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  1. lalaloveloona

    Appreciation Donghyuk being ikonic

    THIS IS EVERYTHING. Boy still does it. Our angel really is making rhytm ta even more ikonic.
  2. QueenGirlCrush

    Performance IKON AT !!SXSW!!

  3. joshuaology

    Gossip Sorry for bothering y'all again but I just remembered this...

    This one time when Ikon went on some variety show and were asked a question along the lines of 'what was left behind in Bigbang's dorm when you went in it?' and they said they found a hard drive full of adult videos. And I remember they were Seungri's specifically. So... guilty? Edit: Found...
  4. JakeyWantsCakey

    News No more luxury clothes for YG artists...

    As @Xoxo7 revealed in a thread earlier today, YG's BIGGEST investor, LVMH has decided to pull out from their investments in the company. How does this effect the artists' fashion you ask? Well my dears, LVMH is a HUGE parent company that just so happens to own A LOT of luxury fashion brands...
  5. Ozymandias

    Discussion Best Boy Group and Girl Group songs of the last decade

    Here's basically my fav bg and gg songs over the last 10 years (2009-18). Only rule is only 1 bg and 1 gg song per year. Title tracks only. 2009 Such a legendary year- Gee and Sorry Sorry in one year like what even :maheart: And 2NE1's debut :maheart: Anyway, BG: Super Junior- Sorry Sorry...
  6. lalaloveloona

    Appreciation [CUTE MESS] iKON and ikonics relationship

    ayyy ikonics and iKON are just so funny together. We defently love to roast each other. My oh my, videos like this do confirm that iKON and ikonics share one braincel.
  7. lalaloveloona

    Appreciation iKON made history at the GAON Awards

    iKON really made history today. A three year old bg did that. so proud of my boys. 2019 will be another amazing year for my boys
  8. lalaloveloona

    Appreciation my iKONIC Boys

    Yes today I felt like making a thread about my boys: iKON. There are several videos, MV, songs that need some appriciation (1) Dancekon 2) MV's 3) Songs with Lyrics 4) Some Concert Footage [even after years Climax continues to make me soft. I doubt anyone could not...

    MV iKON - “ Im Ok “

    I really like this song. Enjoy!
  10. Belgizen

    News Dazed picks the top 20 Kpop songs of 2018

    British magazine Dazed picked the best 20 songs of 2018. They voted for both the MV as the song itself and only includes one song per artist. 1. Baby Don't Stop - NCT U (Taeyong & Ten) 2. Fake Love - BTS 3. Hann - (G)I-DLE 4. Bad Boy - Red Velvet 5. Good Evening - SHINee 6. Now or Never - SF9...
  11. lalaloveloona

    Performance iKON being the bestest

    So proud of my boys. They really deserve everything. Here are the performance and the speaches from MMA: did you like the speaches?
  12. lalaloveloona

    Appreciation Love and Fall

    Hello, this is a thread appreciating Bobby's masterpiece album "Love and Fall" Sadly due to YGE's manegment Bobby was not able to really promote this album which is such a shame since it really showcases that Bobby is more than a "hype Rapper". Full Album: MV's: Live Performance:
  13. lalaloveloona

    MV iKON X Gregory - Freedom

    So happy that Freedom got an MV. :)
  14. lalaloveloona

    Group [Official] iKON Thread

    WELCOME TO THE IKONIC WORLD ~GET READY. SHOWTIME!~ CONTENT 1. Member Profiles 2. Discography 2.1 Pre Debut 2.2 Post Debut Korean 2.3 Japanese Discography 3. Unhelpful Guides to iKON [photos that are posted here will be updated with each comeback] [the profile is taken and slightly edited...
  15. bulletproof

    Teaser Ikon are coming back!

    WOW! YG are you fine, sweetie? You're giving your artists 3 comebacks a year? Anyway, the boys are coming back on 1st of October with their album 'New kids: The final'. Who's excited?