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  1. eclipsoul

    Cover LOONA's dance cover of GOT7's Eclipse

  2. eclipsoul

    Cover LOONA performs "Full Moon" by Sunmi

  3. Kiseki

    News Loona become the 3rd girl group to top US iTunes album chart

    With a 9 month old repackage
  4. la_mort_pour_vous

    Teaser LOONA "Orbit 2.0" Teaser.

  5. JakeyWantsCakey

    News HELP! Some LOONA solos are unavailable in my country now!

    I'm an Apple Music user in the UK and some of the earlier LOONA solo singles aren't available in my country any more. The songs are still in my library but aren't playable and when I go to their artist page the EPs aren't even there! When I click on the songs in my library, it says that they...
  6. inverity

    Appreciation orbits respecting and welcoming LOOΠΔ at the airport!

    LOOΠΔ came today to LA, and many fans on twitter were able to get vids and say hi but what made it so cute (imo) is how respectful everyone was and how happy the girls seemed. also while fans were waiting for them to come out haseul held out a sign that said 'i love you' :pepecry1...
  7. Elmo

    Cover Nicki Minaj covers a Loona song

  8. emanresu

    Appreciation Come Look At This Inexplicable Pre Debut Photo Of Chuu

    Come Look At This Inexplicable Pre Debut Photo Of Chuu Other idol predebut pics:. Normal selcas. Candid photos. Posing in front is mirrors. Normal stuff. Chuu: She's on a roof. Like. Of a house. Lmao.
  9. SuddenlyKfan

    Appreciation Congratulations fellow Orbits!!

    Today is the first year since we officially became Orbits! I want to congratulate each one of my fellow Orbits on this anniversary and tell you that ours is the craziest, funniest and most supportive fandom. I hope we can still supporting each other and our precious girls for many more years.
  10. saebomss

    Audio want to go to space?

    use headphones and u can listen to loona while going to visit the moon
  11. InTooManyFandoms

    Discussion Help me stan LOONA

    I NEED TO STAN THEM!!!!!!!!!! I already know some members Kim Lip JinSoul HyunJin Vivi LOONA stans help me out here <3
  12. lexus

    Discussion Heart Attack vs. Heart Attack

    I wanted to be apart of the trend. Which one is better?
  13. blooming

    Discussion Who was your Loona bias pre-debut and who is it now?

    My Loona bias before their debut as a full group was Jinsoul. She's still my bias, but I also added Yves and Chuu to my list. :sakUwu: What about you?
  14. Queen


  15. somewhatclueless

    Intro Hey, itsa me

    This is gonna be a train wreck so bear with me. I’m somewhatclueless (in a literal and figurative context) and I’ve never been on this site so... -I’m a female (she/her) -I’m a Libra -I’m queer (don’t know what I am specifically but I like girls so...) Uhhh and the groups I stan are: -BTS...
  16. Hayabusa

    Discussion Name Your Top 5 Girl Group Songs 2019

    It's been a good year for girl groups, although we haven't had like a HUGE hit yet, like we did with Bboom Bboom or D4 last year. Maybe it will come with the summer, who knows? Anyway, here's my top 5 of 2019 so far, title tracks only. 1. Oh My Girl- The Fifth Season (SSFWL) I love everything...
  17. Danee

    Opinions Where to start with Loona?

    So... I really like Yves and Chuu. But I dont get the concept and the dont even know where t start with the group. And I got the feeling they dont promote that much tbh. Can someone explain it to me...? Like give me crash course? I tried to google, but I'm lazy and the "stan Loona" movement is...
  18. Darjeeling

    Appreciation LOOΠΔ Theories

    i’m trying to get into the Loonaverse but Blockberry Creative is mad they went ham with this stuff, and bangtan theories were already confusing for me what i get so far is that there’s a crap ton of symbolism involved, there’s timelines and alternate universes also a fancy bible theme...
  19. raja


    welcome to the loona badge revamp thread RULES ➥Badges must be 77x77 ➥Official photos only ➥Covered face/side profile photos are allowed if the idol is easily identifiable ➥Post your sources along with badges ➥Must be high quality and not blurry. Awards team will make changes as needed. ➥ how...