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  1. maruif

    Appreciation NCTzens and Weishennies are WILD

    This is a girl going to a WayV Fanmeet in BKK...
  2. maruif

    Appreciation I am going to marry Kun

    Afterall, it is just a simple 4-step process!
  3. maruif

    Discussion WayV has disbanded...

    ... to escape the horrible fate of having this monstrosity as a fan. They are now hiding in Antarctica among the penguins to try and hide from him. I wish them luck.
  4. maruif

    News WayV is going to be at MAMA

    Bitch did SM really pull a move like that! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA I mean fuck MAMA and fuck Mnet, but fucking hell good for WayV!
  5. maruif

    Discussion Oh GOD somebody please save WayV!!

  6. maruif

    News WayV are now listed on the SM town website as artists!!!

    I... I don't even know how to react to this besides me being really... really happy!
  7. maruif

    MV WayV Love talk (english version) MV

    I LOVE IT! The lyrics are even more hoe than the chinese version! "Tell me how you like it babe, I don't even know her name" is such an iconic line! Winwin looks so beautiful in this too!
  8. maruif

    Appreciation a win for OT21 NCTzens

    All of the Dreamies are Kun's babies and it shows! Also can you all SEE the way Yangyang is smiling at Jeno!!
  9. maruif

    Teaser WayV Love Talk MV teaser

    I am EXCITED, this is my favourite song from the album and I couldn't be more happy that I am getting this!
  10. maruif

    Teaser WayV Moonwalk MV teaser

    THIS LOOKS SO GOOD! I can't wait for this...
  11. maruif

    Discussion The fake OT21 NCTzens are the worst (pt.3? pt.4? I've ranted about this a LOT)

    And here we are back again. SO many NCTzens SAY they are OT21 stans, that they stan and follow ALL of the units. Only to then turn around and know fuck all about WayV. I'm not saying that everybody HAS to stan WayV. I am alright with NCTzens not being WayV stans, I don't mind if you stan only...
  12. Hayabusa

    Discussion Top 10 Boy Group songs 2019, by a GG stan

    I felt like doing a list. Including title tracks only, or digital singles, basically anything with a MV. The only criteria is how often I listen to these on my Spotify. Honorable mentions: Ateez- Hala Hala, BTS- Boy with Luv, NCT Dream- Boom, Oneus- Valkyrie. 10. NCT 127- Superhuman As a...
  13. maruif

    Discussion SuperM members summarized

    Mark: hugs and fanboying Lucas: Laughs, fanboys and is really shy Ten: Being his normal Diva Ten self (Prolly used to a gazillion languages and new set of members every year) Taeyong: UwU, excited, happy to not be the mom for once Kai: Talks a lot, REALLY likes Lucas + is really caring Baekhyun...
  14. Chlorine

    Debut SuperM debut album is now on Spotify!

    So far I have only heard Jopping and I Can't stand the Rain and I really like both. The drum sounds in ICSTR is a bit too loud but the overall song is pretty good. Jopping is super exciting though. I love it so much!
  15. Xeulgi

    Debut SuperM 슈퍼엠 ‘Jopping’ MV

  16. maruif

    Discussion NCTzens really sometimes make me mad

    NCTzens very often make me kinda mad! Especially the ones who say they like the whole group, but then if you start talking with them it turns out they are ignorant to basically anything and everything WayV has been doing! The ones who act like Winwin is the worst treated idol in the world and...
  17. Belgizen

    News WayV's fandom name revealed

    Wei = weishen Zhen = precious Ni = (cute) girl
  18. MochiFace

    Discussion SM announce the lineup for SMNGG

    their new GG will be call redcas Which means that they'll be able to show a bright image like the color red with the animosity of Lucas I introduce you to The leader of the group, visual and center Lurene The main dancer, seulcas The main vocal, Wencas Lead vocal, Joycas And the...
  19. maruif

    News Ten ate some fruit! [I never thought this day would come!]

    I shall never forget this day happened!
  20. GloriousHavoc

    Photo Hendery vs frog

    :pepeslippy: @JakeyWantsCakey @maruif