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  1. TVXQShineeEXO

    Discussion Superior 'Come Back'( a song) NCT 127 or WayV?

    NCT 127 WayV
  2. TVXQShineeEXO

    Discussion WayV 200 days after debut

    This is from WayV's variety show called Dream Plan. Does anyone know where I can watch WayV's variety show with Eng subs?
  3. maruif

    Discussion Renjun's radio show is in Chinese!

    @JJbaker still think he won't be in WayV? It sounds like it was a good show I'll link a thread that translated what was going on! They had a ton of viewers aswell, apparently like a million peeps were viewing it! They also mentioned Kun at one point!
  4. mysteric

    Discussion Which WayV member are you?

    https://www.buzzfeed.com/robbie277/which-wayv-member-are-you-4676wwg2no I got Yang x2 You're YangYang! You have an adorable, magnetic personality that makes you absolutely easy to love! ... meh idk about the adorable part Edit: I got Lucas on the second try??? Peace out y’all, mysteric
  5. maruif

    Appreciation Kun-mama promoting his baby Dreamies

    In Kun we trust! He would never let us and his babies down! :sanapray:
  6. maruif

    News WayV have adopted a cat

  7. sandwich

    Appreciation WayV Hendery as Prince Eric

    Fans want Hendery to play as Prince Eric in the little mermaid! Prince Hendery! So do you see it? (also, i didn't know where to put this thread at) :)
  8. maruif

    18+ Hendery is such a twink!

    He is running around wiggling that ass and seducing all the members of NCT, but you just KNOW that he gets shy the moment things get real! he isn't quite on the mark levels of panic, but he is REALLY damn close! I just know he is flirting and doing all that but when somebody actually invites...
  9. maruif

    Appreciation The differences between NCT 127, Dream and WayV!

    All of these 3 units are very different, so this is how I would describe them! 127 - Mild crackheads who are kind to everyone and love eachother and hug eachother a lot. They show their love and are really kind! Dream - Mild crackheads who can and will fight everybody! WayV - Extreme crackheads...
  10. maruif

    Discussion The first loss of the OT21 fans!

    We've been having a lot of wins lately, so a loss has been inevitable! Here it is! It's unreasonable to assume the WayV young ones are close with every other NCT member... But this still hits me in the feels!
  11. GloriousHavoc

    Appreciation He's too beautiful

    x Why why WHY :pepecry1:
  12. maruif

    Appreciation WayV crackhead content dump

    WayV are the biggest crackheads around! They bully and tease Kun mercilessly, abuse aegyo to get their way and are just generally hilarious! I live for Kun and Ten's relationship! Kun has a specific look of digust specifically reserved for Ten! Ten calling Kun old, even though they LITERALLY...
  13. RainbowDevil

    Discussion Fate is an interesting thing

    So I was minding my own business listening to this thing here And as it starts i come to a traffic light and just as the numbers for the green light are counting down The song goes "6,5,4,3,2,1" :zoomeyes: At the exact same time :jisoosmh: I almost just stood there in the middle of the street...
  14. JakeyWantsCakey

    Appreciation It finally happened! TT

    Today on the 31st of May 2019, at 00:23am UK time, I was FINALLY awarded a Hendery badge! It's been a personal goal of mine ever since joining this forum as a refugee, to one day, not only introduce badges for the members of the group WayV to this beautiful site but to also reunite Ten and...
  15. maruif

    Appreciation Kun is the only member of NCT that matters!

    Kun is the only one who matters, because he is AMAZING and so talented and a literal angel! Sometimes I stop and think about just how can a person who is so fundamentally nice and kind as Kun is! How does somebody like that even exist? I am convinced he is an actual angel in human form! He is...
  16. maruif

    Dance Practice WayV Take off dance practice

  17. maruif

    News 20 members of NCT attending a wedding together!

    20 of them are all there together! The only one missing is Winwin, who is still in China filming my brilliant masters!
  18. maruif

    Discussion Hey all NCTzens? Don't know where and how to find WayV content?

    Then come on visit the WayV idol thread, because it is all posted there! I do my best to keep it alive, but I would love more peeps visiting it! https://www.kpopsource.com/threads/wayv-official-thread.3903/
  19. maruif

    Discussion The confusing life of Ten!

    A Thai guy, in a Chinese group under a Korean brand... Shit gets confusing!
  20. maruif

    Appreciation Ten is the cutest member of NCT!

    I will tolerate no arguments!