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  1. Vyuna

    Intro Hellooo Peeps~

    Hii yall! It's Vyuna - but you can call me Vy or Vyu~ I made this acc a while ago but kinda forgot about it :') Anyways i finally wanted to start posting stuff on here! My ults are Astro, so hmu if you like them ! :) I also stan a ton of other groups: iKon, Twice, Exo, Sf9, Bts, Nct, Winner and...
  2. evermore

    Intro Hi High and also hello

    Hey there! I'm Ever, a 22 y/o student from germany. I mainly stan Loona and casually follow almost all other girl groups. Since Oh is dying I decided to convert. Nice to meet you guys :dubuwave:
  3. somewhatclueless

    Intro Hey, itsa me

    This is gonna be a train wreck so bear with me. I’m somewhatclueless (in a literal and figurative context) and I’ve never been on this site so... -I’m a female (she/her) -I’m a Libra -I’m queer (don’t know what I am specifically but I like girls so...) Uhhh and the groups I stan are: -BTS...
  4. Pig

    Intro oi people of kpopsource

  5. kuro

    Discussion go and submit questions for my anon!

    DO AS IT SAYS but also omg, forbed korea named bp and bts the two 40 power celebrities of 2019 :queen: :queen: :queen: blinkarmy RISE :sj_weary:
  6. kuro

    I give up why am I awake smh

    :pandaannoyed: it's 3:14 and I went to bed h o u r s ago with my thread rip @Jimimis :welp:
  7. Pigeon

    Intro stan me (Thread title length must be at least 10 characters.)

    Hello!! I'm a new user on Kpopsource @Hoseok told me about this beautiful place, and I'm ready to make more friends here!!! stan bts :rjeat:
  8. Hera

    Intro Salut ^^ uwu

    Hello kids, I'm here to bless this site with my presence. I stan multiple groups but my main ones as of now are Itzy and Blackpink. (gg stans follow me) Irrelevant and trivial information you may need to know. - 5'4 (I'm average not shortttt ;;) - I discovered Kpop back in 2014 thanks to...
  9. SnowWhite

    Intro Hello pls take care of me

    Because i'm smol, inexperienced,precious and new :llama_blush::llama_blush:
  10. Taesthetic

    Intro Hello I'm Taesthetic.

    Good day everyone! I came from OneHallyu (Well I got banned there...) I promise I'm not a bad person, I stan EXO, LOONA and Taehyung from BTS along with Yeonjun from TXT. Please be nice to me😳
  11. MochiFace

    Hola generation X or Y , i'm lost with all these things

    Just want to say hello so people don't forget that i'm also on Kpopsource x)))) and to welcome all the new migrants
  12. jiminify

    Intro HEY YOU GUYS

    do you know what I was referencing in the title? If not we can't be friends. :joysip: Also hey. How are all you guys?
  13. Koala

    Thank u,Blessed

    I wanted to do this somewhere else,but it didn’t feel right. It felt it would be out of place. I wanted to say thank you to the people who got up today,thank you to the people who ask how others Day is and how even mine is,thank you to the ones who never lost themself through the hardest times...
  14. maruif

    Intro #1 Woozi stan here!

    Hello! I'm Maruif or Maria in real life. I'm from Estonia and I'm an insomniac. (This sounds like I'm talking in a support group) I can speak 3 languages at a reasonably good level (Estonian, Swedish and English) so feel free to approach me in any of those 3 languages. I also talk a bit of...
  15. foxy

    Intro welcome to hell(o)

    hello! aaaa i can't start threads about me for my life but nice to meet you! i'm hoping to get to know everyone and enjoy my stay here, if you have any questions for me feel free to ask down below 😄