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inverity flop threads

  1. inverity

    18+ jesus christ jaehyun

    why is he doing this? the audacity :yolk: also i thought he would be an innie not an outie...you learn new things everyday
  2. inverity

    Appreciation autotune done right

    this is a fresh review of everglow's debut "bon bon chocolat" i know i'm late on this but i had to i loved unique the song was...it seemed very experimental for kpop. it sounded more like an "artist" song than a generic kpop song. it also took me off guard because of the name of the song. i...
  3. inverity

    Discussion press f....

    ...for johnny’s hair. SM why? (if you can’t see he has a long wig)
  4. inverity

    Rumor EXO’s Kyungsoo not to renew contract?

    UPDATE: SM denies contractual expiration in April, says information is false. SM Entertainment has responded to reports of EXO’s D.O. leaving the company. A representative of the agency commented, “The report is completely false. We will release an official statement soon.” Another...
  5. inverity

    Appreciation the dark mode on this site

    thanks to @Cosmic and her team for putting in a dark mode on this site for my headache prone head :sj_weary: this this best thing since sliced bread i’ll forgive you for taking away my gif profile pic because of it :joysip:
  6. inverity

    yolks how do you feel about this tweet?

  7. inverity

    MV GFRIEND "Sunrise" MV

    honestly after "sunny summer" i wasn't expecting "sunrise" to be one of their best. I've only listened to it once and the vocals are off the chart. the song is a gfriend song, you can tell, but it's not so similar to their other songs as to be a turn-off. it's a beautiful song and i love it. i...
  8. inverity

    Discussion change my mind: jaehyun is the hottest male idol

    i specified idol because actor so ji sub is also on his level but i want pictures of idols YOU think are hotter than this twunk:
  9. inverity

    Intro once a nugu always a nugu

    honestly i've been on this site before (and even attempted to make the monsta x artist thread, but we won't talk about that) but i'm back bitches!!!! and more mentally stable than ever. i'm inverity. i'm a veteran of akp by most standards and a seasoned kpop listener. i used to be an army for...
  10. inverity

    Intro a wild nugu appears

    the first army and orbit is on this site now, may all hell break loose 🙃 hi i’m inverity and i’m nugu. i’ve been on akp since last year and this site since 5 minutes ago i’m the kind of person who likes everything in the bashing thread but never posts tbh uhhh hope everyone here loves and...