1. Miyeon

    Appreciation A very huge ❤ to everyone.

    Hello everyone, your silly admin here. Its been quite a ride, i can't believe we have finally reached our first year, i would say it is a very emotional moment for me, spent countless sleepless nights managing the forum in the beginning & crashing the forum occasionally, i can't keep the forum...
  2. Jimin

    Announcement [fixed] editing issues

    Apologies for any editing or image viewing issues you may have run into today. @Miyeon worked hard to fix the errors and all should be good now. It was due to our web application firewall blocking requests.
  3. Miyeon

    Announcement We are under denial of service attack.

    A few minutes ago, i was informed that website is running slow, upon checking what could be the issue, we are under repeated denial of service attempts in trying to bruteforce our website or grind our website to a halt by initiating many requests, i have taken appropriate measures & slow loads...
  4. Miyeon

    Announcement [COMPLETED] Short Maintenance soon.

    There will be a short maintenance soon, i was informed by our security auditor that there is a code vulnerability in one of the software we use, to fix this we have to take down our webserver momentarily to recompile it with a more secure version, just expect site to go into maintenance mode...
  5. Miyeon

    Appreciation Official Aegyo Gif Thread

    First of all, lets lay down some ground rules, so we don't break forum rules. Back to back posting is not allowed, and at least 2 different users have to post before you post again. Lets start.
  6. Miyeon

    Announcement New feature - Thread Covers

    Hello everyone, i would like to introduce you guys to a new feature, well not really new but its now available, if you are already familiar with our profile covers, you can now do the same for all your threads, just do it the same way you do for your profile covers. If you have any questions...
  7. Miyeon

    Rumor Changing my username & display picture?

    Give me some suggestions, dont ask me why.
  8. Miyeon

    Announcement [Fixed] Connection issues

    We are aware of timeout errors a small percentage of users are experiencing and are looking into the issue. We will update this thread once it is fixed.
  9. Miyeon

    Discussion Why do you like to appear offline?

    Just curious. Seeing so many hiding their online status, share your reasons here :umjicry:
  10. Miyeon

    Announcement Maintenance Notice

    There will be a short maintenance later to final sync our database to the latest copy so everyone will not lose any of your threads and data, i will be placing the maintenance page on when it happens, it will last for around 15 mins.
  11. Miyeon

    Information KSDIARY #1 - A short recap since our move & future plans.

    Its been a fun and stressful few months since our move to our dedicated server, thank you to everyone who supported us financially and spreading the word around, its great seeing the forum so active even though our users numbers are low, it means we are doing something right. List of things...
  12. Miyeon

    Announcement Sorry for the confusion

    All of our users were redirected to our under development store page which stated 2 months, we are not closing down or under renovation, i apologize for any inconvenience caused. So what happen was our SSL certificate expired & instead of showing an error page, the system automatically decided...
  13. Miyeon

    Announcement New Feature - Live Posts, Convos etc.

    Ever get annoyed when you have to refresh thread to check if anyone posted? Well now its all automatic brought live to you after 5 seconds if server is not busy & up to 30 seconds when its busy, i hope you guys will enjoy this new feature. Edit - Only registered users are able to see this...
  14. Miyeon

    Announcement Various Performance Improvements

    I have spent the last week trying to improve our site performance especially for our mobile users, i can now say that the process is successful. I have done countless tweaks to make your experience a good one. Main stuff added 1) Enhanced HTTP/2 Prioritization optimizes the order of resource...
  15. Miyeon

    Discussion Our journey so far.

    Its been hard journey so far, i started this site from scratch and had to build up from nothing, countless sleepless night after breaking something server side, cans of coffee consumed. Along the way all you amazing people came along and helped built the site to what it is today We've only a...
  16. Miyeon

    Announcement Introducing our new senior moderators

    @Vikki & @lexus will be promoted to senior mods, they've been an invaluable part of our day to day operations, with this promotion & recent farewells, we have vacancies for new positions on the moderation team, we will announce more about it soon. Congrats you two & keep it up!
  17. Miyeon

    Announcement Site performance Update

    I have been doing a series of optimizations the last few hours to alleviate the slow load issues on certain mobile devices, in the following days, you'll find the site performance improving on your device as our cloud image optimization service will optimise all our images which i find to be the...
  18. Miyeon

    Announcement Sorry for the short downtime

    An error occured due to bad coding on my part, had to disable and reenable our backend. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
  19. Miyeon

    Announcement We are accepted into a new ad publisher program

    We have been accepted into a new ad publisher program with, we have our own dedicated account manager who will work with us throughout our time here to optimise our ads, the codes are async which should not affect our page load speeds, we hope through this, we will be one step closer...
  20. Miyeon

    Announcement Goodbye to our dearest LeeriaYa

    It is with a heavy heart that i inform you guys that @LeeriaYa has resigned on her position as senior moderator due to real life commitment, we at the KS Staff team wish her all the best in her future endeavors. You have always been one of our pillars in ks & your various advices has been...