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  1. maruif

    News ARMY have officially gone insane

    Not even kidding they have gone insane and are telling locals to stan EXO. No jokes, that is what be going on... Apparently it's bcs it is already hard enough to get tickets to BTS's concerts so they don't want any more competition! I mean... if they telling the peeps to stan EXO and stan Kai I...
  2. maruif

    Appreciation EXO continue to shade Chen antis

    So the main Chen anti's seem to be the lysn users with the ACE membership... So Kai posted pics today on Basic meaning you don't need the ACE membership to see them. That just doesn't happen. Pics are ALWAYS on lysn for the membership fans only. But since those peeps are being assholes Kai...
  3. maruif

    News The Anti Chen protest is going hilariously

    I mean... Can you hear the clown music? Because I can! :haylul:
  4. maruif

    News The leading Chen anti got doxed

    THe leading Chen anti who has been fronting the demand to get Chen kicked out of EXO... was doxed. EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING from her instagram to her Bank Account info were revealed. I'm not gonna say what was done to her was right BUT... She was criticizing Chen anonymously, she wasn't...
  5. maruif

    News Xiumin is ignoring fans

    Minseok is not alright with this whole make Chen leave the group business! He ain't even looking at them! Kerries have crossed a line!
  6. maruif

    News Chen Anti's got permission from the police to protest against Chen in front of SM building.

    Please report and block this account.
  7. Numeriku

    News EXO-L fan union petitions SM to remove Chen from Exo

    Source: Star Today via Nate 1. [+557, -32] Imagine buying albums and fan merchandise and paying for his gifts only to be hit with wedding and pregnancy news ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ of course fans are pissed... 2. [+500, -14] He's already made enough money to live off of, he lucked out ㅋ 3. [+426, -24] The...
  8. PrideInBaek

    Appreciation Kai at Gucci FW'20

  9. Numeriku

    News Knets demanding chen to leave exo

    https://m.mt.co.kr/renew/view.html?no=2020011415295113418&MVE_P#_enliple On the afternoon of the 14th, Twitter's popular trends were 'Exosure' and 'Kim Jong-dae's withdrawal'. As of 3:30 pm on this day, there are 170,000 tweets including 'Exosure' and '120,000 Kim Jong-dae's tweets'. Used...
  10. la_mort_pour_vous

    Discussion The KS EXOcord.

    KS is a rather small & tight-knit community with a few fandom-dedicated discord servers. So I thought, why not create an EXO one? I assure you it will be a tranquil or toxin-free environment for all if you join. Still in the process of uploading new emotes so bear with me. Here is the invite...
  11. maruif

    News EXO is the most listened to kpop artist in china, 34,9% of all streams

    And some hoes REALLY be tryna tell us EXO aren't THAT popular in china...
  12. PrideInBaek

    News EXplOration dot to be broadcasted LIVE

    We're gonna end 2019 and/or begin 2020 with EXO :sakUwu:
  13. Kiseki

    Discussion Kai explains why EXO practiced dancing in their underwear pre-debut

    This is a real loaded article "During the December 7 broadcast of the JTBC variety show, Kai talked about the fact that he liked to dance in the shower. “You know how people who like to sing enjoy singing in the shower?” he asked the “Ask Us Anything” cast. “People who like to dance enjoy...
  14. PrideInBaek

    Performance EXO OBSESSION 2nd Win + Performance

    Congrats EXO :dab:
  15. PrideInBaek


  16. PrideInBaek


  17. PrideInBaek

    Comeback EXO AT MUSIC BANK

    Congrats to EXO for the win!