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  1. emanresu

    Appreciation The Tzuyu With Fruits Thread

    The Tzuyu With Fruits Thread I have calculated and studied the constellations and human history and have determined that what is needed in this world is a thread about Tzuyu and fruit. So here it is. You're welcome world. Tzuyu with pear. Tzuyu with pineapple? Tzuyu with apple...
  2. emanresu

    Appreciation Shin Se Kyung In Hanbok Is Breathtaking

    Shin Se Kyung In Hanbok Is Breathtaking I'm watching Shin Se Kyung in Rookie Historian. It's a historical drama. The best thing about historical dramas and Shin Se Kyung is you get to see her in traditional Korean dresses. Oh my god. Nothing is prettier than Shin Se Kyung in Hanbok...
  3. emanresu

    Appreciation TWICE Songs Make Me Happy

    TWICE Songs Make Me Happy Eman here. I'm a 30 year old straight male. A Once and Tzuyu fanatic. It's often thought and joked about that a fan like me is probably only into TWICE for one thing. Visuals. And if I'm honest that is a big draw. TWICE is very pretty, and what male wouldn't...
  4. emanresu

    Appreciation Yoona So Cute In Braids

    Yoona So Cute In Braids How'd did Yoona know my dream? Her in braids! How? She knows my secrets! Gosh she's so cute!!!!!!!!!! Her in her big overalls and cute braids.... Omo x 1000!
  5. emanresu

    Appreciation Eunha Gives Me A Fever I Can't Sweat Out

    Eunha Gives Me A Fever I Can't Sweat Out Goodness it's Pretty Eunha! I feel feverish. Perhaps I should lie down. Also.
  6. emanresu

    Appreciation I Wish Gayoon Did More Solo Work

    I Wish Gayoon Did More Solo Work I often forget to mention her when asked who my favorite vocals are in kpop. She slips my mind a lot but god. Her voice. I'm in love. And good god she's pretty. Here's a duet with BEAST's Jun-Hyung. And here's my favorite soloist song in kpop.
  7. emanresu

    Appreciation Wow. Wendy's Pretty Here. Holy Shit.

    Wow. Wendy's Pretty Here. Holy Shit. Like have her makeup and stylist people been hiding her? If this is just Wendy doing her own hair and makeup. The girl needs to tell SM she got this. Leave this girl alone from now on with their stuff. Let's go with hers. Maybe she's been like this...
  8. emanresu

    Appreciation Pretty Yoona At A Promo: Cute Heels Malfunction

    Pretty Yoona At A Promo: Cute Heels Malfunction Pretty Yoona's heels decided to misbehave while she was walking to the photo wall! But she's a gentle smiling goddess so she recovers with heavenly grace. Ain't no big. God I love her look here. This is the Yoona of my dreams. Simple...
  9. emanresu

    Appreciation The Tzuyu Report - (Ep. 2)

    The Tzuyu Report - (Ep. 2) In today's Tzuyu News. Tzuyu dances in red again! Is a makeup model! And makes this face at the airport! Wow! That's all for this edition of Today In Tzuyu! Tune it next time!
  10. emanresu

    Appreciation Elkie Is So Freaking Pretty

    Elkie Is So Freaking Pretty This girl. Goodness. GOODNESS. I WILL FALL OVER.
  11. emanresu

    Appreciation A Kiss From Seolhyun

    A Kiss From Seolhyun The World's Perfect Woman blows you a kiss. Good lord. I never get over how pretty she is.
  12. emanresu

    Discussion This Kid Needs To Be In A Disney Movie

    This Kid Needs To Be In A Disney Movie The most random rec from YouTube There I was watching Fallout lore videos. And this random video shows up in my recs. Nickolas Green Outdoors: Nick Decides to Camp out in his backyard in a blizzard to celebrate his 70 subs. Like what???? Just...
  13. emanresu

    Appreciation Angel "I Ignore Gangnam Gunshots" Tzuyu

    Angel "I Ignore Gangnam Gunshots" Tzuyu I love this video so much. Girl next door Tzuyu. Simple makeup and long straight hair. What an angel! So much angel that she's not even phased when gunshots ring out halfway. (45 secs in) Lmao. The sound of small arms fire in the dorm may bother...
  14. emanresu

    Discussion Songs From Not Today

    Songs From Not Today A few random songs from when Eman had bleached blonde hair, wore Vans and played hacky sack.(aka High School) And if you hate those two. This is a little different. @igloo If anyone would like to be tagged in my music threads let me know!
  15. emanresu

    Appreciation Nakyung The Pink Haired Anime Dream

    Nakyung The Pink Haired Anime Dream That pink hair bare shoulders combo just rocked my existence. Swoon X 3048485999999999383847488828.
  16. emanresu

    Appreciation Let Life Slide While You Watch Tzuyu Dance

    Let Life Slide While You Watch Tzuyu Dance The Outside World Tries To Get Eman's Attention: Eman. Hey Eman.... EMANNNNN!!!!! HEY EMANNNN!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GOT WORK AND BILLS AND LIFE AND SHIT TO PAY ATTENTION TO! Eman: *totally focused on Tzuyu* (20 mins later) Eman: *Totally...
  17. emanresu

    News Another American Critic (MTV) On TWICE: Big Fluffy Flop Or Not???

    Another American Critic (MTV) On TWICE: Big Fluffy Flop Or Not??? An alternative take on the same concert by a different critic. Seems there's a diversity of opinion. This critic loved the performance and praised them throughout. Congrats TWICE! [Begin Article Text] (MTV) K-POP STARS...
  18. emanresu

    Appreciation The Most Attractive Face In The World

    The Most Attractive Face In The World For me. It's Yoona. At this exact time. In this picture. Oh.... My....God..
  19. emanresu

    Appreciation Remember That Time Nayoung Was A Robot?

    Remember That Time Nayoung Was A Robot? I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see pretty chubby cheeked Nayoung stomp around in a big robot suit. So fucking cute. I mean look at this. Lol. The stuff of fanboy dreams.
  20. emanresu

    Appreciation Naeun Is Legendary

    Naeun Is Legendary This is the fancam I'll tell my kids about. "Look Timmy for your 11th birthday I give you this old Naeun fancam from 2019." "But Dad! I want the new Fallout game!" "Shhhh........shhhh. Now don't argue with your pops. He knows what's best for you." *Hands him...