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  1. eclipsoul

    News TWICE’s Chaeyoung Shares Stern Words About Personal Privacy After Phone Number Is Leaked

    Source: Soompi TWICE’s Chaeyoung candidly opened up about her phone number being leaked and had stern words for those involved in the situation. On January 26, Chaeyoung took to TWICE’s official Instagram account to share her thoughts in the following post:
  2. maruif

    Appreciation My little sister is a ONCE

    My little sister loves TWICE. SHe has been listening to kpop for years now tbh since I showed her some and her favourites are Twice and Blackpink. Out of the 2 she DEFINETLY prefers Twice though! Her favourite song is Dance the night away. Her favourite MV is like Ooh-ahh and her bias is...
  3. emanresu

    Appreciation Tzuyu Teaches Dahyun Flattery

    Tzuyu Teaches Dahyun Flattery Such charming liars. :pikahappy:
  4. emanresu

    Appreciation Tzuyu Visits The Tree Park

    Tzuyu Visits The Tree Park Tzuyu visited a Tree Park in Taiwan and met the owner. She's visited before (with Elkie) and seems to like this place. She's at home in the forest.
  5. emanresu

    Appreciation Dahyun Is So Pretty When She's Angry

    Dahyun Is So Pretty When She's Angry Such a pretty Tofu...
  6. emanresu

    Audio Will Drew B Like This Song?

    Will Drew B Like This Song? FX is his thing. TWICE is my thing. Let's see if our resident Meu makes or breaks this Once favorite written by Momo. Will Heechul have to fist fight him? Let's find out! :pikadab: @DrewB Brother come here.
  7. Kiseki

    Discussion Twice Tournament Final Scores

    TT was going strong throughout the tournament and beating all of its opponents with a decent lead until it got to its final match where it immediately fell behind but managed to make a comeback and keep its undefeated streak intact while becoming Twices champion song.
  8. emanresu

    Appreciation The Tzuyu Funny Faces Thread

    The Tzuyu Funny Faces Thread Here we shall see the many cute and funny faces of a Tzuyu. Enjoy! The "OMG Dahyun You Scared Me' Face The "I'm Squished Face" The "This Shit Tastes Good" Face The "Secretly Wants To Spit This Out" Face The "Blowing Kisses At Sana In Her...
  9. Kiseki

    Tourney Fancy vs TT - R7 Twice Tournament

    Fancy has reached 2nd place in the tournament and now it goes up against the 1st place song TT, will Fancy be able to give TT its 1st loss or will TT be able to make it to the end with a clean sweep? Other Round 7 Matches Breakthrough vs Like Ooh-Ahh Cheer Up vs Likey Dance The Night Away vs...
  10. Kiseki

    Tourney Dance The Night Away vs Feel Special - R7 Twice Tournament

    Dance The Night Away has lost every match in the tournament so far and has ended up going against Feel Special who is tied for 3rd place in its final match, will Dance The Night Away beat the odds and win its final match or will Feel Special give Dance The Night Away a clean losing streak...
  11. emanresu

    Appreciation The Adventures Of Sana And Tzuyu

    The Adventures Of Sana And Tzuyu Like two best buds Sana x Tzu lives a life of adventure and romance. "We're friends" "Two Cools" "I Like You" "We Have A Blanket And You Don't" "Clique" "I Got You" "Tzuyu Let's GTF Outta Here" "2 Snorlax" "Models"...
  12. Kiseki

    Tourney Cheer Up vs Likey - R7 Twice Tournament

    Cheer Up hasn't had the best of luck in the tournament and is sitting tied for 5th at the moment however it is going up against one of the songs tied for 3rd place Likey in its final match. Will Cheer Up be able to beat Likey and keep its 5th place position or will likey beat Cheer Up and keep...
  13. Kiseki

    Tourney Breakthrough vs Like Ooh-Ahh - R7 Twice Tournament

    Breakthrough got its first win last round moving up to being a solid 7th place and now has a chance to end up tied for 6th as it faces off against Like Ooh-Ahh in its final match. Will Breakthrough beat Like Ooh-Ahh and tie for 6th or will Like Ooh-Ahh win and possibly become a solid 5th place...
  14. Kiseki

    Tourney Likey vs Like Ooh-Ahh - R6 Twice Tournament

    Likey continued on a downward slope after receiving another loss last round, will it manage to pick things back up by defeating Like Ooh-Ahh or will Like Ooh-Ahh be the one to turn its luck around with a win of its own by defeating Likey? Other Round 6 Matches Feel Special vs TT Breakthrough vs...
  15. Kiseki

    Tourney Cheer Up vs Fancy - R6 Twice Tournament

    Cheer Up picked up a win last round but now it has the bad luck of going up against Fancy which has only lost 1 match so far, will Cheer Up be able to give Fancy another loss or will Fancy put Cheer Up back on the losing path? Other Round 6 Matches Feel Special vs TT Breakthrough vs Dance The...
  16. Kiseki

    Tourney Breakthrough vs Dance The Night Away - R6 Twice Tournament

    Breakthrough and Dance The Night Away both have yet to win a match but now that they are against each other which song will manage to get a win? Will it be Breakthrough or will it be Dance The Night Away? Other Round 6 Matches Feel Special vs TT Cheer Up vs Fancy Likey vs Like Ooh-Ahh
  17. Kiseki

    Tourney Feel Special vs TT - R6 Twice Tournament

    Feel Special coming from a win last round and now it has a chance to tie up with the leading song in the tournament that is TT, will Feel Special be able to beat TT and have a chance at finishing in 1st place or will TT beat Feel Special and knock it out of contention? Other Round 6 Matches...
  18. emanresu

    Appreciation Tzuyu Still Gets Shy When She Talks About Being Sexy

    Tzuyu Still Gets Shy When She Talks About Being Sexy Tzuyu had words to describe her (then) upcoming holiday collab with Seolhyun. She gets bashful when she says it will be "sexy". My heart. She's so endearing. :pandalove:
  19. emanresu

    Appreciation Tzuyu Loves Bread For 40 Seconds

    Tzuyu Loves Bread For 40 Seconds That's what it's about. 40 Seconds of Tzuyu loving bread. This may change your life. Tzuyu must have thought the bread was good.
  20. Kiseki

    Tourney Breakthrough vs TT - R5 Twice Tournament

    Breakthrough hasn't won a match in the tournament so far and well its luck isn't looking great as it goes up against the leading song in the tournament TT, will Breakthrough manage to pull off a surprise win or will TT add another loss to Breakthroughs score? Other Round 5 Matches Cheer Up vs...