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  1. eclipsoul

    News WINNER Jinwoo confirms enlistment date

  2. Chlorine

    MV Winner - 'Hold' MV!

    @lexus @MinSquishy @bulletproof @potato I LOVE IT! Also the MV is ADORABLE!! I can't remember the last time I liked a Winner track this much. Anticipate 'Remember' album release on April 9!!
  3. OnCloudJess

    Appreciation [Knetizen] 50 Longest Charting Idol Songs

    TOP 50 longest charting idol songs on Melon chart Boy group Girl group https://www.knetizen.com/top-50-longest-charting-idol-songs-on-melon-chart/
  4. JakeyWantsCakey

    News All YG Artists Attend Agency-Wide Meeting + Netizens Speculate What It's About

    Netizens have spotted all of the YG Entertainment artists gathering at the label's head office location over the weekend. A recent internet forum post is drawing major attention and buzz after these shots of all the artist cars were seen at YG's head office. Speculation on the reasons for...
  5. MissMiss

    Teaser Jinu - Call Anytime (feat Mino) MV teaser

    Jinu the vampire
  6. MissMiss

    Teaser [Jinu's Heyday] Jinu feat Mino - Call Anytime teasers

    Pre-order MV object teasers Poster teasers
  7. MissMiss

    Teaser Jinu - Concept Video #1

  8. Poetry

    Photo 190713 Waterbomb Busan

  9. MissMiss

    Appreciation Seungyoon finally made Inner Circle debut with "That Song"

    Seungyoon composed the song and made the chorus in a female key for ICs to sing along. He wrote some of the lyrics and asked ICs to contribute the rest of the lyrics and then it was performed together at WWIC The best and sweetest maknae leader We need an official release so talented ICs can...
  10. Yseki

    News Clarification Relating To BI and Lee Seunghoon Of Winner

    (*whoops I corrected the name in my title) I don't think Seung Hoon did anything thing wrong at this point, it seems dispatch was just trying to spin it that way. (after further updates idk) Though the fact that he had a private chat with HSH relating to the matter of BI is concerning. But...
  11. Kat

    Variety [RADIO STAR] Kyuhyun and Yoon will have duet stage!

    This MUST be a late birthday present for me, so happy!!! Two of my favorite voices, I can't wait to hear them together Radio Star June 12th 11:10 pm (KST) (With Jiwon in the mix and Suenghoon as special MC, I can already tell this is ep is going to be chaotic)
  12. OnCloudJess

    Rumor So Taehyun Just Got Exposed for Cheating....

    OP: With you? Yah my personality is super disgusting alright? Whether you think I'm a serious person or you take this relationship lightly, that's your business. But fooling around with other girls while lying to them saying you broke up is wrong don't you think so? What crime did she commit and...