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  1. BritishLuvie

    Discussion Taeyeon is pissed off

    How many times have Sone heard this story over the years? How many former SM trainees have used the "I almost made it into SNSD" for clout? :kijoongstare: We're tired of it. And it seems that Taeyeon is tired of people using SNSD's name to bring attention to themselves. Because she's just...
  2. SteviSone

    Performance Begin Again 3 Episode 16-Last Episode/Season Finale-Taeyeon Clips

    Begin Again 3 E16 TAEYEON 태연 - 'Bad Guy' 비긴어게인3 I just watched the last episode of Begin Again 3 ow/Taeyeon n Dick2JuckPaulTaeng completely unsubbed n now I'm stealing/sharing these links from another cos I'm so happy to see the performances. Theres even some background music from 'Purpose'...
  3. RandAlThor

    Performance A decade later Gee is STILL that song.

    old vid pulled here is a new one Thanks @SteviSone
  4. BritishLuvie

    News Taeyeon gets her 1st All Kill!! [+ highest 1st day sales on Hanteo 88K+]

    Queen Taeyeon has done it again!!! Not only has Taeyeon achieved her first All Kill of the charts. She's also the highest selling female artist (solo + groups) on Hanteo for 1st day sales, and well on course for surpassing 100K on the first day. 12 years in the industry and still...
  5. emanresu

    Appreciation Yoona So Cute & Pretty

    Yoona So Cute & Pretty At a recent promo event for EXIT. She's so adorable. Oof. I will fall over.
  6. Hayabusa

    Cover WJSN- Mr Chu (Apink) Dance Cover

    I hadn't even fully recovered from their SNSD- Genie cover yet when they decided to drop this :sj_weary: After EXO- Love Shot, Monsta X- Alligator, SNSD- Genie and now this, WJSN are really becoming cover queens. Also, it seems like there is one more girl crush cover to come atleast, so I'm...
  7. emanresu

    Appreciation Yoona Has Granted My Life's Wish. Sorta.

    Yoona Has Granted My Life's Wish. Sorta. This is my life's wish! 24/7 YOONA MUKBANG! There's absolutely nothing better. HOW DID I MISS THIS???? This is the greatest thing to occur in kpop since Seo Taiji and The Boys dropped it like it's hot back in ancient kpop times. I could live...
  8. BritishLuvie

    News Hyoyeon is going to London

    If there's any British Sone or even anyone who wants to see Hyoyeon live and up close, she's going to be performing at the Ministry of Sound nightclub in London this month! Sadly I won't be able to attend as I don't get into London till the 20th :pandasad:
  9. RandAlThor

    Performance Tiffany Confirmed.

    got my ticket. Yea!!! Vip is cheap for actually getting to meet her and stuff.
  10. MochiFace

    News The day finally come

    For sooyoung to have her own youtube channel *___* But she must put some eng sub or it'll be a torture to me to see so much exclusive content by sooyoung and not be able to understand anything I can't live in a world like this :(
  11. A

    Appreciation Taeyeon - All High Notes from SNSD Songs

    I made a more or less complete compilation of Taeyeon's High Notes from SNSD (and TTS) songs that have been performed live, including lipsynced performances. All the song titles are listed in the video description and pinned comment. Sorry if I missed anything, I tried to gather everything I...
  12. emanresu

    TV Yoona At Hi Touch Special Event To Celebrate EXIT's 7 Million Attendance

    Yoona At Hi Touch Special Event To Celebrate EXIT's 7 Million Attendance Yoona's movie is kicking ass and taking names. Topping the Korean box office. 7 Million in attendance. Made over $54 million so far. Releasing in the US. GOD I WANT TO SEE IT! Here she is with her co-stars at a...
  13. RandAlThor

    Performance Its old, poor resolution and hard to tell who is whom

    I love it. Also i love the versions where Seohyun has to come up the middle at a dead run. During one of the periods when SM and Mnet were not at war :) omo and Soshi covering a kick off...... I would be too distracted. BTW fanny is just as awful at kick offs as pitching .... singing...
  14. emanresu

    Appreciation Yoona So Cute In Braids

    Yoona So Cute In Braids How'd did Yoona know my dream? Her in braids! How? She knows my secrets! Gosh she's so cute!!!!!!!!!! Her in her big overalls and cute braids.... Omo x 1000!
  15. feepit

    Discussion Tiffany featured on WOWPresents' "I Want to be a KPOP Idol with Soju"

    Tiffany appears at 5:37 In case you guys didn't know WOWPresents is the youtube channel of World of Wonder, they produce RuPauls' Drag Race. LMAO TIFFANY'S REACTION ABOUT THE DILDO LIGHTSTICK!
  16. RandAlThor

    Appreciation Hyomin cites Sunny and Yuri

    I am reading that on radio star yesterday. Hyomin said Sunny and Yuri were big support to her during the dark times and kept her in the game. IY1 forever.
  17. RavenHikari

    Discussion SM Screw Your Super Boy Group Idea And Talk About This Instead...

    The sm manager boy group the best project group. its been 6 years sm I want answers what happened to them :chickill:
  18. BritishLuvie

    Appreciation Forever its Girls' Generation

  19. RandAlThor

    Appreciation Happy BirthdayTiffany!!!

    Since she is in the US now i waited until today, but made teh thread early so its still the first in Korea 😀 Just some love for our mushroom...