1. Drug

    Game This or That...?

    As the title shows, you give two items to the user below and they have to say which they prefer. Example: User A: Apple or Lions User B: Like: Lion I will start then. Apple or Lion?
  2. InTooManyFandoms

    Game Rate the user above from 1-10

    EXAMPLE: 1st comment: . 2nd comment: 5/10 3rd comment: 8/10 and so on.. I'll begin <3
  3. JakeyWantsCakey

    Game KpopSource Karaoke!

    Premise: We're all gonna "sing" some songs together! Basically, I'm gonna post the first couple of lines to a song and then you guys are gonna follow on from there! Example: User 1: I can almost see it That dream I'm dreaming but User 2: There's a voice inside my head saying...
  4. Soleski

    Discussion BTS WORLD discussion thread

    armys: @Jimin @lexus @GoldenBunny @Soleski @MsJimin @kuroyuri @Seokjin @blurryface @bulletproof @StarWarsBitch @Wingfrost @deadstar @TWIZZLER @QueenGirlCrush @Tpse @MonCherry @KimTaehyung @KookievsCookie @Hallybell the game is finally out! what do you think about it? did you tried it? I am...
  5. Mayah

    Discussion Anyone up for skribbl?

    don't leave me hanging this will be awkward skribbl is a drawing game where you guess the users drawing
  6. potato

    Game Word Chain Game with kpop idols/groups

    So I tried a similar thread to this without the 'Kpop part' and it flopped. I didn't realise there was already another thread either. So, I created another one that will hopefully be a bit better. It's the same concept: You post a word that begins with the same letter as the last letter on the...
  7. perhapz

    Discussion How would be your career as a kpop idol

    How would be your kpop idol career? Take the diagnosis. MAKE YOUR DIAGNOSIS HERE Mine: Sounds ok
  8. RainbowDevil

    Game Rate the song above! (Kpop songs)

    Pretty straightforward, listen to the song the previous user put in his post, rate it and then put one yourself (I'd like to keep the songs K-Pop) You can also comment on it a bit, it's a good conversation starter! You may also add an MV rating separately if you wish! I'll start
  9. wayvoutsold

    Game Post an MV with one of the same words in the title as the one above

    It’s not as hard as it looks. I’ll start:
  10. Mangoey

    Game Change one word to create a new phrase

    You can either add a word, change a word, or subtract a word (only if there are more than 2 words) to create a new phrase. For example: 1. Chocolate Strawberries 2. Chocolate Box 3. Box of Chocolates What you cannot do: 1. Chocolate Strawberries 2. Chocolate (it's too easy) I'll start...
  11. itzybitzyblink

    Game Fill In The Blank Game

    Fill in the blank then come up with your own I like to listen to ___________
  12. kuro

    guess the old username

    i'll start I recently changed my username to hyunaspandahoe, so what was my old username?
  13. Soleski

    Discussion Which Bts b-side track tells your life story?

    QUIZ: Which BTS B-Side Track Tells Your Life Story? I got Epiphany "For a long time, you cared about what others thought of you. The fear of being rejected used to define who you were, though you desperately wanted to break out of your shell. Now, as you've realized the importance of loving...
  14. Mayah

    Game Scenario Game (Left or Right Game)

    A user will give you a scenario (user above you). To this you will answer left or right. As these directions are very vague, here would be an example: There are two buttons. Pressing the left button, there is unearned credit and recognition. With the right button, there is working hard but...
  15. RavenHikari

    Game Which One?


    Game Acronym Game

    Think of several random letters ( it can be IDOLS, GROUP NAMES, FANDOM ) etc. and make a sentence out of it. Then post the next Acronym for the next player, once you post your answer. Continuation...etc etc etc It has to somewhat make sense. :pepehelp: It can get quite tough, but I am excited...
  17. Belgizen

    Game Cuz I like to jump on the hype train

    BuddyMeter -How Well Do You Know Your Friend? :llama_laugh:
  18. RavenHikari

    Game Rate The Signature Above You

    ^ from a 1/10 to 10/10
  19. Mayah

    Game Guess the K-POP idol of the user above!

    I'll go first! He's Korean He's a rice ball He loves to dance, and is a singer Has won many awards Cries easily Is very self-conscious I made it obvious, haha. Good luck!