1. maruif

    Appreciation Wonho wondering how one should go about lifting a Joshua

    This is a moood
  2. AlliAlligator

    Appreciation HIS LEGS THO!!!

    :yes: I need to know his leg secrets, pls. P.S. those are $390 swim trunks and he legit flew from London to Berlin in them. Bless his fashion sense. A+ Today is beautiful. :nekolove:
  3. GloriousHavoc

    Appreciation Workout with Wonho

    Best video you'll watch today, trust me: :sanapray:
  4. AlliAlligator

    Appreciation #TEAMBIGMANTIDDIE

    Bless you BM for this incredible clip I'm just going to be dying over here. PS... To quote Minhyuk, "He's so hot!" Yeah. :pikahappy:
  5. GloriousHavoc

    Appreciation Holy hell...

    Does anyone have the video link?
  6. AlliAlligator

    Video Well that's an unconventional way to wave at your fans....

    Bless his goofy little heart. :nekolove:
  7. AlliAlligator

    Appreciation This glow up, though! 😵

  8. AlliAlligator

    Appreciation Who wore it better: Wonho or Woozi?

    Answer: THEY BOTH LOOKED GREAT IN IT!!! :sanapray: :queen: And now if you'll excuse me, despite the fact that I kinda saw this day coming, I'm totally not okay right now. Also paging @maruif & @TwentyOneJongdae because you need to see this if you haven't already, too. :llama_ramen:
  9. maruif

    Discussion Wonho... [18+]

    I kinda like Monsta X, but have never really looked into the members... But NOW.... I have dicovered Wonho... My hard stan mind is currently in shambles. His outfits and him are everything I didn't know I needed in my life! I mean! Just look at this! I just want to grab onto that choker and...
  10. AlliAlligator

    Discussion It's time to end the, "Wonho's stylist sexualizes him" myth.

    It's been somewhat of a recurring theme, Wonho wears something unorthodox onstage and people say their stylist is sexualizing him, making him wear things he's not comfortable with, etc. and I'm so sick of this narrative. Wonho has, since pre-debut, always given off a "sexy" vibe and wanted...
  11. AlliAlligator

    Appreciation Nunu & special guest Hoho invite you for a snacc

    Welcome to my thread, please enjoy the buffet. Where the pork cutlets aren't quite as robust as Wonho's bum. And the Easy Cheese isn't so easy... Like what you see? Please watch Yum Yum Yum Yum for more prime content! New episodes Tuesdays at 10pm KST on M2's YouTube channel...
  12. AlliAlligator

    Appreciation Wonho's fishnet stockings

    I don't think there's another male idol doing it quite like he is. Close-up: Click below for a couple more iconic Wonho looks from the We Are Here world tour kick-off: I will never, EVER shut up about this. :sanapray::sj_weary:
  13. AlliAlligator

    Appreciation He's in his own little world, dancing like nobody's watching.

    Days like today are amazing. Monsta X had their final goodbye stage for Alligator on Inkigayo, and Wonho seemed to be in a good mood! Look at this hyper bunny just dancing like a goofball during ITZY's encore. He's too precious sometimes. :llama_squish::pandalove:
  14. AlliAlligator

    Appreciation Wonho looking SMOL AF (feat. Shownu)

    I'M DYING. SEND HELP. S.O.S. TOO MUCH SHOWHO CONTENT. HIS. HANDS. ARE. IN. WONHO'S. POCKETS. I'M NOT OKAY. WONHO IS SMOL. I'M FINE. :llama_noooo::llama_panic::llama_BLEED: I'm too drunk for this much emotion right now. It physically hurts. It's too cute. Precious babies!!!
  15. AlliAlligator

    Appreciation ⋈ Happy Birthday Wonho! ⋈

    It's already March 1st in Korea, so... Happy birthday to the bunny with the biggest heart & softest eyes. Many non-Monbebes only know him as the guy who wears very little, but he's so much more than that. He's a soft boy who still gets overwhelmed when his group wins. He may look like...
  16. AlliAlligator

    News Wonho is BACK, Monsta X get third win!

    Some of you might've seen my thread yesterday about Wonho being taken to the hospital, well he's back! Starship announced yesterday that Monsta X would not take part in M Countdown pre-recording today. They were there for the live show, and it looks like after less than a day, he is back &...
  17. AlliAlligator

    Discussion Imagine buying something from someone online, & picking it up to find the seller is....

    This guy: I'm practically crying, this is the most Wonho thing ever. So, how would you feel if you bought something online and turned up to find the seller was an idol? Discuss.
  18. AlliAlligator

    News Monsta X's Wonho sent to hospital with abdominal pain.

    Yesterday it appeared as if his shoulder was hurting. Then today, during pre-recording, Monbebes noticed he was very obviously in pain and having trouble participating. Many demanded Starship take him to the hospital via Twitter. Then this announcement was made: They've also announced the boys...
  19. Rukia

    Discussion Wonho's balls are taking one for the team

  20. AlliAlligator

    News Monsta X to perform at iHeartRadio Music Awards Daytime Stage!

    They'll be the first ever kpop act! I'm so incredibly proud of them, they've been working for 4 years with no rest, they've earned this. Now to figure out how to go. And if you would be so kind as to stream Alligator and support their comeback, I'd much appreciate it.