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  1. RainbowDevil

    Discussion Top 30 Richest Idols

    Top 30 Richest K-Pop Idols This is pretty old but I saw a post on insta talking about some of the comments and i cracked up when one of the commenters was like "Who the fuck is Chenle" Like I'm not an Nctzen but god damn... that person was asking to literally die :haylul: There was also a...
  2. daeunraine

    Fanfiction 아름다움 (Beauty) | A Doyoung x Reader Fanfiction

    sksksksksksksk I don't know how well this will work or turn out but there's a fanfiction section and I literally write fanfiction for Tumblr and Ao3 why not here. This will update in sections. Because when do I ever post a completely finished story in one go? Never. ——— A long time ago, there...
  3. maruif

    18+ NCT's Mark has a big d**k

    I ain't kidding with this one
  4. SeulgisAbs

    Discussion Apparently some Armys weren't happy about Jungkook hugging NCT Jaehyun & Nctizens fired back saying Jungkook is a sexual predator

    Cus jungkook slapped Jae butt which gotta admit is such a gay move from a supposedly straight male. And this passionate PDA by JuJae led to this whole ordeal between army & nctizens which ended with Jungkook trending as a sexual predator on Twitter, by Armys who were apparently warning the...
  5. SeulgisAbs

    Discussion It's about time NCTzens accept dat NCT will never hit big

    Not in Korea (not ranking in the Melon top thousand four years in to debut), not in SEA, not in USA (not even with bundles) If they were to hit big, they'd of already shown some signs. A progressive significant increase in views, sales, trends etc NO?
  6. maruif

    Discussion NCT 127 should not be allowed near albums

    They clearly mistreat their albums, somebody take them away from the boys!
  7. wayvoutsold

    News NCT 127 announces title of second full album

  8. MajestYerim

    News NCT127 to comeback on March 6th

    With an album!!! More news to follow soon?
  9. raymondchouku

    Discussion Stuck in your head

    Songs you haven't listened to in forever (i.e. 3-6 months or longer) yet still get stuck in your head for no reason: I haven't listened to this song in longer than 6 months, but it gets stuck in my head all the time to the point where I am subconsciously beatboxing to it:
  10. maruif

    Discussion Is NCT the kpop group with the most sexual lyrics?

    So I was wondering.... Is NCT (all units including WayV) the group that has songs with the most sexual lyrics? VIXX has some pretty... ahem... ones too, but I still think NCT have them beat! Like... WayV are straight up saying we gonna bang a foreign girl and clap those cheeks 127 are tryina...
  11. maruif

    Discussion Why the Winwin is mistreated argument is pointless

    I have gotten in a LOT of arguments about if Winwin is or is not mistreated by SM. I got into one today and realized why these arguments never go anywhere and probably never will go anywhere. The main argument made in support of Winwin, is that SM has ruined his confidence by not supporting his...
  12. maruif

    Discussion I don't want a permanent Dream unit...

    Well I want it... but there is something I want even more... If I had to pick between having Renjun and Chenle in WayV and having an OG Dream unit.... I will pick RenLe in WayV in a heartbeat.... IN. A. HEARTBEAT. That is it. This be my confession.
  13. maruif

    Discussion Maruif's view on the NCT family

    This is my headcanon for the NCT family. Taeyong, Kun, Doyoung = Parents Johnny, Ten, Taeil, Yuta, Jaehyun = Not children, not parents... Uncles? Co-parents? Something like that. Doyoung's children = Jungwoo and Jeno Kun's children = Winwin, Lucas, Hendery, Yangyang, Xiaojun, Chenle, Renjun...
  14. wayvoutsold

    Appreciation My top 10 B-sides (following the trend)

    1. LOONA/OEC - Uncover 2. Dreamcatcher - Wonderland 3. NCT 127 - Whiplash 4. LOONA - Curiosity 5. GWSN - Night Flight (The Interpretation Of Dreams) 6. LOONA - favOriTe 7. Dreamcatcher - Mayday 8. LOONA/Yves - D-1 9. WayV - King of Hearts 10. LOONA - Where you at
  15. maruif

    Discussion Kun is way too underappreciated and I HATE THAT!

    So many NCTzens totally forget Kun. So many NCTzens don't know shit about Kun. So many NCTzens insult Kun's worth to the group and his importance. So this one NCT fanbase is making keyrings of like all 21 members with their nicknames on it... Guess WHAT they picked for Kun. GUESS WHAT? Fat Kun...
  16. maruif

    Appreciation NCTzens and Weishennies are WILD

    This is a girl going to a WayV Fanmeet in BKK...
  17. maruif

    Appreciation a win for OT21 NCTzens

    All of the Dreamies are Kun's babies and it shows! Also can you all SEE the way Yangyang is smiling at Jeno!!
  18. Chlorine

    News NCT 127 will perform at MTV EMA

    Making them the first K-Pop group to perform at the event!
  19. maruif

    Discussion Who TF is NCT's Auntie?

    NCT members (127 specifically) have by now MULTIPLE times mentioned a mysterious auntie who seems to have been around for over half a year now... She cooks for them and she cleans for them... Is this like some kind of a new system put in place by SM to make sure all members are eating properly...