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  1. emanresu

    Appreciation Simple Tzuyu

    Simple Tzuyu O Simple Tzuyu. I'm positive you're simply pretty. In your simple hat. And simple sweater. With simple blue pantaloons to match. No need for Gucci or name brands flashing. No need for flash or pomp. Angelic and endearing. Your smile, quite simply, is enough.
  2. hyunaspandahoe

    Discussion upcoming comebacks of 2019

    starting on april first, many popular kpop groups like twice, bts, iz*one blackpink, etc. are coming back, so I am curious to see whose you're most eagerly waiting for, and whose is going to be a hit. some groups haven't released a lot of teasers or anything, so it's hard to judge for them, but...
  3. Bara

    Cover This channel is pretty dope

    These covers are :sj_weary::sj_weary::sj_weary::sj_weary::sj_weary::sj_weary:
  4. emanresu

    Appreciation Tzuyu For Pocari Sweat

    Tzuyu For Pocari Sweat I wish to have Tzuyu as my workout instructor. The 6 mile run won't kill me! Tzuyu's beauty will!
  5. emanresu

    Appreciation Sana Is +987 Attractive

    Sana Is +987 Attractive Ms. Sana makes me fall over. Help someone pick me up.
  6. joshuaology

    Appreciation Happy 5000 days with Jihyo!

    It's been 5000 days since Jihyo joined JYPE! She's been in the industry for nearly 14 years now :pepeheart: Let's appreciate how lucky we are to be living in the same time period as this goddess :yolk:
  7. Tpse

    Cover HOONS - TWICE Song Medley

    I'm so soft right now :llama_blush:
  8. emanresu

    Now That OneHallyu Died, Maybe We'll Get New Victims

    Now That OneHallyu Died, Maybe We'll Get New Victims Can't wait for the new unsuspecting innocents to come. I will hunt them in the midnight like a vampire and haunt their dreams. Inserting Tzuyu Uwu memes and gifs into their thoughts. SOON! I WILL CONVERT ALL THE HUMANS. YOU WILL ALL...
  9. EazyC

    Discussion What Is Your Least Favourite Twice Comeback?

    Mine is Knock Knock, what is yours?
  10. emanresu

    Appreciation Golden Haired Tzuyu

    Golden Haired Tzuyu O Golden Haired Tzuyu Are you a princess? Or some fiery red sunbeam? It's fitting if you're Sunshine. All sunkissed and bright. Maybe you're like those long haired warriors From those Historical Epics the drama sites talk about. You could be a lion too. With...
  11. emanresu

    Appreciation Tzuyu Is My Kind Of Shady Buddha

    Tzuyu Is My Kind Of Shady Buddha Can we still rub her tummy for luck? Or will she bite our arms? Still worth it.
  12. Golden_Wishes

    Discussion [NB] Jihyo Crying at Airport

    Why was Twice's Jihyo crying? Article: Twice Jihyo cries over 'Jung Jun Young video' Source: Kukmin Ilbo via Nate [video] 1. [+1,368, -28] Are we even sure that she cried because of the 'rumors'? Putting an article out like this is only going to hurt her more. 2. [+1,154, -23] Now people...
  13. Luvtwice

    Discussion My ranking/review of #Twice2

    #5 What is love So In my opinion this was easily the weakest song on the EP, I think the producer forgot why the what is Love is auto tuned, like you can hear Chaeyoung screaming the What is love part and it sounded weird to me. But other than that it sounded good. Dahyun truly snapped in the...
  14. lexusuwu

    News Apparently, Twice has surpassed 5 million album sales

    According to this tweet here, Twice has surpassed the 5 million mark for physical album sales. If it's true, then that's pretty damn impressive for a group that's only 3 1/2 years old. Congrats queens. :pandalove:
  15. hyunaspandahoe

    Fav. lyrics from your top two groups?

    preferably a bg and a gg but idc tbh for me, my top bg is ofc BTS, and my top gg is TWICE these songs never fail to make me cry and feel uplifted and more positive at the same time magic shop(bts): On days where I hate myself for being me, on days where I want to disappear forever Let's make...
  16. alluring

    Discussion Superior Twice side tracks?

    Just wondering what y'all believe they are? For me, my #1 is Ho! Second would be Jelly Jelly I don't listen to many side tracks anymore (sadly) so I'd love to know what you guys recommend.
  17. lexusuwu

    Discussion Favorite title tracks by these GG's

    If you can't tell, I'm very bored. :welp: Also, these are just random groups. lol If you don't like a group then just skip them. EXID AOA Girl's Day Sistar Twice SNSD Blackpink Momoland Gfriend Oh My Girl 2NE1 Red Velvet CLC Dreamcatcher (G)I-dle
  18. Golden_Wishes

    Discussion Did TWICE Flop?

    It's something I've seen thrown around a lot by Onces. "The Story Begins and Like Ooh Aah were complete and utter flops." I wasn't looking at Twice at the time but I don't necessarily think that's true. From what I saw, they charted decently and sold a pretty fair amount. It looked like a good...
  19. Abeamus

    Discussion Twice vs Red Velvet vs Gfriend vs Iz*One

    4 bops but which one comes out on top for you? My vote goes to Memoria.