1. yminsane

    Discussion Let's discuss

    Hi , im free at the moment and i thought about discussing anything with you ask me anything , Let's exchange infos im looking forward to your reply ❤❤❤❤❤
  2. RavenHikari

    Appreciation Name A Better Ship In Kpop

    KNK X Floor KNK's honorary 6th member THE FLOOR
  3. RavenHikari

    Appreciation They Really Out Sold

    Laboum - Firework They have really grown. I mean Damn Soyeon High Notes. ZN always looking like some elven princess. The Harmony parts :sj_weary: The fact it has less than 1million views is a crime. This is growth as kpop group. 5 years with Laboum. :pepeheart: Dreamcatcher - Deja Vu Can I...
  4. Soleski

    Appreciation Cute idols?

    Post some photos/videos of the cutest idols :nekolove: I don't stan, but Chuu is adorable Jungkook is stealing my heart :pepecry1::pepecry1:
  5. RavenHikari

    Discussion Sometimes...

    Things remind you of something in the past. Like Seungyoun airport pic reminded me of this old Tumblr post: :pandatea: Stan Seungyoun :pandalove:
  6. Soleski

    Discussion What makes kpop so addictive?

    Once you are in, it's hard to leave. Especially if you find an active group. So in your opinion why is it so addictive? :llama_ramen: Actually a youtube video inspired me for this thread, but the video is gone :yolk: so sad, it was my favorite funny video ever :yolk:
  7. RavenHikari

    Discussion Comment...

    So I am not sure what to call this but anyways.. I am bored and need to be entertained. So ask me your question about kpop? Or you questions about my relationship with kpop? If you want my opinion about a group,songs or visual of idols ask away. Have fun and be creative...
  8. Soleski

    Discussion Favorite rookie group (debuted in 2019)?

    Itzy for me :pepeheart: I like both DD and Icy. Want it and It'z summer are great bsides. Though their album was a bit weak, I expected more songs. What about you? :llama_ramen:
  9. Soleski

    Discussion What "stanning a group" means to you?

    I mean what is the difference between a stan and a casual fan for you? When do you call yourself a stan? When you support your group financially (buying their music, merch etc), or when you just simple enjoy, maybe stream their music? @SteviSone answer in the other thread, made me curious...
  10. Soleski

    Discussion Are your closest friends into kpop? Ever tried to get them interested? Was it successful?

    My answers: no, yes and half-successful. My friend kinda likes bts, find them nice guys and like some songs (especially RM's solo albums). Also she likes some kpop songs (once she showed me a monsta x song). But overall she is pretty uninterested. How about you? share your stories :llama_ramen:
  11. Soleski

    Appreciation Jin is a cutie

    ~ from his recent vlive :pepeheart: :pepeheart: :pepeheart: @Jimin @MrsJimin @GoldenBunny @Soleski @blurryface @bulletproof @Wingfrost @TWIZZLER @QueenGirlCrush @Tpse @KookievsCookie @Hallybell @Foxia @Darkyoda47 @Darjeeling @Pigeon @mirella @BlueBerryKookie @ReadMyFanfic2 @HopeOnTheStreet...
  12. Soleski

    Discussion Favorite idols from groups you don't stan?

    :llama_ramen: Why do you like them? Why don't you stan their groups?
  13. Soleski

    Discussion If you can show only one song by your ults to a non-fan which one would you choose?

    :llama_ramen: :queen: Share yours :llama_ramen:
  14. Soleski

    Interview Cute interviews at ISAC (with Itzy, Dreamcatcher, Stray kids, Momoland, Golden Child etc.)

    I only stan one of these groups but this was really cute :pandalove: :pandalove:
  15. Soleski

    Discussion Is there something similar about your biases? Do you have a type?

    I am into great dancers :pandalove: I again borrowed a cute fanart :llama_ramen:
  16. Soleski

    Discussion Ever unstanned then restanned the same group?

    share your stories :llama_ramen: I borrowed this fanart, cuz the thread looked too empty :llama_flirt:
  17. RavenHikari

    Appreciation Underrated Debuts

    LC9 - Mama Beat (2013) Spica - Russian Roulette (2012) 100% - Bad Boy (2012) *Lim Kim - All Right (2013) A6P - Face Off (2015) Kiss & Cry - Domino Game (2014) Roh Jihoon - Punishment (2012) Sonamoo - Deja Vu (2014) The Legend - Left Out (2014) Playback - Playback (2015)...
  18. RavenHikari

    Appreciation No One Is Doing It Like They Did?

    This was on my recommended side recently and I miss b.a.p :pandasad: I just remember when i broke my lightstick during 1004 at their concert in 2016 There are a lot of kpop groups that are okay now, but like no group blew up quite as big from debut unless they were from a big company or came...
  19. RavenHikari

    Discussion Comment A Kpop Song...

    And I will tell you whether it is bop or a flop to me You can post multiple times Try not to repeat songs or group try to be different :pandahappy:
  20. silasEM

    Discussion Recruiting 1-2 people for a (unique) kpop related 100k+ subs youtube channel

    Hello everyone. I'm Silas and I run a youtube channel where I take songs from different artists and remake them into a whole different song featuring other artists, sometimes I turn songs from electronic to acoustic or vice versa. You might think that it sounds like a mashup channel. Well, to...