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  1. Hayabusa

    Discussion Top critic ranks top 100 Kpop Girl Group/Female soloists title songs of all time

    Back by popular demand, everyone's favorite critic and Kpop connoisseur Ozy Senpai aka Hayabusa aka Forum oppa is back with his top 100 female soloists/girl group titles of all time. Once again, only songs with MVs are eligible. What is not eligible? Any song with a male collab or feature. So...
  2. Hayabusa

    News Top 10 most watched MVs of 2019 in Korea according to Youtube Rewind

    YouTube Rewind has published the top 10 most watched MVs of 2019 in South Korea. A few takeaways: - No surprises with BTS lol. - Itzy ranking higher than BP and Twice, and having 2 entries on this list shows they're really popular in Korea rn. Also shows how successful Dalla Dalla really was...
  3. emanresu

    Appreciation Smiling Tzuyu

    Smiling Tzuyu Oh Smiling Tzuyu. How bright and shining you are. Are you a flower? Or a maybe a Tzuyu Sun? With your smile lighting up planets. And gravity drawing fanboys and fangirls near. Galileo must have been confused. The Star Of Taiwan is surely the center of the universe...
  4. eclipsoul

    News JYP Entertainment Warns Fans Against Unsafe Behavior After Incident At Airport With TWICE

    Source: Soompi On December 8, JYP Entertainment released a statement warning fans against unsafe behavior like overcrowding and following artists at the airport. Earlier that day, TWICE arrived at Gimpo International Airport after finishing their activities in Japan. Many people attempted to...
  5. Kiseki

    Discussion Your favourite of these 3rd gen hits?

    Which of these hits is your favourite one? :susPepe:
  6. emanresu

    Appreciation Archer Tzuyu

    Archer Tzuyu O Archer Tzuyu. Like a majestic Manhwa Warrior you are. In your red and white Hero Garb. And long raven tresses flying wild. Can't wait for you to save the village. By arrow owning all those evil bad guys. With your Legendary Bow Of Taiwan. Who needs Robin Hood...
  7. K

    Discussion Weekly Top 10: TWICE [Artist 1]

    Inspired by r/kpop's "Top Ten Tuesday", I have decided to create a new version specifically for people on allkpop + kpopsource, where twice a week, a new artist will be selected, with their discography up for votes to decide, which tracks does allkpop love, from each new artst. This can also be...
  8. emanresu

    Appreciation Tzuyu's Figure

    Tzuyu's Figure Is astonishing.
  9. emanresu

    Appreciation See Sana Stomp Like A Little Kid

    See Sana Stomp Like A Little Kid Koreaboo won't let me take the video from their story. So go here and scroll down. Sana throws a tantrum and stomps her feet. Like a kid. It's so cute.
  10. emanresu

    Appreciation Tzuyu Poems - Vol. 1

    Tzuyu Poems - Vol. 1 I'm not a poet. But I write Tzuyu Poems for the lulz.
  11. emanresu

    Appreciation Nayeon Beautiful Bunny

    Nayeon Beautiful Bunny The prettiest bunny I've ever seen. I fell out of my chair, slid along the floor into a wall and hit my head. Then lit on fire Death by bunny.
  12. emanresu

    Appreciation Dahyun Is A Pretty Plum

    Dahyun Is A Pretty Plum Pretty Dubu in purple.
  13. emanresu

    Appreciation "Navy???" - Tzuyu V-Live

    "Navy???" - Tzuyu V-Live Pretty Tzuyu V-Live after Coach event. Cutely describes her "Navy???" hair and eats porridge in the car like an angel. Also doesn't eat much beef. Watch to learn things.
  14. emanresu

    Appreciation Long Sleeve Under Short Sleeve Shirt Tzuyu

    Long Sleeve Under Short Sleeve Shirt Tzuyu Oh Long Sleeve Under Short Sleeve Shirt Tzuyu How pretty you are! With your big white shirt. Buttoned all the way up so cutely. I'm glad you have sleeves to protect your arms from weather. And brown pantaloons to wave and flow As you...
  15. emanresu

    Appreciation Tzuyu TWICE Halloween

    Maleficent Tzuyu TWICE Halloween What happens when you cut off an angel's wings.
  16. emanresu

    Appreciation Dahyun Leads Nayeon Into Dubuland

    Dahyun Leads Nayeon Into Dubuland Come with me...
  17. emanresu

    Appreciation Cute Sana Chan Being Cute

    Cute Sana Chan Being Cute Sana is cute. Cute. CUUUUUUUUTE. (Click the Twitter for video!)
  18. emanresu

    Appreciation Tzuyu Wild Mane Of Heaven

    Tzuyu Wild Mane Of Heaven White angel light shining out to bless humanity.
  19. emanresu

    Appreciation Jeongyeon Came To Kill - Marie Claire

    Jeongyeon Came To Kill Jeongyeon asserts as model chic for Marie Claire. You may call her Miss Yoo.
  20. Kiseki

    News Loona become the 3rd girl group to top US iTunes album chart

    With a 9 month old repackage