super junior

  1. HopeOnTheStreet


    A super bop :sanapray: I already listened to it in the last days, MV is so fun :pikahappy:
  2. HopeOnTheStreet

    MV SUPER JUNIOR 슈퍼주니어 'I Think I' MV

    Pretty chill, the latin vibes are definitely there :pikahappy:
  3. maruif

    Teaser Super Junior "The Crown" lyric video

    I think this counts as a teaser! No matter what it should be called... this song SLAPS! It is amazing and are you all seeing how amazing Yesung looks and sounds! This is Yesungs comeback!
  4. EXOL

    Opinions What's your opinion on Super M

    You guys know that Super M is going to explode right and I also think that they will be good, but i don't like the background of how the group was made. Let me give you a summary. The group is consisted of 4 other group, of course not every member just around 2 each. Since they took away some...
  5. RandAlThor

    Reality Ho Min and SJ for an entire reality show....

    Not sure we are worthy.
  6. Haolat

    News TVXQ and Super Junior Members to Star in YouTube Original Travel Documentary

    TVXQ and Super Junior are starring in a travel documentary! YouTube will be releasing an original show titled “Analog Trip” featuring TVXQ’s Yunhoand Changmin and Super Junior’s Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk, and Donghae as they travel through Indonesia with just their backpacks. The show offers...
  7. Haolat

    Comeback Super Junior comeback ( What Day is 999 hours from now?)

    it is September 3rd right now in Korea. According to my calculations 999hrs is ~41.63 days from now. So the comeback will be on October 14 in Korea Is this right?
  8. Haolat

    News ELF Super Show 8 is coming

    SUPER JUNIOR ANNOUNCES WORLD TOUR ‘SUPER SHOW 8’ Super Junior will be embarking on a world tour! On August 27, Super Junior revealed that they will be starting their “Super Junior World Tour – Super Show 8” at the KSPO Dome in Seoul on October 12 and 13. Other locations and dates have not been...
  9. Azar

    Discussion Do you love KPOP? If yes, this is for you!

    All your favourite Kpop music online in this app! Get it For Free On Playstore: " We can add radio stations according to your request" You can listen to Korean and Japanese, Chinese FM radio broadcasting and internet radio...
  10. Haolat

    Discussion What Elfs have to say about SuperM

  11. RavenHikari

    Discussion SM Screw Your Super Boy Group Idea And Talk About This Instead...

    The sm manager boy group the best project group. its been 6 years sm I want answers what happened to them :chickill:
  12. RandAlThor

    Discussion If i can name each person on stage ...

    Does that mean i am old or just nostalgic?
  13. maruif

    Appreciation Did you know Super Junior actually has a lot of amazing music!

    You should check Super Junior out! And I mean check them out more than just the Savage Heechul compilations on youtube, more than just the variety show moments and funny things! Beyond the standard songs sorry sorry and mr. simple! Did you know that they have actually been making REALLY good...
  14. baekhyunUWU

    Sales Gaon 2019 Best selling SM artists

    details : Chen >>>> your and my favs But stream Love Shot too
  15. MochiFace

    Discussion Can you imagine ??

    If SNSD or SNSD OH!GG make a comeback this summer and appear on the next season of Super TV Finally we will have a very funny TV show, because group of this gen are kind of boring in tv show :/ i need a messy tv show with the most crazy BG and the most crazy GG
  16. SapphireBlueSea

    Comeback 1st win SUPER JUNIOR - D&E, on THE SHOW

    :yolk: :queen::queen::queen::queen:
  17. SapphireBlueSea

    Variety new variety i'm exited about

    k(stage) is a new tv show “Stage K” is global K-Pop dance competition! It is a global challenge for K-Pop fans from all over the world who cover K-Pop dances coming together to competeand and be able to stand on the stage with K-Pop stars. the first guest is super junior also dara is one of...
  18. SapphireBlueSea

    Comeback SUPER JUNIOR-D&E

    Danger live Gloomy live :pandahappy:
  19. SapphireBlueSea

    Teaser Heechul MV teaser

    Heechul finally making his solo debut :llama_cheer: Old Movie MV Teaser is out :pandahappy:
  20. SapphireBlueSea

    Intro Hi, hello ^^

    Hi, everyone :llama_wave: i tho i should introduce myself before i start being active here (even i don't know really what to say lol) mm what you need to know about me : i got into kpop in 2011 because of heechul and siwon dramas i'm a drama lover not just kdrama 🙈 (tho lately i didn't watch...