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  1. goyo


    Welcome to the official gfriend badge revamp thread RULES ➥Badges must be 77x77 ➥Official photos only ➥Covered face/side profile photos are allowed if the idol is easily identifiable ➥Post your sources along with badges ➥Must be high quality and not blurry. Awards team will make changes as...
  2. RavenHikari

    Discussion K-pop Groups That You Get Confused With Other K-pop Group

    It happens whether on accident a lot For me: Offroad/Onf (just got their names confused...idk really how to explain it) April/G-friend (the new overly cute girl groups similar styles) Back in the day: N.Sonic/N.Train (similar names debuted at the same time) What are some other...
  3. RavenHikari

    Discussion Comment....

    And I will give you a underrated/underrapreciated song you should know. Have fun You can comment multiple times to get a new song. :pandahappy::pandahappy::pandahappy::pandahappy:
  4. Nayeon

    Announcement Introducing our new senior moderators

    @Vikki & @lexus will be promoted to senior mods, they've been an invaluable part of our day to day operations, with this promotion & recent farewells, we have vacancies for new positions on the moderation team, we will announce more about it soon. Congrats you two & keep it up!
  5. goyo

    Event Mother's Day - Appreciation Event

    Hello everyone, since it is Mother's Day today, the events & staff team wanted to appreciate all the mother's in K-Pop. ☆ S.E.S Eugene ☆ First up we have the legendary visual from South Korea's first ever national girl group, Eugene from S.E.S. Eugene debuted in 1997 at the age of 16...
  6. goyo


    this sounds so intresting
  7. InTooManyFandoms

    Do you ever get all emotional all of a sudden?

    I was just sitting in my bed, all of a sudden I thought how LUCKY I was to be in the kpop fandom, and thinking how much I love all the groups I stan <3
  8. Soleski

    Discussion Favorite BTS choreo?

    Mic drop, Boy in luv and danger for me :pandalove: :pandalove: :pandalove: originally I only wanted to mention one, but I can't choose so :pandanoreaction:
  9. RavenHikari

    18+ K-pop Really Wants Me To Die Today

    THESE SUITS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA My KINK Lives on yes pls keep this trend These video is everything goddamm they look so good fuck me please in those outfits. :sj_weary:
  10. makestar

    News Avengers x K-Pop virtual casting

    Tell us your idea in a comment and get signed physical merch! Event open till May 17 and winners announced on May 23! Imagine who would suit for the Avengers hero role and Get signed MD of KPOP Star!
  11. RavenHikari

    Appreciation This Album Saved The First Half Of 2019

    :pandalove: OT5 IS SO POWERFUL. How can 5 people just kill it. They are so expensive and amazing. Powerful Songs, Dance, and Vocals. I legit cried seeing the very end when minhyun came back. I waited 2 nearly 3 years for that moment. This is the best album of the year so far. Please...
  12. Soleski

    Discussion 1 title track 1 bside

    Which 1 title track and 1 bside you would show to a nonfan who never heard a song from your bias group? Day6: share yours :pikahappy:
  13. goyo

    Cover WJSN - LOVE SHOT

    Stan my babies: WJSN
  14. maruif

    Appreciation If you became a kpop fan in 2016 or later... Do you know this song?

    Just curious if y'all know this masterpiece of a song? It might be cpop, but it is a work of art by the former member of EXO Luhan! SPOILER: Oooooohhhhhhhh PS: If there are other people nearby who might hear... Better use earphones...
  15. maruif

    Appreciation Try to make me mad by dissing my faves

    Like the title says! I will even make these things easier for you! You don't even have to say things that are true or that you actually believe! My ult biases: Kai and Woozi Favorite groups: EXO, NCT and Seventeen Favorite female groups: Mamamoo, Dreamcatcher and Gfriend Favorite company: SM...

    Discussion Tell me your mood right now and...

    I'll recommend you a K-Pop song out of my playlist that I think fits your mood. I have 270 songs, I don't know if that's a good amount of songs or not but, sorry if I run out of songs to recommend (if this thread gets lots of replies) :3
  17. Soleski

    Discussion Dalla Dalla or Fancy?

    These two are probably my favorite title tracks this year :nekolove: which one do you prefer?
  18. goyo

    Appreciation This is the songwriter of the year

    Baby Hanbin is the cutest :maheart: To think how far he has come now. I am so proud of him
  19. RavenHikari

    Appreciation Favorite Songs Of April 2019

    These are song that impressed this past month: 10. Twice - Fancy 9. Newkidd - Tu eres 8. VeriVery - From Now 7. Jung Daehyun(B.A.P) - You're My 6. Youngjae(B.A.P) - Another Night 5. Minhyun(NU'EST) - Universe 4. Son Dongwoon(Highlight) - In The Silence 3. N.Flying -...
  20. kuroyuri

    Discussion are there any kpop artists you hate?

    i'm genuinely curious whether it be their music, or them, is there anyone you hate? for me, no, hate is too strong of a word :llama_squish: