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  1. LeeHoseok

    Appreciation Woozi dancing to 'Alligator' by Monsta X is the Monteen moment of the day.

    Be still my heart! I'm just gonna be over here trying to remember to breathe. :llama_shook: @KwonSoonYoung @maruif
  2. maruif

    Audio Is Woozi perfect or am I just in love? [I need a solo album]

    This sounds so good, and I need a Woozi solo album.
  3. maruif

    Appreciation There is no concept Woozi can't pull off

    No matter the concept, no matter the outfit my love, my one and only, the only one I need in this world Woozi looks stunning! Biker concept? No problem! A general? Here ya go! How about a cute king? Do you even have to ask...
  4. LeeHoseok

    News Seventeen's Woozi opens personal Instagram!!!

    YES!!!!! I AM READY FOR ALL THE JIHOON CONTENTS!!!! :llama_squish:
  5. maruif

    Appreciation To everyone who doesn't know me!

    When this forum gets big, I will be the legendary member. I will be the queen of KPS! Just letting you all know! I will be known for my dedication towards WayV, Kai and my one and only, the only one I need in this world, my god and my love Woozi! So Y'all better remember me!
  6. KwonSoonYoung

    Woozi&Hoshi jammin to DDU DU DDU DU

  7. maruif

    Appreciation Woozi poppin tiddies to twice

    How, why, and once again how! I love it, but i don't know why!
  8. maruif

    Appreciation Can I give him all the hugs in the world?

    Sleepy Woozi is one of the Top 10 best things in the world!
  9. maruif

    Appreciation I lay claim on...

    I officially claim Woozi on this site! Most of y'all probably already know to stay away, but just incase somebody missed the memo... WOOZI IS MINE! yall got it? Good! Have a woozi for your troubles!
  10. maruif

    Appreciation The perfect man

    Woozi is perfect. In my opinion he is the most talented kpop idol and perfect in every way! He produces beautiful songs (His ballads are the best), he can sing, he can dance and he looks absolutely stunning! Love him, appreciate him, stan him!