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  1. Drug

    Appreciation The Skinnny-verse

    Once upon a time, the world was a place without any hope and the sun was nothing more than a void constellation mocking Good from Evil. Under the wrath of @Drug, everything the world stood for was turned into ashes. Until, one day, a warrior named @Skinnny raised hope again - her sword in hand...
  2. Drug

    18+ Jingle Bells~

  3. Drug

    18+ In virtue of my Kpopsource anniversary

    Shopping in the district of KPOPSOURCE with my husband @Chahee and my magnificent daughter @Skinnny. I never would have imagined that I would come across something of that attractiveness and prettiness. That Jeonghan cucumber was given to me by @Chahee which, we happened to bought from @Erae I...
  4. Drug

    Rumor Skinnnymon is targeting me

    Through the vast land of KPS, my Skinnnymon suddenly turned into an evil one. My curiosity helped me getting past her food poisoning strategy but, that being said, my Skinnnymon has been hypnotized by someone and I must act quickly I will be visiting the Pokemon center to find out more about...
  5. Drug

    ANON Drug's short comeback anon

    You are free to tell me or ask me anything you want until I am bored or tired or leave. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/13VOKh4LJfr2woGKsZy0zp_AmkrGYsaq72gWxPdfnzBo/edit#responses
  6. Drug

    Thoughts Keanu Reeves

    I want to be your pet~ I want to be whatever that you want me to be~ Be my daddy and serve me banana~ I want to choke~
  7. Drug

    18+ What I actually love about JYP

    It seems like he possess my favorite fruit in his daddy garden~ :haylul: To help myself in his fruits, he rewards me with milk to eat cereals~
  8. Drug

    Discussion Final Message

    Before going to sleep. Sorry for being inactive, I just am starting to feel too lazy to post anything anymore. Lurking state has been activated~
  9. Drug

    Discussion Can you believe this?

    I successfully ate 12 hotdogs which btw isn't healthy and now have stomach aches...
  10. Drug

    Discussion KPS is insinuating...

  11. Drug

    Appreciation KPS needs a Drug award

  12. Drug

    Discussion I will purify the world

    Spreading Windex all over the world and making sure to scrub everything... Or have Jeonghan spread his snowflakes on everyone and everything. This ended up being poetic...
  13. Drug

    Appreciation ..................................................

    I need an 18+ section with a password. I can't have children read about my dirty fantasies about JYP daddy...
  14. Drug

    Discussion If I was a doctor

    Surely I would recommend that people drink soda alongside mentos to see what they last eat. Sweat vomit, sweat vomit~
  15. Drug

    Appreciation The most delicious dishes

    Is a slimy product. I should say self product at this point. Zero energy wasted on preparing it. Saves hours from saving you the trouble to cook and affordable for everyone. I am a genius. Before we go any further, I must warn you that I am on a 24 hours rush without any sleep, readers...
  16. Drug

    Discussion I am too lazy

  17. Drug

    Discussion I have decided to meet the one year ago @Drug

    By that I mean that I will devote myself to KPOP again and be active on the forums for a little while. That being said, I also am planning to disappear again. Ayayayayayay~
  18. Drug

    Discussion How to make KS more active?

    Promote @Drug to make the all mighty Drugland~
  19. Drug

    Discussion I am not getting married. Ever

    Unless of course Jeonghan would ask me to. Yet, I would only have Wonho's childrens. I wrote that in my memos and it shall be preserved as mankind's archive.
  20. Drug

    Appreciation I just had an orgasm

    While eating the new chicken sandwich at Subway. Not even a human could make me reach this climax at this pace. :jenniesmug: