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  1. Pigeon

    Appreciation YA YA YA YA YA

    stan mxm such cuties I- stan txt, park jihoon, ha sungwoon, daniel, brand new boys(including daehwi and woojin) , guanlin, jaehwan, jinyoung, seongwoo, jisung, minhyun, and fromis_9
  2. Yseki

    Teaser MXM One More Preview

    Looking good. I can't wait for all four members to debut after the other two comeback from wanna one.
  3. Vikki

    Group Brand New Music Boys Artist Thread

    Welcome to the Brand New Music Boys Artist thread! Brand New Music Boys is a 4 membered boygroup from Brand New Music set to debut in 2019. The 4 members participated on Produce 101 season 2, with Lee Daehwi and Park Woojin placing 3rd and 6th respecitvely, earning a place in the temporary...