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jessica>>>>>your favs

  1. Darkyoda47

    Discussion Your Bias Group's Worst Song(s)?

    In your opinion, of course :) - SNSD Really is an abomination of a song. - GFriend :welp: :welp: :welp: :welp: :welp:
  2. Darkyoda47

    News EVERGLOW's MV Teaser Hit A Million Views In Less Than 9 Hours

    Pretty safe to assume, the world is anticipating :sj_weary: :sj_weary: :sj_weary: :sj_weary:
  3. Darkyoda47

    Appreciation There Were 5 Main Vocals On This Day But Yuju Was Given All The High Notes ~

    A big round of applause for the queen of vocals, Miss Choi Yuna :sanapray: As if that wasn't enough, she really sang the high notes higher. We love a queen shows off :sj_weary:
  4. Darkyoda47

    Appreciation This Main Vocal Is Really Not Getting Enough Appreciation At All

    The way she went off from 2:29 to 2:55 She's so good :sj_weary: . I haven't been slayed by a high note this much since 2015's Glass Bead. Yuju really SANG. And this girl is SANGING too. I mean she's so good guys. I can't! Why is her voice so amazing :yolk:
  5. Darkyoda47

    News Former T-ara Member, Areum Reveals She's Getting Hitched ~

    Translation: "I met a grateful person who taught me how to love. He taught me how to receive it, and he’s a man I am grateful to, who held on to me firmly when I was in danger of grasping at straws. He is a comforting and loving person that tells me I am precious, every day. And that’s why I am...
  6. Darkyoda47

    MV Taehyung (V) Composed A Beautiful Song ~

    Everything about this song is so good. From the composition to the lyrics to the vocals. It's really well made. For me, the peak was when that violin kicked in, in the instrumental. This man is super talented. BTS really have a knack for producing good music. One complaint is, I wish he...
  7. Darkyoda47

    Discussion Jessica vs Taeyeon - Baby Baby High Note - Your Favorite?

    Jessica's High Note Cover @ 2:21 Taeyeon's Original High Note @ 2:50
  8. Darkyoda47

    Appreciation Even When TaengSic Aren't Harmonizing, They're in Harmony :')

    Skip 2:47 for pure perfection. Seriously, I got goosebumps TT
  9. Darkyoda47

    News Gaon Album Chart - July Update - Top 10

    1. City Lights - Baekhyun - 508,321 2. Color On Me - Kang Daniel - 359,245 3. What a Life - EXO SC - 346,298 4. We Boom - NCT DREAM - 197,175 5. Love Yourself 'Answer' - BTS - 95,230 6. Love Yourself 'HER' - BTS - 94,119 7. BXXX - Ha Sungwoon - 81,631 8. Fever Season - GFriend - 80,497 9. ITz...
  10. Darkyoda47

    Discussion I Will Always Love You vs My Heart Will Go On - Which Song Was More Popular In Your Country?

    The ultimate classics showdown! Also, I'm having a debate on Twitter so I'm making a random poll. Let me know which song was more famous for you, growing up. Thanks :sanapray: - - God both songs are so iconic that I get nostalgia just listening to both intros lool
  11. Darkyoda47

    Discussion Why Can't I Stop Listening To This Song?

    Like, I know the song is an abomination but I. CAN'T. STOP. LISTENING!! WE JUST WANNA HAVE SOME FUN!! Everything about this song is so hype! And the final chorus where Jiwon just vocally goes off is pure addiction and perfection!! DO YALL WANNA HAVE SOME FUN!?! :sj_weary::sj_weary::sj_weary:
  12. Darkyoda47

    News Soribada Awards 2019 LineUp, So Far - A LOT Of Idols Lol

    1. TWICE 2. Chungha 3. Park JiHoon 4. Kim Jaehwan 5. Ha SungWoon 6. Red Velvet 7. NCT127 8. TXT 9. AB6IX 10. MAMAMOO 11. WJSN 12. Lovelyz 13. (G)I-DLE 14. Stray Kidz 15. CLC 16. Oh My Girl 17. Weki Meki 18. The Boyz 19. Ateez 20. ITZY 21. Nature 22. Lee Hyun 23. Yang Da Il 24. Lee Woo Source...
  13. Darkyoda47

    News [NetizenBuzz] Kang Daniel's Neighbors Reveal They Saw Jihyo Recycling Soju Bottles Outside His Home

    Article: Kang Daniel ♥ Twice's Jihyo confirm relationship... new idol couple is born Source: Ilgan Sports via Nate 1. [+1,969, -285] Enjoy your relationship. Nothing wrong with a man and woman in their twenties finding an interest in each other. Idols shouldn't have to hide all this, it's...
  14. Darkyoda47

    News Kang Daniel's Letter To His Fans + Company Plans To Take Legal Action Against Malicious Rumors

    Daniel's Letter To Fans KONNECT's Statement Against Malicious Rumors Source;