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korean hip hop

  1. sweetener

    Appreciation [Get To Know 1.Gen] Seo Taiji / Seo Taiji and Boys

    Hello, this will be a series I will make. Today I want to show you all some Seo Taji and let you all get to know this legend [obviously we have to talk about his solo career and his group with non other than our all favorite human YG] Stage Name: Seo Taiji (서태지) Real Name: Jung Hyun Chul...
  2. sweetener

    Teaser SIK-K "Fire" (produced by GroovyRoom) Teaser

    what a suprise. I did not know that SIK-K is releasing something. I am obsessed with him so I really am happy to get something new ( tough AOMG and H1GHR are always releasing something lol)
  3. sweetener

    Discussion Loco - It Takes Time

    Loco released a new bop just yesterday. I really would love to hear you opinion on this song.