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monsta x

  1. GloriousHavoc

    MV Monsta X - X-Phenomenon

  2. AlliAlligator

    Appreciation HIS LEGS THO!!!

    :yes: I need to know his leg secrets, pls. P.S. those are $390 swim trunks and he legit flew from London to Berlin in them. Bless his fashion sense. A+ Today is beautiful. :nekolove:
  3. RavenHikari

    Appreciation The Cutest Show In K-pop

    Monsta X Puppy Day :pandalove::pandalove::pandalove::pandalove::pandalove::pandalove::pandalove: I am so in love already... the puppies are so floofy and cute, and MX is just so adorable around them. so much cute make sure to tune in every Monday and Thursday.
  4. AlliAlligator

    MV Minhyuk - 옹심이 (feat. Joohoney) [BOW TO YOUR NEW TROT KING!!!]

    This may be the most Minhyuk thing in existence. It's chaotic, it's loud, it's funny, it's BEAUTIFUL!!! :pikahappy: WATCH IT!!!! Seriously, it's worth it.
  5. GloriousHavoc

    Discussion Which sexy boy group is your favorite?

    I'll go with Cross Gene and Monsta X! :llama_squish:
  6. GloriousHavoc

    Appreciation Workout with Wonho

    Best video you'll watch today, trust me: :sanapray:
  7. Kelly

    MV Who Do U Love? - Monsta X ft French Montana MV

    Monsta X have released the MV for their English song 'Who Do U Love?' !! :bigcatclap: I really love this song and now the MV too!! :bigcatlove:
  8. GloriousHavoc

    Opinions What is a must watch Monsta X variety show?

    They seem to have a lot of material, but what is the best show for people who know the members but don't follow the group activities closely?
  9. maruif

    Appreciation I don't stan Monsta X but...

    If this ain't the cutest shit I've seen in a LONG time!
  10. AlliAlligator

    18+ What if Monsta X danced to Pony? 👀

    Someone took the dance practice for All In and set Pony as the bgm and it...just....works... :areyouforreal::icgyu:
  11. GloriousHavoc

    Appreciation Seventeen & Monsta X

    Surprise vs Baksu! :mgblush:
  12. GloriousHavoc

    Opinions Are spiders cute?

    Shownu says YES! --- And I agree!
  13. AlliAlligator

    Appreciation #TEAMBIGMANTIDDIE

    Bless you BM for this incredible clip I'm just going to be dying over here. PS... To quote Minhyuk, "He's so hot!" Yeah. :pikahappy:
  14. AlliAlligator

    News Monsta X are about to join the world of We Bare Bears!

    Just a little background, since 2017 people have been comparing Monsta X to We Bare Bears. Here's how this collab came about: So now we're really getting animated Monsta X!!! The boys actually did their own voice acting, too. So incredibly proud, I've already set my DVR...
  15. AlliAlligator

    Appreciation Monbebes have Seventeen's S. Coups to thank for Kihyun's purple hair returning

    Monteen stay winning! Though as someone whose favourite colour is blue, I think I would have rather seen that, lol. I would just like to appreciate that we get these little stories about their friendship, too stinkin' cute! :nekolove:
  16. GloriousHavoc

    Appreciation Holy hell...

    Does anyone have the video link?
  17. mirella

    Appreciation My favorite b-side 2019

    Monsta X has such good albums. I'm super obsessed with this song currently. - I don't think there are a lot of Monbebes on this forum. But appreciate this song anyway. :yes:
  18. AlliAlligator

    Video Well that's an unconventional way to wave at your fans....

    Bless his goofy little heart. :nekolove:
  19. AlliAlligator

    Appreciation This glow up, though! 😵

  20. AlliAlligator

    Appreciation 📦 Monsta X lightstick version 2 unboxing thread! 📸

    I was not expecting their arrival until tomorrow, but they got here early, so...LET'S GO!!! Now, I admit when Starship first announced it, I wasn't necessarily 100% on-board. It's really hard to get a feel for something based on promotional images alone. Removing the box from the bubble wrap...