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red velvet

  1. BritishLuvie

    Discussion My Top 3 songs of 2019 [Move aside idol groups]

    #1 Wendy - What If Love ⬅➡ #2 IU - above the time ⬆ [NEW ENTRY] #3 IU - Blueming ⬆ [NEW ENTRY] This is a first for me.... In my 10 years as a K Pop fan, songs by idol groups have always been in my Top 3. The only non idol group song to have ever reached #1 has been Taeyeon. But here...
  2. Baechu

    Appreciation Red Velvet - One minute poems

    One minute poems, for my loves. Irene Love before life, You before anything. my bae, my chu. I love you. Baechu. Wendy Wendy, oh Wendy, Oh my, Wendy. You, your voice, Effortless, elegant, quirky and silly. Wendy, oh Wendy. Seulgi Bear, with no claws, Powerful moves but no harm. Oh...
  3. Xeulgi

    Performance Red Velvet- Icc tango remix

    The tango remix version sounds amazing! I hope they release a full version of it!!
  4. kingtae

    Appreciation Wendyyyyyyy :o

    wendy is attacking us with her beauty :jisoosmh:
  5. RandAlThor

    Appreciation RV team Rocket in Switzerland :)

    its the mostly no fear team!!! Miss my girls!!!! Must . have. day . 3. !!1
  6. BritishLuvie

    Discussion The Red Velvet flavoured tea

    " Post-SMTown Live 2019 in Tokyo, I was completely baffled as to how SM, who had Taeyeon, Luna, and Wendy on the same stage, appeared to have no inkling, if at all, to assemble them in a super project. I would love to see Red Velvet be taken seriously into SM’s business planning in addressing...
  7. Chlorine

    Discussion I want this for RV's next comeback concept

    These are their posters for their 3rd concert but imagine this as their concept... It would be awesome!! What do you think ReVeluv? @Mangoey @Baechu @Xeulgi @kuro @mirella @Chlorine @itzybitzyblink @Walnutt @Mangoey @NogaNono @RandAlThor @SugaRush @Minuteman @Queen @imyourkilljoy @JoanaIsHere...
  8. RandAlThor

    Performance Green witch KOMS

    I am putting the clips here when i find them. last week round 1 Round 2 switched better versions in round 3
  9. emanresu

    Discussion Do You Like Cabbage?

    Do You Like Cabbage? I do. No not this cabbage. This Cabbage Vegetables are pretty.
  10. Kiseki

    News Loona become the 3rd girl group to top US iTunes album chart

    With a 9 month old repackage
  11. Chlorine

    Discussion Your biases' dark pasts?

    Dark past = most embarrassing / cringe worthy thing they have done. EXO have the entire super power thing that I love is pretty cringe but in my opinion nothing tops: I CAN'T BREATHE.... XD Seriously, I cried watching that :haylul: And let's not EVER forget that EXO Next Door was a...
  12. Kiseki

    Tourney Red Velvet Tournament Final Scores

    Peek-A-Boo started off the tournament losing the 1st match but managed to claw its way back up by winning every match after eventually taking the lead towards the end of the tournament and going on to become Red Velvets champion song
  13. Kiseki

    Tourney Peek-A-Boo vs Russian Roulette - R7 Red Velvet Tournament

    Now comes the final match where 1st place Peek-A-Boo takes on 2nd place Russian Roulette which if Russian Roulette wins then it'll finish 1st in the tournament however if it loses or even draws then Peek-A-Boo will finish in 1st place so which one will go on to be crowned the inaugural champion...
  14. Kiseki

    Tourney Bad Boy vs Red Flavor - R7 Red Velvet Tournament

    Bad Boy currently is tied for 6th going against Red Flavor which is in 5th place but if Bad Boy could beat Red Flavor it could take 5th place away from it, which song will win here to end up 5th in the final table? Other Round 7 Matches Dumb Dumb vs Ice Cream Cake #Cookie Jar vs One Of These...
  15. Kiseki

    Tourney #Cookie Jar vs One Of These Nights - R7 Red Velvet Tournament

    #Cookie Jar goes against One Of These Nights which stands at 4th place while #Cookie Jar stands at 8th place with not a single win to its name, will #Cookie Jar get a win in this match or will it finish the tournament with 7 straight losses? Other Round 7 Matches Dumb Dumb vs Ice Cream Cake Bad...
  16. Kiseki

    Tourney Dumb Dumb vs Ice Cream Cake - R7 Red Velvet Tournament

    Dumb Dumb got back up to 3rd place after the last round and while its chance at 1st place has been dashed a win here could put it in 2nd place meanwhile for Ice Cream Cake it could be doing better seeing as it's currently tied for 6th but a win could make that 6th place more solid for it instead...
  17. RainbowDevil

    Appreciation What made me stan? (Red Velvet Edition)

    Herro, I am, for the most part, someone that does not enjoy girl groups, or at least not the standard girl group, so I try and find something different that I might like. With RV that was not evident at all, they seemed like the most basic of all gg's with cheesy, cutesy and uninspired songs...
  18. Kiseki

    Tourney #Cookie Jar vs Dumb Dumb - R6 Red Velvet Tournament

    #Cookie Jar having a terrible run so far being at the bottom of the table without a single win going against Dumb Dumb which is 4th after falling behind its competition last round which dropped it from being tied for 1st, which one of these two will have a better round 6 to pick themselves up...