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red velvet

  1. somewhatclueless

    Intro Hey, itsa me

    This is gonna be a train wreck so bear with me. I’m somewhatclueless (in a literal and figurative context) and I’ve never been on this site so... -I’m a female (she/her) -I’m a Libra -I’m queer (don’t know what I am specifically but I like girls so...) Uhhh and the groups I stan are: -BTS...
  2. emanresu

    Appreciation Seulgi The Great

    Seulgi The Great I can't tell you how hot Seulgi is in this outfit and styling. Okay well I can. SHE'S SO HOT! OH MY GAAAAAWD POWER UP SEULGI BEAR KILL ME NOW!
  3. MochiFace

    Discussion The queen of Live vocal of 3rd Gen

    Red velvet singing acapella with no MR, and Dancing in the same time, your favs can't understand x)
  4. RandAlThor

    Teaser Sappy teasers

    Teaser 1 Cookie jar version
  5. BritishLuvie

    Appreciation KPS' best ever banner

    Thank you to @Graphics for blessing us all with this beautiful banner :jenniesmug: Seulgi bear is blessing me everytime that I come onto KPS right now :pikahappy: There's no need to create any future banners. This sole one shall do
  6. BritishLuvie

    News Red Velvet chosen as Tourism Ambassadors

    Red Velvet have once again been selected to represent Korea having been appointed 'Swiss Friends' by the Swiss Tourism Agency in Korea. The girls will also be making a trip to Switzerland at a later date to help promote the country and relations between both countries to the Korean public. So...
  7. BritishLuvie

    Photo The Return of Seulgi's Bangs!!!!!

    BANG BANG BANG. Seulgi's bangs are back!!!!!! :queen::queen::queen: My bear has finally brought back the bangs after a year of not having them. And she looks so damn beautiful :pikahappy:
  8. MochiFace

    Discussion Musician react to RBB

    So the thing that the video teach us : - hater are crying because they say that reveluv are hyping irene scream too much when it's just a scream while vocalist even say that's not just a scream and this type of note can be do by any regular person because it's very high - hater are crying even...
  9. BritishLuvie

    Discussion Calling all Reveluvs & WIZ*ONEs

    This is the moment that we've all been waiting for.... We finally have the most adorably interactions between Wendy and Sakura subbed into English!!!!!! :queen: :queen: :pandalove:
  10. BritishLuvie

    Discussion Red Velvet are now the most downloaded 3rd gen girl group

    FLOP VELVET DID THAT!!!!!! :queen: :queen: :queen:
  11. BritishLuvie

    Photo Do you like Irene's tattoo?

    Yeri has a tattoo. And now so does Irene. :jenniesmug: Do you like? :sanapray: The location of the tattoo and the style of it reminds me of the tattoo that my wife has just below her breast :sj_weary:
  12. BritishLuvie

    Photo WTF Seulgi?! This bear is trying to kill me!!!!

    Seulgi has uploaded photos from her trip to Bali Seulgi ah.... What are you trying to do me at this time of night?!
  13. MochiFace

    News Red velvet, New level up season and New MV

    So Red velvet was in Indonesia in Jakarta and the last moment, they announce that they'll not leave indonesia today like they were suppose to do and will take a domestic flight in indonesia So reveluv thought that they make fly to Bali and Red velvet stylist just post a picture on instagram...
  14. Mayah

    Discussion SM, What's up with Red Velvet lately?

    I'm sorry, but I haven't the slightest clue as to why SM isn't actually trying to seem professional here. I have a few points that I'm going to discuss, as they are main points that can really affect Red Velvet as a group, and the fans. Firstly, the outfits. What is going on with Red Velvet's...
  15. taemkitten

    Discussion ♫ The [SPOTIFY] Thread ♫

    Ever have that burning question of "Who is having that Justin Bieber marathon?" or "Really? All of you are listening to Squidward Nose?" or even "OMG who is listening to that song, I have to give them the biggest hug!" Well, here you can ask it and (hopefully) receive your answer! Haven't...
  16. KimTaehyung

    Appreciation Something you have all been missing out on

    2 minutes and 20 seconds of Irene laughing Why do I love this so much? It's just a woman laughing for 2 minutes straight but I even ended up repeating it... I just feel so happy seeing her laugh so hard :nekolove:
  17. KimTaehyung

    Photo Yeri for Grazia Magazine