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monsta x

  1. AlliAlligator

    News Monsta X are about to join the world of We Bare Bears!

    Just a little background, since 2017 people have been comparing Monsta X to We Bare Bears. Here's how this collab came about: So now we're really getting animated Monsta X!!! The boys actually did their own voice acting, too. So incredibly proud, I've already set my DVR...
  2. AlliAlligator

    Appreciation Monbebes have Seventeen's S. Coups to thank for Kihyun's purple hair returning

    Monteen stay winning! Though as someone whose favourite colour is blue, I think I would have rather seen that, lol. I would just like to appreciate that we get these little stories about their friendship, too stinkin' cute! :nekolove:
  3. GloriousHavoc

    Appreciation Holy hell...

    Does anyone have the video link?
  4. deadstar

    Appreciation My favorite b-side 2019

    Monsta X has such good albums. I'm super obsessed with this song currently. - I don't think there are a lot of Monbebes on this forum. But appreciate this song anyway. :yes:
  5. AlliAlligator

    Video Well that's an unconventional way to wave at your fans....

    Bless his goofy little heart. :nekolove:
  6. AlliAlligator

    Appreciation This glow up, though! 😵

  7. AlliAlligator

    Appreciation 📦 Monsta X lightstick version 2 unboxing thread! 📸

    I was not expecting their arrival until tomorrow, but they got here early, so...LET'S GO!!! Now, I admit when Starship first announced it, I wasn't necessarily 100% on-board. It's really hard to get a feel for something based on promotional images alone. Removing the box from the bubble wrap...
  8. AlliAlligator

    Appreciation Who wore it better: Wonho or Woozi?

    Answer: THEY BOTH LOOKED GREAT IN IT!!! :sanapray: :queen: And now if you'll excuse me, despite the fact that I kinda saw this day coming, I'm totally not okay right now. Also paging @maruif & @TwentyOneJongdae because you need to see this if you haven't already, too. :llama_ramen:
  9. GloriousHavoc

    Dance Practice What do you think of this performance?

    I like it. And those outfits are quite nice :llama_ramen:
  10. AlliAlligator

    Discussion It's time to end the, "Wonho's stylist sexualizes him" myth.

    It's been somewhat of a recurring theme, Wonho wears something unorthodox onstage and people say their stylist is sexualizing him, making him wear things he's not comfortable with, etc. and I'm so sick of this narrative. Wonho has, since pre-debut, always given off a "sexy" vibe and wanted...
  11. AlliAlligator

    Audio I.M of Monsta X releases Horizon mixtape

    It's here, and it's sexy af. Bless you, sir. Was expecting one track, got two, and I must say, the second one is just...oof. Also, baby lost the game and had to show his abs for Section TV: Someone please send help because I'm totally not okay. :sj_weary::llama_BLEED::sanapray:
  12. deadstar

    Discussion Groups that seem 'older' than they actually are, & vice versa

    Are there any groups that seem older or younger than their actual debut date? tl;dr older: Monsta X, iKON, Mamamoo, WINNER, BTOB younger: Red Velvet, Blackpink
  13. AlliAlligator

    Appreciation Nunu & special guest Hoho invite you for a snacc

    Welcome to my thread, please enjoy the buffet. Where the pork cutlets aren't quite as robust as Wonho's bum. And the Easy Cheese isn't so easy... Like what you see? Please watch Yum Yum Yum Yum for more prime content! New episodes Tuesdays at 10pm KST on M2's YouTube channel...
  14. AlliAlligator

    Appreciation Wonho's fishnet stockings

    I don't think there's another male idol doing it quite like he is. Close-up: Click below for a couple more iconic Wonho looks from the We Are Here world tour kick-off: I will never, EVER shut up about this. :sanapray::sj_weary:
  15. alluring

    Discussion What did you do with your tax refund?

    I bought tickets to see Monsta X in Chicago :llama_thug: What about you?
  16. AlliAlligator

    News Monsta X unveil new logo

    This came out of nowhere: **WARNING: Rapidly flashing lights** So, what do you think of the change? Personally...I prefer the old logo. It was more elegant. Sigh, guess I'm gonna have to get used to this. :welp:
  17. AlliAlligator

    MV Steve Aoki & Monsta X 'Play It Cool' in new MV

    Okay, this is fabulous and I don't even care if you agree. Also, @Kelly how're you doing rn? :llama_BLEED: :pandalove:
  18. AlliAlligator

    Appreciation Kihyun goes above & beyond in 1st place promise to fans

    I have got to give the man props, he agreed (on Weekly Idol) to wear Wonho's infamous see-through airport pants... ...and then showed up in the whole outfit, including mesh top. :llama_shook: Minhyuk making sure this moment is never forgotten while Ki dies of embarrassment: And finally...
  19. Kelly

    Teaser 'Play It Cool' Monsta X Steve Aoki MV Teaser

    Well, this was sudden. This is what I've wanted ever since the song was released!! :pandalove: I assume this MV is for the English version of 'Play It Cool', which you can listen to here. Of course we won't know until the MV is actually out though!
  20. AlliAlligator

    Appreciation S. Coups loves Monsta X & Monbebe, wants Monbebe & Carats to be friends

    MonCarats/CaratBebes, how we feeling today?! :llama_squish: Monteen, the realest ship in kpop. :pandalove: