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  1. arieam

    Appreciation joy doing joy things

    oldie but a goodie *1 second before the performance* joy: what song are we doing seulgi:
  2. BritishLuvie

    I need to tell Seulgi about these!!

    CHECK OUT THESE NEW PRINGLES FLAVOURS!!!!!! I think that they are exclusive to the UK, which means that Seulgi should make a trip to the UK to munch on some and give us her seal of approval! :maheart: I can picture her lil paws tapping away at her keyboard to order some...
  3. BritishLuvie

    Dance Practice Be slayed by this dancing bear

    Seulgi Dingo video dance practice 💛 :sj_weary::sj_weary: How can someone who's usually so clumsy and cute be this precise with their dancing? Its only 7am but Red Velvet have already started my day off well :maheart:
  4. emanresu

    I Keep Getting Sidetracked

    I Keep Getting Sidetracked I keep trying to use the forums. Minding my own business clicking here. Clicking there. Trying to respond to @igloo threads and badger @Chahee to let me talk to Jasque. But then I get stuck. On the main page.... There she is.... Seulgi Bear just being like...
  5. BritishLuvie

    Gossip Get to know Seulgi better

    Get ready to fall even more in love with this beautiful bear over the next 12 minutes as she gives inspiration to the next group of young dancers whilst talking about her own struggles and how she overcame them. :pepeheart:
  6. BritishLuvie

    Photo Seulgi x Converse x Hypebeast

    for Converse x Hypebeast Korea B-Cuts :sj_weary::sj_weary: Seulbear isn't playing around... She is coming to snatch everyone's girlfriends :joysip:
  7. Xeulgi

    Appreciation [Part 1] Mirror, Mirror on the wall.....

    Mirror, Mirror on the wall tell me ~ is Seulgi one of the fairest of them all?
  8. M

    Discussion Happy Birthday Seulgi Bear!

    Happy birthday Red Velvet's most adorable (and awkward) bear, Seulgi! And remember to stream the superior RV bop OOTN
  9. BritishLuvie

    Photo Seulgi Vogue Korea December Edition

    Seulgi is the most beautiful bear in the whole entire world!!!!!! :pandalove: My fanboying mode has been activated :pandahappy:
  10. BritishLuvie

    Intro I ain't no flop bitch!

    Yep this British wanker and the resident fanboy of Seulgi bear and Taengoo is now here I am sure that you can all recognise who I am from AKP
  11. Chahee

    The sweet morning breeze in my mouth

    The sun shines over the white blanket A ring comes that makes my heart flutter, could that be you? The sound of a tablespoon of sugar, hello, hello Spring comes, into this street Spring comes, into my heart Don’t know why I am so excited, oh Petals like popcorn fly high If you tell me that you...