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red velvet

  1. Kiseki

    News Wendy recovery update

  2. eclipsoul

    News 'Psycho' by Red Velvet wins #1 on Inkigayo

    congratulations once again!
  3. eclipsoul

    News Red Velvet's 'Psycho' wins #1 on Music Core

  4. emanresu

    Performance RED VELVET I've Got Questions

    RED VELVET I've Got Questions How is this performance so good? How is Irene so pretty? How does Wendy's voice sound so good? If I catch Seulgi's Psycho tears will they give me luck? Why are her high notes literal heaven? How do I get to be in the audience? Why do Yeri giggles make me...
  5. emanresu

    Appreciation Goodness Seulgi Is Hot

    Goodness Seulgi Is Hot This bear starts forest fires! (takes Tzuyu's name in vain) (Tries to focus.) (Can't)
  6. Belgizen

    Rumor Red Velvet to release English version of Psycho?

    So rumor has it that Red Velvet will release an English version of Psycho. It started when people found that Genius posted the English lyrics of Psycho, with credits and release date of February 18th. However, fans said that it looks like the lyrics from the demo version and given the rumors...
  7. eclipsoul

    News Red Velvet's Psycho wins #1 on Music Bank

  8. RandAlThor

    Performance Psycho fan-meeting pre accident..... WOW!

    i started the clip at the song. lol if you watch to the end it funny surprise. :)
  9. Chlorine

    Rumor Joy to feature on Camilla Cabello's 'My oh My' Remix

    Take this with a grain of salt but this account was also the first ones to report on the 'Closer to Me' remix ver. with RV which ended up actually happening. Oh and the two fandoms are already killing each other now so yay:worry:
  10. Kiseki

    Discussion Favourite top 5 girl groups 2019 release

    Cause why not :pandatea:
  11. RandAlThor

    Performance Wendy and Seulgi on Cultwo subbed.

    Great new years eve present !!!!
  12. Ozymandias

    Discussion Senpai's 2019 SOTY list.

    Initially I made a top 100 all time list for boy group titles here. And a similar one for girl group titles here. So, concurrent with those lists, and taking into account some newer releases and songs that I might have suddenly come to love, here's the year end list for 2019. Personally, I...
  13. Ozymandias

    News More details emerge about Wendy's accident and SBS.

    Took it from a Reddit post. Source 1 Source2 Jesus Christ, this could have been prevented in so many ways, the negligence on display here is just :wimwim: Just picturing the fall and injuries in my head, damn. I feel so terrible for Wendy and Red Velvet :pepecry2:
  14. Kiseki

    News Red Velvets participation in KBS Song Festival

    "At night on December 25, SM Entertainment released a statement about Red Velvet’s future activities through their official fan café. According to SM, individual Red Velvet members will participate in the pre-recording on December 26 for their planned collaboration performances for the KBS Song...
  15. BritishLuvie

    News Red Velvet 'Psycho' hits the Melon Roof

    :queen: Red Velvet are the first girl group to hit Melon's roof since Red Velvet's Power Up in 2018!!