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  1. Marianthi

    Appreciation This is why she is God Jihyo

    Girl is slayiiiing!!! All of them are on their concert but Jihyo just proved why we call her God Jihyo. Girl is freaking amazing! On par with Momo, the best dancer on this gen. Stan God Jihyo and stan Twice!!:pepeheart::pepeheart:
  2. Ozymandias

    Discussion Name Your Top 5 Girl Group Songs 2019

    It's been a good year for girl groups, although we haven't had like a HUGE hit yet, like we did with Bboom Bboom or D4 last year. Maybe it will come with the summer, who knows? Anyway, here's my top 5 of 2019 so far, title tracks only. 1. Oh My Girl- The Fifth Season (SSFWL) I love everything...
  3. Xeulgi

    Twice Badge Revamp Thread

    ♡Welcome To The Official Twice Badge Revamp Thread♡ R U L E S ❥ Badges must be 77 x 77 ❥ Use official photos and post your sources. ❥ Selcas are accepted if they are from an official account. ❥ Do not take badges from other forums or sources. ❥ Covered face/side profile photos are allowed if...
  4. emanresu

    Appreciation Petition For Tzuyu To Do A Baby Filter

    Petition For Tzuyu To Do A Baby Filter For God's sake the one thing I need in my life is a Tzuyu baby filter. THIS WILL IMPROVE LIVES AND RAISE WAGES. Look how cute she is. With her big ears and solemn face. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I NEED A RECREATION VIA SNAPCHAT...
  5. emanresu

    Appreciation Remember That Time Sana Greeted That Trash Can

    Remember That Time Sana Greeted That Trash Can Oh she's so adorably crazy I can't. I'm straight smitten. Straight smitten. I want a Sana. I want one.
  6. emanresu

    Appreciation Is This Adorable Kiddo Baby Nayeon?

    Is This Adorable Kiddo Baby Nayeon? This came up in my Twit Feed. So cuuuuuute. Is this just some random adorable gerbil. Or is this actually little Nayeon?
  7. emanresu

    Appreciation Tzuyu X Sana Anime

    Tzuyu X Sana Anime How cute they are.
  8. emanresu

    Appreciation Bean Pole Tzuyu

    Bean Pole Tzuyu Oh Bean Pole Tzuyu. Like a pretty stick you are. Or maybe a slender ruler Let's measure you. Are you 6 feet tall? How high into the sky you stretch. With your pretty pantaloons Keeping you safely stuck to the ground. Should you get the things from the high cupboard...
  9. birdofparadise

    News May Brand Reputation Rankings for Individual Girl Group Members

    Queen stays on top as she's supposed to! (5 months in a row!!) :jenniesmug: Congrats to the rest of the girls ☺
  10. emanresu

    Discussion Adorable Tzuyu Holds Her Stuffed Mush Dog

    Adorable Tzuyu Holds Her Stuffed Mush Dog Even though Tzuyu is now a young woman and maturing. She still holds her stuffed animals looking like an adorable little girl. She holds her mush dog tightly. So cute. I wish I was a mush dog.
  11. emanresu

    Appreciation Tzuyu In Braids

    Tzuyu In Braids Tzuyu in braids speaks to me on a spiritual level. My two favorite things in one place. Tzuyu. And Braided hair. Oh so pretty.
  12. itzybitzyblink

    Discussion i cracked the code of life....

    So... the other day, i realized how to live until 100 sana is a feminine adjective in spanish for healthy if you are healthy, you live a long life if you are not healthy, you will die so that means.... NO SANA NO LIFE @Keynam
  13. S

    Fanfiction Jungkook, Nayeon, and the melting resistance

    Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. With no eye than that of envy, I espied from Jungkook and Nayeon's relationship, presuming upon my incompetent understanding, that it was a binding of souls to squander away the objects which made happiness for both of them at no sacrifice at all. To be...
  14. S

    Fanfiction Jungkook told Nayeon that he didn't like her "fake laughter".

    She went away in beauty's flower, Before her youth was spent; Ere life and love had lived their hour God called her, and she went. Yet whispers Faith upon the wind: No grief to her was given. She left your love and went to find A greater one in heaven. Jungkook told Nayeon that he didn't...
  15. S

    Fanfiction Jungkook, Nayeon, and the distempered state of love

    It is not a single act, or a single event, which determines a lasting relationship. Human beings are often abused and deranged, indeed, before they can be thought of as compatible for one another; and the prospect of the future must be thought of as good as the experience of the past was bad...
  16. S

    Fanfiction Jungkook, Nayeon, and their heated discussions

    'You don't think I understand you?' asked Jungkook ironically. 'No,' Nayeon said quietly. 'I don't think you do. You know nothing whatever about me. I know nothing about you. I have been your girlfriend for more than a year now and you're a stranger. In all that time have you ever talked to me...
  17. OnCloudJess

    Discussion Momo Has Meltdown At Fanmeet

  18. emanresu

    Discussion Would You Have Stanned SNSD If They Had Stayed "Cute" For Longer?

    Would You Have Stanned SNSD If They Had Stayed "Cute" For Longer? Hello. It's your neighborhood Sone and Once. Emanresu. Time for a chat. In the girl group sphere a common dichotomy and ongoing "war" is the one between "cute" and "mature". Some love cute and everything it entails...
  19. OnCloudJess

    Discussion My Twice Opinions (For Literally No Reason)

    1. The Story Begins is not only Twice's best album but one of the best kpop EPs ever 2. I like Momo's voice more than Sana's 3. Nayeon and Dahyun's visuals are underrated. 4. At least half the group has good solo potential. 5. The entire Summer Nights album... :welp: 6. JYP needs to let the...
  20. emanresu

    Appreciation Tzuyu And Bananas

    Tzuyu And Bananas It's been ages since an Emanresu Tzuyu thread. To make my return to Kpopsourcedom. Let's have a Tzuyu thread. How about this. Tzuyu and bananas. My kind of monkey. Cute with banana. Surprised with banana. Cuddling with banana. Modeling with banana.