1. RandAlThor

    Appreciation 2 hours of 4k seulgi

    This is for you @BritishLuvie one of these days i will figure out how to add twitter links since the change. Woot that worked thanks @potato BTW thisis the ult dream a RV fan sign.....:):pandalove::pandalove: I made into one just to watch but not to get a sig :( some day...
  2. BritishLuvie


    Red Velvet's Main Dancer, Red Velvet's Lead Vocalist, Red Velvet's Center, The Nation's Ace, The Nation's Girl Crush, KANG SEULGI!!!!!!!!!!! :queen::queen::queen:
  3. Hayabusa

    Discussion Seulgi vs Yeji: Who did it better? (Serious discussion)

    I guess this is from the ISAC and it looks like both girls are about to pitch. Red Velvet's Seulgi or ITZY's Yeji? Who's got the more perfect form? Please take a look at these pics and help me analyze this super important question and arrive at a conclusion. Seulgi: :sj_weary: vs Yeji...
  4. BritishLuvie

    Discussion Meet Seulgi's new kittens

    Say hello to Kang Lulu and Kang Lala :maheart: Seulgi bear is going to be so loving and affectionate to these two cute kittens :sadcat:
  5. BritishLuvie

    Discussion Another win for BlackVelvet

    caption: watch your head! jisoo: my forehead already collided😎 seulgi: no... our foreheads are preciousㅠㅠ 😱 Seulsoo has just happened!!!!!!! :sadcat:
  6. Mayah

    GFX The Month Of Red Velvet: Day 2

    The Month Of Red Velvet: Day 1 Feedback is appreciated~
  7. RandAlThor

    Discussion Day 2 incoming?

    New Hair on the girls. Pics Blonde Yeri Raven Irene
  8. BritishLuvie

    Discussion Predebut photos of your bias?

    How much has your bias changed over the years from their predebut days to the present day? Seulgi predebut Seulgi present day Apart from a bit of maturing over the years, not much has changed. Seulgi's natural beauty still shines beautifully :maheart:
  9. BritishLuvie

    Discussion Seulgi has a new title

    "Nation's Ace" 'The Nation's Center" "The Nation's Girl Crush" "SM's Secret Weapon" "Nation's Unnie Magnet" and now.... "Mulan of K Pop" A fellow Luvie has photo shopped Seulgi onto the poster for the upcoming Mulan film and it's been doing the rounds on Twitter. Which isn't surprising...
  10. Loki

    Appreciation Seulgi is unique

    she is one of a kind :pandalove::pandalove: (also where can I get this shark thing??)
  11. BritishLuvie

    Discussion Who else wants this Red Velvet subunit?

    WenSeul :maheart: Who else is hoping for SM to debut a Wendy x Seulgi subunit? :sanapray: A subunit for these two talented vocalists would be absolute bliss to my ears and I already know that I would listen to their songs on repeat. SM debuted a SNSD subunit that focused on the vocal...
  12. arieam

    Appreciation Disney effed up >:(

    by not making her jasmine :maheart:
  13. BritishLuvie

    Cover Seulgi 'Speechless' cover on IG

    :sj_weary: Seulgi has just uploaded an amazing cover of Speechless :pikahappy: This song is very popular to cover right now and Seulgi's cover is one of my favourites thus far. When she hits that high note at the end :sj_weary: Our bear is one talented beauty :maheart: Stan this talented...
  14. BritishLuvie


    OMG! MY BEAR IS ON INSTAGRAM!!!!!!!!! Follow her now Luvies :sanapray:
  15. BritishLuvie

    Teaser Seulgi has cut her hair!!

    AND THE BANGS ARE BACK AS WELL!!!!!!!! :queen: My Bear is slaying me with these teasers :sj_weary::llama_flirt:
  16. BritishLuvie

    Photo Ready for my next trip to Seoul

    Have you ever seen a more beautiful travel card? :sj_weary: I don't know how familiar everyone is with IC cards unless you live/have been to a major city like London, Seoul, Hong Kong, Tokyo etc.. But in Korea you have two types of IC cards. T Money and Cash Bee which you top up with money...
  17. BritishLuvie

    News Red Velvet's 'The Reve Festival' out on the 19th June!!

    THIS IS THE COMEBACK THAT I'VE MOST BEEN WAITING FOR! THE SUMMER QUEENS ARE COMING!!!!! :queen: :queen: :queen: Who else is pre ordering the album today?! And what do you reckon the whole 'Day 1' means? And also the other "colourful musical activities' that we can look forward to? Are SM going...
  18. BritishLuvie

    Video Are you ready for Baby Seulgi bear?

    WHAT IS THIS WITCH CRAFT?! :maheart: Seulgi bear has turned back time and she's now a baby bear again!!
  19. emanresu

    Appreciation Seulgi The Great

    Seulgi The Great I can't tell you how hot Seulgi is in this outfit and styling. Okay well I can. SHE'S SO HOT! OH MY GAAAAAWD POWER UP SEULGI BEAR KILL ME NOW!
  20. BritishLuvie

    Appreciation KPS' best ever banner

    Thank you to @Graphics for blessing us all with this beautiful banner :jenniesmug: Seulgi bear is blessing me everytime that I come onto KPS right now :pikahappy: There's no need to create any future banners. This sole one shall do