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  1. la_mort_pour_vous

    Official KS Press Recruitment.

    Greetings, people. So.........we're back to annoy you, with more recruitment news, no less! Our Press team recently lost two of our very vital members, so it's time to fill their spaces. The industry is growing at a very unsteady rate as always; new news & new music always makes its way to us. I...
  2. RainbowDevil

    KS PRESS A New Era of Album Reviews begins

    Most of you are probably aware that we had another recruitment recently and today we will be announcing the results. Even though we were taking on only 1 new member a unique situation brought us one more. Here is a gif illustrating how we choose the members. Now to actually announce the...
  3. RainbowDevil

    KS PRESS Write an article about your faves!

    Hey guys tiz me again and have I got something exciting for you! We have recently decided to include new types of articles within our KS Press blog... These articles will lessen our focus on news and widen it to more of a fun and interesting type of blog These new articles will be Op-ed and...
  4. RainbowDevil

    KS PRESS The Press Team Grows In Power!

    Unfortunately because of my hiatus this could not be done sooner but we as a team would now like to welcome our newest members @AlliAlligator - The skillful and resourceful Monbebe queen, she's already made a big impact on the team! (Stan Woozi) @Kaikat - Our lovely album reviewer with a soft...
  5. RainbowDevil

    KS PRESS The New Press Members!

    So this happened a few days ago but I was on a tight schedule so we are doing this now. After some time we have added a few new members to our team and they are. @crybaby - The journalist to be with a thing for writing really nice poems @deadstar - The editor/blogger with expert grammar and...