlisting soon and then the rest of them will be enlisting one by one too. I hope we can see see them together one more time before...
  20. Chlorine

    Reality EXO's new reality show "SIM FOR YOU"

    First up is Xiumin. This is the first time we're getting a glimpse into their personal lives. Xiumin is revealing his house for the first time. I wonder what they'll all reveal. Fans think Chanyeol will be next up after Xiumin. I'm actually not sure why though. I think they're going in order...