1. Mayah

    Opinions Should I change my aesthetic?

    I've had this one for (not that long?) but I'm not really sure. Should I change it? It'll be another nugu if I do.
  2. maruif

    Discussion Does anybody want a sig?

    I'm bored and want to make sigs... only I really like my current one so I thought I would make some for others! If you want one just tell me which idol you want and preferably give me the picture aswell! First come first serve though... Here be some examples of my work!
  3. maruif

    Appreciation Rate my sig and DP

    Do y'all like 'em? Kinda proud of the sig, even though it's not that complicated!
  4. Mayah

    GFX Name Banner/Signature Requests

    I'm in the mood to edit, so feel free to request personalized banners and or signatures. If wanted, I can make an idol edit as well~ I'm so bored. EDIT ( 15 Oct 19): Liked comments are read. If I do not get back to you in 2 weeks, ping me either on Discord or in this thread. Be specific in...
  5. Mayah

    Why is my sig so small?

    I'm going insane.
  6. Mayah

    Discussion Signature Thread

    Feel free to use this thread to post images for your signature to c/p.
  7. notthatmarko

    Announcement Signature display media issue - update

    Dear members, after the update of our forum platform, we noticed a significant number of users have issues displaying the media (images, gifs) in their signature. This is unfortunately due to the new update which does not support image resizing. If you open the BBCode editor by clicking on the...
  8. MochiFace

    how to make a sig ?

    I find a cute image on google and i would want to put it as my sig but when i copy and try to paste it don't work :'(
  9. Belgizen

    GFX Belgi's ⭐ DP and sig thread ⭐

    UNDER CONSTRUCTION Need a new sig? A new dp? But you and your computer have a love-hate relationship? No fear! I'll save you! For free (just pay me with your soul :devilish:)
  10. bulletproof

    Official How to transfer your signature from AKP.

    1. STEP Click "Use BB Code Editor" at your AKP signature box. 2. STEP Copy everything from that box. 3. STEP Go to your Ksource signature box, and click on "Toggle BB code" 4. STEP Paste the copied text into that box. 5. STEP Click on "SAVE" and you are good to go. It's the quickest...