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jessica's #1 flop

  1. Mirae

    Appreciation Would You Let Her Do This To You? Pt.2

    Miss Choi Sooyoung is here and wants her action roles immediately :taemsip:
  2. Mirae

    Appreciation Pssssssssssssst

    You're awesome Have a good life :pandalove:
  3. Mirae

    Discussion Disgraced Actor To Make Comeback

    Article: "Face of the wicked"...Oh Dal-soo End of #MeToo → Return to independent film making Source: OSEN Oh Dal-soo is attracting attention for his return to film making after one and a half years. According to an exclusive report by OSEN on the 13th, Oh Dal-soo will make his return with...
  4. Mirae

    Discussion [Knetz]Yuqi, Lay, Jackson, Kyulkyung etc

    “Support China!” Hong Kong protesters indignantly target Kyulkyung, Lai Kuanlin, Lay, Jackson Lay, Victoria, Kyulkyung, Lai Kuanlin, and Jackson supported China against Hong Kong’s protests. original post: naver 1. [+4059, -30] I support Hong Kong people! 2. [+1973, -374] Now, protesters...
  5. Mirae

    Rumor Ariana Grande's Producer Working with BP

  6. Mirae

    MV The Rose - "Red"

    Boygroup Taglist @goyo @Reo @wayvoutsold @Pigeon @Crackhead @GoldenBunny @MsJimin @baekk @Soleski @Darjeeling @RainbowDevil @Wingfrost @planetarium @Yolks @TwentyOneJongdae @Queen @yerimiese @stinksplinter @jungshook @Rhythmixx @JJbaker @InTooManyFandoms @mirella @potato @Joy @Jungkook @Foxia...
  7. Mirae

    Discussion Lay (and other celebrities) Threaten Brands Supporting HK

    [theqoo] ZHANG YIXING WHO RELEASED A WARNING STATEMENT AGAINST CALVIN KLEIN TODAY Posted on August 12, 2019 Zhang Yixing (Lay) = CK's model However, on Calvin Klein's Chinese and American website, Hong Kong is its own country separated from China The American website even separated Taiwan. The...
  8. Mirae

    Discussion [NB] Som Hyein Comes out. Less than stellar reaction follows

    Former 'Idol School' trainee Som Hye In comes out on SNS Article: 'Idol School' Som Hye In, "I'm in a same-sex relationship" coming out on SNS... happy photos Source: E-Today via Nate 1. [+743, -23] She's a school bully 2. [+679, -44] What I'm curious about is why in lesbian relationships...
  9. Mirae

    Appreciation Seohyun Dazzles North Koreans

    Seohyun’s beauty and amazing skills have made even North Koreans fall in love with her! North Koreans have fallen in love with Seohyun at South Korea’s Pyongyang performance where she was the host as well as a performer. She introduced herself with grace and gave a short speech on the...
  10. Mirae

    Appreciation Y You Need A leader Like Jihyo

    And Who did you knit this for?ㅎ ㅋ post response: [+262][-91] original post: here 1. [+111, -5] You're releasing the gif like that so there might be misunderstanding. That scarf that she's holding was for Jungyeon. Jungyeon also got a scarf from Jihyo and she even said that Jihyo had...
  11. Mirae

    Discussion YG: Everything But Murder

    Article: "Everything but murder" Yang Hyun Suk's selfish desires Source: TV Daily via Nate 1. [+3,274, -36] At this point, I'm thinking that we can't be too sure that he hasn't committed murder yet either ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ 2. [+2,814, -51] He's probably already committed murder, we just don't know about...
  12. Mirae

    Appreciation Best Looking Male And Female Idols

    A global K-Community site unveils male and female idol with the most votes as the Best Visual KPOP Idol of the year. BTS' Jin received 43% of the votes, resulting him to become the male idol with the Best Visual. On the other side, Blackpink's Jisoo achieved the Best Visual for the female idol...
  13. Mirae

    Appreciation [Pann]MC Mingyu

    https://pannative.blogspot.com/2019/08/did-you-see-this-during-itzys-interview.html?m=1 I was watching ITZY's part on Inkigayo, Yeji stepped back a little bit but Seventeen's Mingyu thought she stumbled over and was about to fall. The way he automatically reached his hand out to hold Yeji is...
  14. Mirae


    The comeback's coming Godsica is coming :yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes: Girlgroup Taglist @goyo @Reo @JakeyWantsCakey @wayvoutsold @Mirae @Tpse @Crackhead @mysteric @Darkyoda47 @perhapz@kuro @baekk @BritishLuvie @Ozymandias @Riasama...
  15. Mirae

    Discussion FBI Investigating Gambling Scandal

    Stan Daily Naver-Unnie The FBI get involved in Yang Hyun Suk and Seungri's case + expand investigation to other countries Article: Korean police obtain 500 documents that prove Yang Hyun Suk's 'hwanchigi'..."made a request to the FBI" Source: Sports Today via Nate Police have secured...
  16. Mirae

    Rumor [Enter-talk] Daniel Made a Deal With Dispatch?

    Pann being Pann:nayeonisdone: [enter-talk] HUL IT'S OFFICIAL, KANG DANIEL MADE A DEAL WITH DISPATCH Posted on August 08, 2019 "Kang Daniel and Jihyo's dating article was first written on July 20th, what's the reason for releasing it so late?" "We took into account the news that was going to...
  17. Mirae

    Discussion The Fan War That Never Ends

    [theqoo] WORLD CLASS IDOLS WHO WILL CAUSE THE BIGGEST FANWARS AMONG THE FANS Posted on August 07, 2019 Socrates, Jesus, Buddah and Confusius To be honest, the 2 in the center will cause the biggest fanwar original post: here 1. Looks like Buddah went through a diet.... 2. But Buddah is...
  18. Mirae

    Discussion Instead of Super M....

    What are some things you'd rather SM do? Because that seems to be the reason a lot of stans are mad I'd love a Luna full album or an Oh!GG EP :llama_ramen: Maybe even debut a Super Girl Group
  19. Mirae

    Rumor SM Secret Agenda?

    Active bgs: TVXQ, SUJU, EXO, NCT (and their 900 sub units), Avengers Active ggs: Red Velvet Kpop Sausage party? :dubuthink: Discuss