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  1. O

    Appreciation [Knetizen] 50 Longest Charting Idol Songs

    TOP 50 longest charting idol songs on Melon chart Boy group Girl group https://www.knetizen.com/top-50-longest-charting-idol-songs-on-melon-chart/
  2. Kiseki

    Discussion Top 5 Girl Group Vocals

    Which 5 active girl groups do you think have the strongest vocals overall currently? My list only has 4 since I am uncertain on the 5th spot but I have in no particular order Mamamoo Oh My Girl Gfriend Red Velvet ??? Who would you put as 5th or would you change someone else in the list?
  3. Kiseki

    Discussion Company copies Mamamoo and Loona at the same time

    This is just :no:
  4. Kiseki

    News Top 3 female soloists first day sales

  5. Kiseki

    MV Moonbyul - Eclipse

  6. Kiseki

    Performance Moonbyul - Eclipse

  7. Kiseki

    Teaser Moonbyul "Eclipse" MV Teaser

  8. Kiseki

    Teaser Moonbyul "Dark Side Of The Moon" Tracklist

  9. Kiseki

    Discussion Mamamoo make history

    By becoming the first 3rd generation idol group to have 2 songs surpass 10 weeks in Melons Top 10 Starry Night reached 11 weeks and HIP just reached 11 weeks with other 3rd generation groups surpassing 10 weeks being iKon - Love Scenario - 20 Weeks Twice - Cheer Up - 17 Weeks Blackpink -...
  10. Kiseki

    Teaser Moonbyul prelease on the 4th featuring Punch

  11. Kiseki

    Teaser Moonbyul "Dark Side Of The Moon" Schedule

  12. Kiseki

    News Mamamoo to release their own shampoo

    As a new song on their upcoming Japan album releasing on March 11th called Reality in Black
  13. eclipsoul

    News RBW Shares Update On Legal Action On Behalf Of MAMAMOO Against Malicious Commenters

    Source: Soompi MAMAMOO’s agency RBW has shared an update on their legal action against malicious commenters. On January 22, RBW took to MAMAMOO’s official fan cafe and posted a notice with the title, “Update on legal action on behalf of MAMAMOO against malicious commenters.” The post reads as...
  14. Kiseki

    Discussion Solars reasoning for not auditioning for SM

    During the January 17 broadcast of the KBS 2TV music talk show, host Yoo Hee Yeol asked Solar how she ended up becoming a singer. The MAMAMOO leader replied, “By chance, I happened to be singing [at an event] on the street, and someone who worked in the music industry was there. That person...
  15. PrideInBaek


  16. eclipsoul

    Cover ONEWE covering 'Hip' by MAMAMOO

  17. Kiseki

    Discussion Favourite top 5 girl groups 2019 release

    Cause why not :pandatea: