1. eclipsoul

    MV TWICE - Fake And True

  2. HopeOnTheStreet

    MV TWICE 「Fake & True」MV

  3. emanresu

    Appreciation Tzuyu In Jennie Get Up Rocks My Socks

    Tzuyu In Jennie Get Up Rocks My Socks Ohhhhhh! Tzuyu wearing this outfit reminds me of some of Jennie's common outfits! How pretty she is! How glamourous! I will fall over! :pandalove:
  4. emanresu

    Appreciation Chou Tzuyu Is The Renaissance

    Chou Tzuyu Is The Renaissance At least 3 biographies, 7 full length novels, 27 paintings, 8 sculptures, 11 sonnets, 4 pop songs, a major motion picture, 2 religions and no less than 10 buildings will be made in Tzuyu's honor. If Michelangelo were alive today he'd surely make his Sistine II at...
  5. Kiseki

    Discussion September Kpop Brand Rankings

  6. Loki

    Appreciation Twice reciting their lyrics

    TWICE reciting lyrics from their new album :pandalove::pandalove: Tzuyu killed me ~lmao
  7. emanresu

    Appreciation Tzuyu's Hidden Talent

    Tzuyu's Hidden Talent You may all not know but Tzuyu has a miraculous hidden talent. She may seem shy and unassuming. But when the gloves are off she's a pro at everything. I made a thread once that detailed how Tzuyu was a master at pointing, wearing pigtails, speaking to aliens, and other...
  8. emanresu

    Appreciation Cute Tzuyu Dancing

    Cute Tzuyu Dancing I love to watch Pretty Tzuyu dance so cutely and awkwardly. It keeps me alive. Maybe you can live longer too if you watch this 49 times like me. Try it and see.
  9. emanresu

    Appreciation I Feel So F-Ing Special

    I Feel So F-Ing Special There I was. 4 am in the morning. Sitting on my couch figitting excitedly like a 10 year old on Christmas. My cat Mao thought I was up to give him his morning tuna. BUT NO! My poor Mao must wait! I'M UP FOR TWICE! From.the second Nayeon and the gang started...
  10. emanresu

    Appreciation Sana In Pink Can Kick My Ass

    Sana In Pink Can Kick My Ass I'm speechless. Sana in pink hair in pink clothes is the anime dream the world needed. My favorite voice in kpop with these kind of looks? Someone get that girl an umbrella. She can dry off and then proceed to kick my ass. :pikasmart: :pikahappy:
  11. Mayah

    Cover Thoughts on my friends' mashup?

    I honestly really love it.
  12. Belgizen

    Teaser TWICE Feel Special: new teasers

    Elegant queens as always :sj_weary:
  13. Mayah

    Audio TWICE "Feel Special" (Full Instrumental) [FANMADE]

    The teasers admittedly were disappointing, but I'm really enjoying this instrumental. Then again, it is fanmade, so there's no guarantee that this is accurate (though this channel has been fairly accurate in the past).
  14. MiraeTheFuture

    Teaser TWICE "Feel Special" Version 2 Teasers

    @Baechu @kuro @Xeulgi @itzybitzyblink @Walnutt @Mirae @NogaNono @SugaRush @JJbaker @Queen @blurryface @HypeIsHere @goyo @DimashVirus @Jungkook @Ozymandias @zonosaur @AnotherKpopTrash @HopeOnTheStreet @potato @Tpse @Kimino @Vampire @Marianthi @SakinoSweety @SaviorTXT @Pilot
  15. emanresu

    Appreciation Sana Is Anime Doll Confirmed

    Sana Is Anime Doll Confirmed Is Sana an anime Android? Sent to kill fanboys and fangirls??? I THINK SO! GOODNESS GRACIOUS! GREAT NINJA TURTLES! HOLY BATMAN! :pandalove: :pandalove: :pandalove:
  16. emanresu

    Appreciation Say Hi To Pretty Tzuyu

    Say Hi To Pretty Tzuyu Some people dream of seeing dolphins. Others dream of seeing the ocean. Or reaching old age. I dream of seeing Angel Tzuyu waving. My heart.
  17. MiraeTheFuture

    Teaser TWICE "Feel Special" Group Teasers

    You make me feel special @Baechu @kuro @Xeulgi @itzybitzyblink @Walnutt @Mirae @NogaNono @SugaRush @JJbaker @Queen @blurryface @HypeIsHere IsHere @goyo @DimashVirus @Jungkook @Ozymandias @zonosaur @AnotherKpopTrash @HopeOnTheStreet @potato @Tpse @Kimino @Vampire @Marianthi @SakinoSweety...
  18. MiraeTheFuture

    Teaser TWICE "Feel Special" DaChaengTzu

    @Baechu @kuro @Xeulgi @itzybitzyblink @Walnutt @Mirae @NogaNono @SugaRush @JJbaker @Queen @blurryface @HypeIsHere IsHere @goyo @DimashVirus @Jungkook @Ozymandias @zonosaur @AnotherKpopTrash @HopeOnTheStreet @potato @Tpse @Kimino @Vampire @Marianthi @SakinoSweety @SaviorTXT @Pilot
  19. MiraeTheFuture

    Teaser TWICE "Feel Special" SaJiMi

    @Baechu @kuro @Xeulgi @itzybitzyblink @Walnutt @Mirae @NogaNono @SugaRush @JJbaker @Queen @blurryface @HypeIsHere @goyo @DimashVirus @Jungkook @Ozymandias @zonosaur @AnotherKpopTrash @HopeOnTheStreet @potato @Tpse @Kimino @Vampire @Marianthi @SakinoSweety @SaviorTXT @Pilot