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  1. Kiseki

    Tourney Lion vs Sorry - R5 Queendom 2.0 Tournament

    Lion and Sorry are both tied for 2nd and this is the only match left so who will win this match and solidify their 2nd place position? Other Round 5 Matches Moonlight vs Wanna Go Back Destiny vs Guerilla
  2. Kiseki

    Tourney Destiny vs Lion - R4 Queendom 2.0 Tournament

    With only 2 rounds left two of the performances tied for 2nd place are going against each other with Destiny vs Lion, which performance will still be going for 2nd place after this match? Other Round 4 Matches Guerilla vs Moonlight Sorry vs Wanna Go Back
  3. Kiseki

    Performance (G)I-dle making Lion an actual comeback

  4. Kiseki

    Tourney Lion vs Wanna Go Back - R3 Queendom 2.0 Tournament

    Lion got its 1st win last round meanwhile Wanna Go Back racked up to 2 losses, will Lions good luck continue or will Wanna Go Backs bad luck end? Other Round 3 Matches Guerilla vs Sorry Destiny vs Moonlight
  5. xdreamsandflames

    Fanart some Sunmi, Miyeon, Rosé and Lisa fanart

    just some fanart of Sunmi, Miyeon, Rosé and Lisa that I've done :) sorry that the quality's weird, anyway stan Sunmi, (G)I-dle and Blackpink :rosesmug:
  6. Kiseki

    Tourney Lion vs Moonlight - R2 Queendom 2.0 Tournament

    Lion and Moonlight both did poorly in their 1st round matches and ended up with a loss but this is the chance for one of them to turn it around but out of Lion and Moonlight who will pick up the win? Other Round 2 Matches Destiny vs Sorry Guerilla vs Wanna Go Back
  7. Kiseki

    Tourney Guerilla vs Lion - R1 Queendom 2.0 Tournament

    Oh My Girls final performance Guerilla versus (G)I-dles final performance Lion, who will get a win in their 1st round match? Other Round 1 Matches Destiny vs Wanna Go Back Moonlight vs Sorry
  8. Kiseki

    Discussion Queendom 2.0 Tournament Information

    Here's the 2nd part of the Queendom tournament covering the final 6 performances with the original songs which will start next Monday and go from Monday-Friday with 3 matches a day The performances involved will obviously be AOA - Sorry (G)I-dle - Lion Lovelyz - Moonlight Mamamoo - Destiny Oh...
  9. Chlorine

    Audio QUEENDOM Original Singles - Your favourite song?

    The digital album was released in Korea. Which is your favorite song?
  10. lexus

    Discussion (G)I-dle unveil their official lightstick

    I think it's super cute. :maheart: What do y'all think of it?
  11. Kiseki

    Tourney Fire vs Hann - R5 Queendom Tournament

    Onto the last round and this is Fires last chance to pick up a win going up against Hann which picked up 1 win then lost every match after but can Fire beat Hann here? Other Round 5 Matches Egotistic vs Good Luck Destiny vs Sixth Sense
  12. Kiseki

    Tourney Fire vs Sixth Sense - R4 Queendom Tournament

    Fire and Sixth Sense have both had bad luck through the tournament so far as they both stand at 0 wins but that will change for one of them with picking up a win in this match Other Round 4 Matches Destiny vs Egotistic Good Luck vs Hann
  13. Kiseki

    Tourney Destiny vs Fire - R3 Queendom Tournament

    Destiny is going strong in the tournament with 2 wins while fire is not going so strong with 2 losses, who will win this match though? Other Round 3 Matches Good Luck vs Sixth Sense Egotistic vs Hann
  14. Kiseki

    Tourney Fire vs Good Luck - R2 Queendom Tournament

    Both of these had a bad start when it came to round 1 since they both lost their 1st match but with Fire facing Good Luck who will win here? Other Round 2 Matches Destiny vs Hann Egotistic vs Sixth Sense
  15. Kiseki

    Tourney Egotistic vs Fire - R1 Queendom Tournament

    Starting things off with AOAs cover of Mamamoos Egotistic going off against (G)I-dles cover of 2NE1s Fire, which song will pick up the win between these two? Other Round 1 Matches Hann vs Sixth Sense Destiny vs Good Luck
  16. Kiseki

    Discussion Queendom Tournament Information

    It'll be a round robin tournament that starts Monday but it will not have 7 rounds nor will it have 4 matches per day as there are only 6 participants so it'll have 5 rounds going Monday-Friday with 3 matches per day posted at 2PM, 5PM and 8PM BST. I'll be using the performance versions since...
  17. Kiseki

    Discussion Do you want a Queendom tournament?

    I could either do one for the cover stages or one for the final performances or both and they'd just be shorter tournaments in between consisting of 5 rounds with 3 matches :pandatea: Tell me what you think
  18. Kiseki

    Performance Top 5 Most Liked Queendom Stages On Naver TV

    5. (G)I-dle - Latata 4. Mamamoo - Good Luck 3. AOA - Miniskirt 2. Oh My Girl - Destiny 1. AOA - Egotistic