1. notthatmarko

    MV 밴디트 (BVNDIT) - Dumb

    Within 5 seconds I knew I will love it. GOD DAMN SOTY.
  2. RainbowDevil

    Game Rate the song above! (Kpop songs)

    Pretty straightforward, listen to the song the previous user put in his post, rate it and then put one yourself (I'd like to keep the songs K-Pop) You can also comment on it a bit, it's a good conversation starter! You may also add an MV rating separately if you wish! I'll start
  3. maruif

    Discussion Comment a song/idol/group etc and I will say what I think of them!

    Comment literally any idol or group or song or anything like that and I will tell you what I think of them/it!
  4. maruif

    Appreciation This song and MV always give me chills

    This depicts the absolute unstoppable devastation of cancer so well... Stromae is such a strong singer, dancer and artist overall!
  5. maruif

    Appreciation I need another song like this!

    I need another song like Fast pace from Seventeen! This song is so sexy, but laidback and just full of confident boss energy! It just reeks of "I am better than you, bitch" vibes!
  6. onedaily

    Discussion What is your favorite Billie Eilish song(s)?

    Did you know her? Billie eilish is one of the youngest famous american artist rn My fav song is.. any recommedation(s)?
  7. blurryface

    send me 2 songs, and i'll choose one

    title explains everything but, please send the songs that i probably know *greenheartu*
  8. lexus

    Appreciation Happy (late) Birthday to Song Mino!

    This is kind of a day late, but happy birthday to one of kpop's most talented rappers, Song Mino. ❤ He's officially 26 years old and his birthday is March 30th. Again, happy birthday to him. :sanapray: <---- :maheart:
  9. Taesthetic

    Audio This B-Side is so good, anyone with upscale taste would approve!

    Their voices match well, and that chorus is heavenly.:pepecry2:
  10. perhapz

    Game Song chain! ₪₪₪

    So, it's simple: you have to post a song that starts with the last letter of the song posted above, creating a chain of songs! Preferably k-pop songs, since we're on a k-pop forum. 👀 Example: Person A) Love Bomb (Fromis_9) Person B) BOOMBAYAH (Blackpink) Person C) Heart Shaker (Twice) Person...
  11. Linky

    yo help pls

    I need posts so give me a number and I'll give you a song, because I'm bored af 1-153
  12. Linky

    Your Favourite GG & BG song?