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    Discussion BLACKPINK Being Killed By The Media

    PANN Blackpink, are they the 21st century's pretentious aristocrates? YG again? Manners maketh man "Universal star" BlackPink in a controversy again, let's not forget YG BlackPink Jennie, leisurely releases picture "No apology for tardiness" BlackPink tardiness controversy, let's not...
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    Sales In Lighter News Blinks

    KTL Has surpassed 300K copies sold, making Blackpink the first YG act and 3rd girl group overall to achieve this
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    Discussion BLACKPINK Under Fire For Tardiness

    This seemed like a non-issue at first but it's blown up in Korea. It's still trending and the best comments have triple in the amount of Upvotes because of all the attention this is getting. The media is not happy about this and because of their history with tardiness and Beckham being an...
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    Appreciation Lee Sooman Tryna Get Lit

    I have many feelings about this. None of which I understand...
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    News Gaga Has Left Nature

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    News PD101 Contestant to Join Nature

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    Discussion MMLD Daisy's Mom Posts Concerning Instagram Comments

    Image Source: Instagram In one comment, she wrote, "My daughter is crying and they live calmly and shamelessly. I feel hot under the collar. I want to say don't forget that the sky is looking at you. There is no peace in my mind. It's just sadness and anger." Image Source: Instagram...
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    Teaser Ladies' Code SET ME FREE Teasers

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    Teaser Ladies Code 'Set Me Free"

    @SuddenlyKfan @BritishLuvie @mysteric @George @kodoku
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    Discussion BIG 4 PLANS FOR 2020

    SM's Plans for 2020-21 New GG New BG (NCT Indonesia rumored) JYP New Vocal Group (Similar to 15& or 2AM) JGG (Nizi) Chinese Girl Group New Kpop Group BH New Girl Group YG T13 debut New GG Survival Show
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    Discussion Father of Produce & Idol School Contestant Speaks Out

    Amidst the growing controversy regarding alleged vote rigging in Mnet programs Idol School and the Produce 101 series, the father of an eliminated trainee, Lee Haein, has come forward to speak up about his daughter's experience. Lee Haein appeared in Produce 101 in 2016 as a trainee under SS...
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    Teaser LADIES CODE Code#03 Tracklist and Teaser

    @George @kodoku @SuddenlyKfan @mysteric @BritishLuvie
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    News Jiyeon Solo Comeback In November

    Talking about her solo comeback, "I know that fans are waiting for it. So I'm in talks with my Chinese company. I'm preparing to record for my comeback in November, but we still haven't decided on the title track. We are deciding between two songs, one is similar to "1 Minute 1 Second"." T-ara...
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    Comeback TXT First Full Album

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    Comeback Taeyeon October Comeback Confirmed

    Girls Generation @mysteric @Xeulgi @lexus @Mirae @NogaNono @RandAlThor @imyourkilljoy @baekk @goyo @Jungkook @Darkyoda47 @potato @Kimino @Vampire @SteviSone @SugaRush
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    Teaser LADIES CODE "Set Me Free"

    @George @SuddenlyKfan @BritishLuvie @mysteric
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    Discussion I'm Happy For CIX But...

    What ever happened to Good Day? :welp: Its been like 3 years :welp: Is every 10 member GG gonna wind up like Pristin? :welp:
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    Appreciation Taeyeon getting Praise From Begin Again

    Courtesy of SONEnPeace