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  1. Kiseki

    News Gfriend preparing for a comeback

  2. Kiseki

    Discussion Avengirls unit?

    Idk what this is exactly but apparently this is a thing
  3. Kiseki

    Discussion Favourite top 5 girl groups 2019 release

    Cause why not :pandatea:
  4. Kiseki

    Discussion My top 5 favourite 2019 girl group/soloists songs

    Wanted to make a top 10 but a top 5 for each seemed better so here we are Female Soloists Girl Groups
  5. PurpleHime

    Discussion my favorite b-sides

    I will make a short list of my favorite Korean artists b-sides. 1. GFRIEND - Ave Maria 2. Oh My Girl - Twilight 3. GFRIEND - Hear the Wind sing 4. Monsta X - Underwater 5. Monsta X - Special 6. GFRIEND - Please save my Earth 7. GFRIEND - Flower Garden 8. Oh My Girl - Checkmate 9. Monsta X -...
  6. RandAlThor

    Discussion 2019 combined most listened too and Watched kpop

    SNSD and member solos sub groups Red Velvet IZONE Apink Gfriend Lovelyz fx bol 4 gugudan Fromis_9 Pl i listen too while driving or at work as its all on my mp3 player on perma random so thoe will be a function of number of tracks. Watching is dominated by Izone /RV wich pushes IZone above...
  7. Ozymandias

    Discussion Top critic ranks top 100 Kpop Girl Group/Female soloists title songs of all time

    Back by popular demand, everyone's favorite critic and Kpop connoisseur Ozy Senpai aka Hayabusa aka Forum oppa is back with his top 100 female soloists/girl group titles of all time. Once again, only songs with MVs are eligible. What is not eligible? Any song with a male collab or feature. So...
  8. Kiseki

    Discussion Your favourite of these 3rd gen hits?

    Which of these hits is your favourite one? :susPepe:
  9. potato

    Discussion LOL by Taeyeon vs LOL by Gfriend

    I've been binging Gfriend's discography (which is gold btw) and I came across their album LOL which contains the song LOL. It has the same name as one of Taeyeon's b-sides in her recent album, Purpose. Both are amazing b-sides but they're so different. Gfriend's song is light and fun whereas...
  10. Kiseki

    Discussion Top 10 2019 Gfriend songs

    Just from songs released this year since they released about over 20 :pandatea: My list which i'm excluding titles from 1. My My My! 2. You Are Not Alone 3. La Pam Pam 4. L.U.V 5. Smile 6. Only 1 7. Mr. Blue 8. Emotional Days 9. A Starry Sky 10. Hope
  11. RandAlThor

    Performance Fat Macaron makes it to round 2...where are buddies?

    round 2 Reveal
  12. RandAlThor

    Performance Vacation Live

    This is awesome... Go go buddies.
  13. RandAlThor

    Performance MBC's Gfriend compilation is out.

  14. LadyLoverSunmi

    Tourney [BG/GG Team Tournament] Girl's Day/SHINee VS Gfriend/The Rose [Final Match]

    Hello everyone! Welcome to the Final Match of the BG/GG Team Tournament. We are now at the Final match and for this match, I will do 3 MV's each so it's more of a competition. Thank you all for taking part. For this match, I will not do the 5-minute rule, however, I will let you change your vote...
  15. LadyLoverSunmi

    Tourney [BG/GG Team Tournament] 3rd & 4th Place and the Final Match. [Coming Soon]

    Anticipate these two matches! 3rd & 4th Place! fromis_9/SF9 VS Gugudan/VAV Final Match Girl's Day/SHINee VS Gfriend/The Rose
  16. LadyLoverSunmi

    Tourney [BG/GG Team Tournamant] Gugudan/VAV VS Gfriend/The Rose Semifinal, Match 2 [Rematch]

    Ok, so since this match ended up as 7-7, this thread is the rematch thread and I will give them 2 hours of voting time. There is also no 5-minute rule, so you can vote straight away. I will do the same MV's, but if it still lands in a draw, then I'll give this another 3 hours. The winner will be...
  17. Kiseki

    Discussion Top 10 Favourite Gfriend Bsides

    Can be Korean or Japanese 1. Rainbow 2. Gone With The Wind 3. Flower Garden 4. Rain In The Springtime 5. Love Bug 6. You Are Not Alone 7. Neverland 8. L.U.V 9. Mermaid 10. Say My Name What's yours?
  18. emanresu

    Appreciation Eunha Gives Me A Fever I Can't Sweat Out

    Eunha Gives Me A Fever I Can't Sweat Out Goodness it's Pretty Eunha! I feel feverish. Perhaps I should lie down. Also.
  19. Kiseki

    Tourney Groups biggest hit answers

    How well did you do? :pandatea: 2NE1 - I Don't Care After School - Because Of You Apink - No No No Blackpink - Ddu-du Ddu-du Crayon Pop - Bar Bar Bar EXID - Up & Down Gfriend - Me Gustas Tu Girl's Day - Something Girls' Generation - Gee I.O.I - Very Very Very Kara - Mister Lovelyz - Ah-choo...
  20. maruif

    Discussion Pink Fantasy reminds me more of Gfriend than Dreamcatcher

    Pink Fantasy's Fantasy is an A-grade bop. Nothing bad to say about it! I've seen a lot of peeps say that the song sounds like it's dreamcatcher... While the vibe is more Dreamcatcher, the song itself sounds more like a Gfriend song than a Dreamcatcher song to me! Maybe it's the orchestral...