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  1. StarlightGalaxy

    Appreciation WINNER x APINK on the rise!!!!! (feat. GOT7 Bambam and JB) <3

    My week has been great so far :pepeheart::pepeheart::pepeheart: SINCE 2014 BY THE WAY Another addition to the WINNER x GOT7 interactions
  2. bulletproof

    Teaser Jackson Wang is surrounded by...

    girls in his new teaser
  3. notthatmarko

    MV GOT7 debuts Jus2 sub-unit with "FOCUS ON ME"

    JB and Yugyeom, should, and will, GET IT.
  4. AlliAlligator

    News GOT7 subunit Jus2 to release mini album <FOCUS>

    JYP teased it on GOT7's Twitter earlier but the news is out! Most people are guessing it's JB & Yugyeom, but I guess we'll see. Opinions? Personally, I'm excited, I love GOT7 so subunits are totally my jam. :llama_squish:
  5. bulletproof

    News (Dangerous thread) 2019 Hottest Bodies Chosen By K-Pop Idols

    South Korean agency Ilgan Sports recently conducted a survey participated by nineteen different K-Pop idol groups. The groups included were GOT7, NU’EST, MAMAMOO, MOMOLAND, MONSTA X, BTS, BLACKPINK, SEVENTEEN, Stray Kids, (G)I-DLE, iKON, IZ*ONE, Wanna One, GFriend, IMFACT, ChungHa, Cherry...
  6. bulletproof

    MV GOT7 ‘Lullaby’ released

    I can’t eait for my break so I can listen to the song! But I really hope the best for the boys:cry:
  7. bulletproof

    MV Mark’s ‘OMV’ solo is out

    Opinions? And since this is the last solo released, which one do you like more?
  8. bulletproof

    Teaser GOT7 ‘Lullaby’ teaser

    OMG. I can’t wait!
  9. bulletproof

    MV JB’s solo ‘Sunrise’ is out

    omg his voice is so beautiful
  10. bulletproof

    MV Yugyeom’s ‘Fine’ MV is out

    Opinions? Which solo is your fav until now?
  11. bulletproof

    MV Jinyoung’s solo ‘My youth’ is out

    Once again, another solo that matches the member’s personality
  12. bulletproof

    Teaser Yugyeom is 'Fine' in his solo teaser

    It looks cool. Until new each song was different in his own way and matched the members personality.
  13. bulletproof

    MV BamBam is having a 'Party' in his 'Present: You' solo

    I don't know what to say, the song is nice, but the MV is a bit too simple. I expected more people at the party. But considering it's only a side-MV, I guess it's fine. What do you think about it?