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stan clc

  1. M

    News CLC First Win!

    Finally. Congrats to the girls!
  2. lexusuwu

    Comeback What's your favorite track from CLC's new album?

    I definitely like No, but other favorites are Show and I Need U. What are your favorites? Also, vote for them on M Countdown and The Show, okay? Thanks. :welp:
  3. lexusuwu

    Teaser CLC’s Yeeun and Elkie teasers for “No”

    Yeeun looks super badass as usual and Elkie looks so glamorous. I absolutely love the line Elkie sung in her teaser. Tomorrow’s teaser will have Eunbin.
  4. Chahee

    Appreciation Tzuyuyuyuyoda

  5. Chahee

    I remember very first time in love

    I remember oh oh I remember oh oh Do you feel the same way? So I’m in love I remember oh oh I remember oh Oh my, am I allowed to feel like this? Because of you, every day is so nice Though it seems like I’m rushing it baby I need your love oh oh I need your love oh oh oh My heart drops, so...
  6. Chahee

    One day is over today

    It seems like yesterday after many days. I thought of you again and again. Even if you turn back time I know the end is the same anyway. But why do I want to turn back? They are so tired of each other I thought our love was over. I wonder why I remember good...