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solo debut

  1. PrideInBaek

    Photo Baekhyun x Dispatch

  2. PrideInBaek

    Teaser Baekhyun's UN Village MV Teaser

  3. PrideInBaek

    Sales Baekhyun OutSold

    Slay 'em baby!
  4. PrideInBaek

    News Baekhyun "City Lights" Concept film

    Link to his official site: BAEKHYUN Official Website HE IS COMING! HIDE YO FAVS!!
  5. baekhyunUWU


    Instiz: SM finally lets out their rising solo idol K-netizens' comments : - Heol he will go solo? Daebak finally - This guy finally goes solo… is this confirmed? - Heol I have been waiting since last year. - I’m curious what genre he will do. - I really like Baekhyun-nim’s voice ㅠㅠ I’m...
  6. baekhyunUWU

    Discussion [Naver/Weibo] Netizens react to the Voice-color King, BAEKHYUN's solo debut news in July

    Naver: EXO BAEKHYUN, solo debut after 7 years since debut... album release in July [+1654] Baekhyun-ah!!! This is already #1 [+989] Baekhyun-ah!!! Finally!!! [+850] Baekhyun-ah, I have been anticipating the songs you would sing for us. I always support you! Baekhyun-ah, I love you!! [+703]...
  7. perhapz

    Teaser Somi's solo debut first image teaser

    Come, Queen. Real and soon. :pikadab:
  8. RavenHikari

    News Jun Is Preparing A Korean Solo Debut

    Please Support My first Son, Lee Junyoung. I am not sure if the Korean solo is supposed drop around the same time as the album for Japan or later. But I'll know Y'all better love and support him when it drops.:chickill: Anyways listen to Phenomenal World audio ad MV
  9. goyo

    Debut SHINee Key and solo debut details

    It was just announced that Key will release the single “Forever Yours” on November 6 at 6 p.m. KST. The song apparently will be a R&B pop track with a tropical house vibe. Following the single, his first studio album will be released later in November. So excited to see what kind of music Kibum...