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nct 127

  1. maruif

    Appreciation Yuta... Is out to kill me

    HOLY SH*T HE LOOKS SO DAMN GOOD! See korea agrees aswell!
  2. TVXQShineeEXO

    Discussion I have been listening to some NCT 127 songs in a weird way

    Use headphones it is mandatory NCT 127 - back 2 U but you are in an alley NCT 127. Long slow distance but you are in a long train ride while it rains NCT U - Timeless but you are in a car while it is raining NCT 127 - Kitchen beat but you are in kitchen cooking in the midnight NCT 127 -...
  3. TVXQShineeEXO

    Discussion NCT 127 with Migos

  4. TVXQShineeEXO

    Discussion Superior 'Come Back'( a song) NCT 127 or WayV?

    NCT 127 WayV
  5. TVXQShineeEXO

    Thoughts Such a weird video

    NCT dancing to ‘Superhuman‘ in your room while your parents fight across the hall
  6. maruif

    Appreciation Johnny is actually a too relatable meme

    he deadass did that. God damn him and his great sense of humor!
  7. Brat

    Discussion Which distribution is better

    Just a poll, As i'm still gonna make more, i would need more comments and some pointers so i could make the series better. :dubuwave::sakUwu:
  8. Mirae

    Discussion Not Even an NCTzen But It Needs To Be Said

    It really feels like 127 is being worked into the ground. If you have members taking off because of injuries, wearing neck braces and pain patches, wincing in pain and limping, they're being overworked. 127 has had so many comebacks +touring+ American promotions. Why isn't SM pushing the other...
  9. wayvoutsold

    Dance Practice NCT 127 “Superhuman” Dance Practice

    Impressive! I love the camera work.
  10. maruif

    Discussion NCT 127 try not to sing along on FBE

    Yay! This has nothing to do with the video, but I still am not over how good Haechan looks with that hair!
  11. Les

    Video [NCT 127] Firetruck upgraded version with Jungwoo, Doyoung & Johnny!

    Firetruck 2019 with Jungwoo, Doyoung & Johnny!:nekolove: Taeyong's pants and Yuta's grandpa outfit lol And of course, Mark has the worst outfit :sadcat: Are we even surprised He looks like one of the seven dwarfs lmao Edit: Btw, I completely forgot that Johnny and Doyoung also weren't in the...
  12. JakeyWantsCakey

    Interview NCT 127 Interview With Zach Sang

    @maruif @wayvoutsold @JJbaker @Seolhyun @Queen @Yolks SIDE NOTE: We need and official tag list! Trying to remember people off of the top of my head is hard!
  13. maruif

    Appreciation Johnny and Mark in gay panic

    I have never seen gay panic this strong before! It is really on another level!
  14. maruif

    News 20 members of NCT attending a wedding together!

    20 of them are all there together! The only one missing is Winwin, who is still in China filming my brilliant masters!
  15. Belgizen

    News About the YouTube premiere of NCT127's Superhuman

    It will be released on YouTube in approximately 100 minutes, judging from the new countdown. Hang in tight peeps! Also
  16. Mayah

    MV NCT 127- Superhuman MV will be delayed.

    The release of Superhuman will be delayed as to "improve the quality". There was no additional information given as to when the mv will be uploaded, but SM is apologizing for the confusion. The album is planned to release on time. Many of the reactions have been fairly supportive...
  17. xuxixi

    Appreciation NCT 127 Superhuman coming back soon

    duk dak duk dak :sadcat: cant wait for mi loves to cb soon