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  1. MochiFace

    Discussion Could they be NCT members ?

    I was looking at this video and something hit me, if you didn't notice in the side a young boy around maybe 15yo in a White and red shirt is seen dancing with NCT members and the other dancer And it just look weird because usually when idols use Backup dancer they use dancer in their twenties...
  2. maruif

    Discussion Hey all NCTzens? Don't know where and how to find WayV content?

    Then come on visit the WayV idol thread, because it is all posted there! I do my best to keep it alive, but I would love more peeps visiting it! https://www.kpopsource.com/threads/wayv-official-thread.3903/
  3. Mayah

    MV NCT 127- Superhuman MV will be delayed.

    The release of Superhuman will be delayed as to "improve the quality". There was no additional information given as to when the mv will be uploaded, but SM is apologizing for the confusion. The album is planned to release on time. Many of the reactions have been fairly supportive...
  4. maruif

    Appreciation SVT's Jun is now a member of NCT Dream!

    Poor Lucas, now even members of other groups are getting what you wanted but couldn't get!
  5. maruif

    Discussion The confusing life of Ten!

    A Thai guy, in a Chinese group under a Korean brand... Shit gets confusing!
  6. maruif

    Performance NCT 127 perform Superhuman on James Corden

    This song sounds like a SHINee song, with a bit of NCT flavour! I love it!
  7. maruif

    Appreciation Ten is the cutest member of NCT!

    I will tolerate no arguments!
  8. InTooManyFandoms

    Discussion Thoughts on NCT?

    What do you think about their... Vocals: Visuals: Rapping: Discography: Dancing/Choreography: Stage Presence: Personalities: Overall?
  9. maruif

    Discussion Analysing the lyrics of "City Lights" by Yunho ft. Taeyong [18+]

    So, I thought I will start a little series where I analyze the lyrics and meaning of suspiciously 18+ lyrics in kpop! I will be starting with one of my favorites and the song that started the ship YunYong City Lights! So let us start! The dark night thickened on the first floor The city...
  10. kuroyuri

    Appreciation TO EVERYONE

  11. KimTaehyung

    Discussion Why do you think this trainee didn't make it into NCT?

    Park Yuri from Produce X said that he was supposed to debut in NCT but didn't make the cut. So why do you think he didn't make it? I mean, everyone thought that every male trainees in SM would one way or another end up in NCT but this guy didn't and now he's a model under SM. I can't see him...
  12. Queen

    Appreciation i love these hair thingies so much

    I don't even know what to call them lol. The best i can come up with is "sparkle hair" But I also like the variations on them like the boyz have done they simultaneously look weird but great to me but i definitely want to see them more
  13. maruif

    Appreciation The superior NCT unit shows once again why they are superior!

    WayV are the superior NCT unit! They have a superior dicography, superior members and superior visuals! This song and mini album is erything I wanted and more! Everybody is getting what they want! Original song? CHECK! Winwin lines? CHECK! Winwin abs? CHECK Dance break? CHECK Amazing MV...
  14. JakeyWantsCakey

    Teaser WAYV - Take Off MV Teaser

  15. MochiFace

    News WayV new teaser video

    Winwin abs *^*
  16. yerewenseuljoy

    Preliminary WayV Badge Thread

    WAYV BADGE VOTING BADGES NEEDED: GROUP Xiao Jun Hendery Yang Yang NOTE: Ten, Lucas, WinWin and Kun badges are not needed since they already have one under NCT medals. RULES: Badge size must be 77x77 Use official photos Covered faces or side profiles are allowed if the idol is easily...
  17. maruif

    Appreciation NCT Mark calling out Koreaboos

    He really went after all of their asses didn't he!
  18. MochiFace

    Discussion 2 new sm trainee reveal

  19. maruif

    Appreciation Chenle is starting to emit a mafia boss aura

    Well he isn't quite at the mafia boss aura yet... But his spoilt brat days are definetly over! These days he is giving me sophisticated heir to the mafia vibes! He looks like he is used to getting what he wants and knows how to get it (Do not confuse with the spoilt brat way, pout and scream...