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  1. Bless_Me_Achoo

    Discussion Bless_Me_Achoo's Ultimate Kpop Throwback Chart - April

    I usually post these threads on H+, but it's dead right now so Imma start posting these threads on here too lol Basically, I take a look through the Kpop releases for the past 10 years each month and pick out a few of my personal favourites. Then, I post a poll so that users can vote for which...
  2. maruif

    Appreciation This masterpiece needs more love

    I don't stan Astro... But this song is one of the best kpop ballads EVER.
  3. maruif

    Appreciation I love introducing new kpop fans to the wonderous history of kpop

    This is one of the things I LOVE to do (and highkey the biggest reason I go on Omegle) is to tell newer kpop fans about history of kpop! I love telling 'em about what a way paving QUEEN BoA is. I love telling 'em about H.O.T and Sechs Kies duking it out in the late 90s. Explain to them why SM...
  4. dimpledsoobin

    Discussion How did you get into kpop?

    I watched the M/V EXO's wolf. it went only upwards from there
  5. dimpledsoobin

    Discussion Who's Your AB6IX Bias?

    Mine is Youngmin all the way. :pikahappy:
  6. Spooky

    News 6IRLY has been revealed as a fake group.

    Would post the tweet and whatnot but the account has been deleted and so on. But there's the r/kpop post lol :worry:
  7. maruif

    Discussion Sort your ult group into Hogwarts houses

    Sort your ult group members! I'll start with EXO: Suho - Slytherin - he is very very ambitious, as the other members of EXO will tell you. Xiumin - Ravenclaw - He is a good student and I think is even working towards getting himself a PhD Lay - Hufflepuff - This one isn't a discussion. Lay's...
  8. dimpledsoobin

    Discussion New kpop group recommendations??

    I would love it if you guys recommended me some new groups. Both boy and girl groups. :lovelycooky:
  9. dimpledsoobin

    Discussion Who's your favorite member in Ateez and why?

    Honestly, my favorite member is Choi san. Mostly because he is very passionate on stage. He seems to turn the choreography into his own and I love that. I also love the fact that he is a duality god king.
  10. dimpledsoobin

    Discussion How would you feel if you just bumped into your bias randomly?

    I'd probably have a heart attack on the spot.
  11. TicTokTickita

    Cover [RaveDJ Mashup] Stay Closer - MBLAQ x Ne Yo

    I always thought Stay reminded me of Closer, mostly because of the guitar, so https://rave.dj/AujtIDwtCpnKJQ
  12. potato

    Performance What are your favourite live stages?

    What live stages do you really enjoy? Do any of them mean anything to you?
  13. RavenHikari

    Discussion Name A Year And Month...

    And I will give you kpop song that kpop song that came out during that time that you should listen too. Note: Please try not to repeat comments. I hope you enjoy the classics or some songs that slipped under your radar. :pandalove: :pandalove: :pandalove:
  14. Nicolechee1108

    Discussion Primary research about Kpop?

    Hello everyone. I wonder would it be possible for anyone to answers some questions that I wanted to know for my primary research for one of my projects about Kpop? Please may you answer it. It would be amazing if you can kindly answer my questions. Thank you taking your time to read this thread...
  15. TicTokTickita

    Thoughts LOONA Dance Cover Group [LOORA]

    This is a Japanese LOONA dance cover group, LOORA. I like that they took time to make a moon intro like LOONA. Their OEC subunit is called Triangle, yyxy is called Eden. This is all just so cute to me. :sakUwu: [Can't put in Studio bc it's not mine.]
  16. FaceMcShooty

    Opinions Kpop should...?

    How would you upgrade kpop? :dubuthink:
  17. RavenHikari

    Discussion Find The Music Video (2019 Edition)

    Basically I tell you a poor basic description of an mv and you find it. 1. 4 Members Boy Group Dancing in a Warehouse and Ring shopping 2. Girl Group 6 members Jump cuts into aesthetic scenery 3. Boy Group 4 members Singing in Graffiti filled train 4. 5 Members Girl Group Cartoonish...
  18. maruif

    Discussion BTS aren't kpop any more

    I have thought long and hard about this... And I have come to a decision. I agree that BTS isn't kpop. And I also think that is why I fell out of love with them. I love kpop, I love the kpop sound and style, I love the variety shows and humour and everything that comes with it. And now I...
  19. maruif

    MV CRAXY Pre-debut "My Universe"

    I love this song a LOT and I think this group has a LOT of potential! Both their rap and vocals seem to be quite good, I am especially living for the blonde rapper! And that scene they showed of the debut MV? STUNNING! I cannot wait for their debut!