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  1. RainbowDevil

    Audio Sik-K - Officially OG (Prod. Goosebumps) Album Released

    It was released today and I haven't listened to it entirely buuut the first few songs are lit, check it out :sanapray: Edit: Hmmm, didn't really like the other songs much, maybe I just wasn't listening too much but hey, Water is in there so :sj_weary: Sik-K king of endless content and hard...
  2. mirella

    Comeback tracklist for Sik-K new album (will be released March 24)

    Can't wait for tracks 4 and 7. :sj_weary: I came out of hibernation for this. The collabs look really great on this album. K-HipHop: @ikonicraja @mirella @RainbowDevil @PetitBonheur @bulletproof @potato @cassouletteu @Tpse @chvnle @MinSquishy @daeunraine
  3. RainbowDevil

    Appreciation 100 KHH/KRnB Songs you shouldn't miss!

    Since I'm doing a series, KHH/KRnB comes next There aren't as many of these songs as there would be for any other category but it is what it is. (This was written before i had 100 songs and noticed i really do have a lot actually :wimwim: ) Hoping that for anyone that likes KHH/KRnB but doesn't...
  4. RainbowDevil

    Audio So I made a video again

    Since no one made a video for Sik-K X Coogie X GXXD album... I did Nobody made one most likely cause of copyright but I just disputed it and it's public so :sanapray: K-HipHop Taglist: @goyo @mirella @RainbowDevil @Pigeon @baekk @DimashVirus @PetitBonheur @bulletproof @potato @cassouletteu...
  5. Poetry

    Photo 190713 Waterbomb Busan

  6. Yseki

    MV I Need More Of This From Sik-K

    less mumbly rap and more of this
  7. sweetener

    MV Sik-K is back with FIRE

    One of my favorite rappers just cameback. I am just in love with the song. Another song of Sik-K to obsess over ( like I don't o that to all of his songs lol)
  8. sweetener

    Teaser SIK-K "Fire" (produced by GroovyRoom) Teaser

    what a suprise. I did not know that SIK-K is releasing something. I am obsessed with him so I really am happy to get something new ( tough AOMG and H1GHR are always releasing something lol)