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  1. emanresu

    Appreciation The Nayoung Chubby Cheeks Thread

    The Nayoung Chubby Cheeks Thread Princess Nayoung's chubby uwu cheeks are my favorite thing in this entire world. They complete me as a fanboy. So I shall make a thread of them Joy to the world. L I will ask Santa for Nayoung again this Christmas. We will see if that...
  2. alluring

    News Lim Nayoung (Pristin's Nayoung) Makes an Instagram Account

    Follow her here :pepeheart: :pepeheart: :pepeheart: :pepeheart: :pepeheart: Currently praying she doesn't deactivate like Rena did. News media better keep their mouths shut about this.
  3. MonCherry

    Discussion Why You're Dumb For Not Following Kyla On Twitter

    She literally purifies your timeline with her loveliness :nekolove: Thanks for coming to my TedTalk everybody Anticipate Cherry Bullet
  4. MonCherry

    Appreciation Some Mild Tea

    Some interesting tweets Kyla's liked over the years :llama_tea: And just to drive the point home Just a reminder that your faves, especially the English speaking ones, can see you and all the shit you say. Both good and bad :llama_ramen:
  5. MonCherry

    News Kyla on Twitter

    The adventure continues:llama_tea: It's her first time posting but the account is a few years old
  6. MonCherry

    Discussion Your Daily Reminder to Hate Pledis

    They're keeping the Biggest Taengsic Stan in a dungeon Justice for Pristin
  7. emanresu

    Appreciation God I Miss Nayoung

    God I Miss Nayoung I miss her smiling face. Her chubby cheeks. Her dancing. Her v-lives. Her everything.
  8. Belgizen

    Rumor Kyla left Pristin?

    So as a previous thread mentioned; Kyla came back to Korea for a short time. Turns out she recently opened up an instagram account. - Kyla was only in Korea for a very short time, not enough for a cb prep, but enough to go and leave the company - Pristin's official ig account never mentioned...
  9. joshuaology

    Photo (Ex?)Pristin's Kyla opens a personal instagram account...

    ... And people are interpreting this as "she must've left Pledis". Oh well.
  10. joshuaology


    CAN YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING JGKHJKJHRHBSjfkfdS :yolk::yolk: THIS BETTER MEAN A COMEBACK PLEDIS :pandamad::pandamad::pandamad::pandacop::pandacop:
  11. lexus

    Discussion Apparently Pristin wasn't allowed to celebrate their anniversary

    I was on Youtube and I came across this video. (Just skip to 1:35.) Apparently, Pristin weren't allowed to even do a vlive or anything for their second anniversary. Supposedly they mostly communicate with their fans through Kakao talk. One of the members even apologized because they weren't...
  12. MochiFace

    News Pristin are still alive

    they cover RBB but eunwoo ask to not spread the videos online, because they are not suppose to show things like this ( which prove once again that Pledis wants to keep them in the dungeon)
  13. joshuaology

    Appreciation Pledis family <3

  14. joshuaology

    Group ✿ Official PRISTIN (프리스틴) Artist Thread ✿

    Welcome to KPS's official PRISTIN thread! TWITTER: @10_PRISTIN & @PRST_OFFICIAL_ INSTAGRAM: pristin_official_ YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube....PRISTINOFFICIAL VLIVE: PRISTIN : V LIVE FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.../PLEDISPRISTIN/ WEIBO: http://www.weibo.com/PRISTINOFFICIAL FANCAFE: Daum 카페
  15. joshuaology

    Discussion To give you a sense of how long Pristin have been on hiatus...

    MY POOR GIRLS OML :( WHY IS PLEDIS SO SHIT While I'm at it, honourable mention to Afterschool for being treated WORSE #justiceforpristin #justiceforafterschool
  16. emanresu

    Appreciation Once Upon A Nayoung

    Once Upon A Nayoung A Fairy Tale By Emanresu Long ago there was a chipmunk princess that lived in a PRISTIN castle. She was pretty and kind and had adorable chipmunk cheeks and all the townspeople loved her. Especially a young-ish fanboy stableboy named Eman. Like some helpless sasaeng...
  17. joshuaology

    News Interview with one of the worst CEOs of all time

    That's right, you (may have) guessed it - Han Sung Soo, CEO of the one and only, Pledishit Entertainment! The big gay rants about how proud he is of his babies Seventeen (as if he skyrocketed them to success singlehandedly) And a bit about Nu'est coz why not, they rake in the $$$ too...
  18. emanresu

    Appreciation Happy Nayoung Day!

    Happy Nayoung Day! Are you aware that today is Nayoung Day? Are you aware that Nayoung is the World's Prettiest Chipmunk? Are you aware that today is the day chubby chipmunk cheeks came into our lives? Are you aware that Nayoung Chipmunk can cure cancer? Bring world peace? And solve...
  19. Ozymandias

    Discussion Top 10 talented female idols (3rd gen)

    Copy-pasting my thread from AKP. I made a list- the definitive, top 10 well rounded female idols from the current gen. The only list that matters. /sarcasm. Ok, these are just my opinions so subjective AF. BUT I've tried to exclude my personal biases from ranking the girls. As you'll see my...
  20. Chahee

    Discussion Why did Pledis ruin Pristin?

    Rethorical question, but anyway. If they had given then 3 comebacks a year we'd see some progress in sales and awards. Yet we saw a great beginning and then dungeon... Why?