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  1. Drug

    Appreciation The most delicious dishes

    Is a slimy product. I should say self product at this point. Zero energy wasted on preparing it. Saves hours from saving you the trouble to cook and affordable for everyone. I am a genius. Before we go any further, I must warn you that I am on a 24 hours rush without any sleep, readers...
  2. Drug

    Discussion I am too lazy

  3. Drug

    Discussion I have decided to meet the one year ago @Drug

    By that I mean that I will devote myself to KPOP again and be active on the forums for a little while. That being said, I also am planning to disappear again. Ayayayayayay~
  4. Drug

    Discussion How to make KS more active?

    Promote @Drug to make the all mighty Drugland~
  5. Drug

    Discussion I am not getting married. Ever

    Unless of course Jeonghan would ask me to. Yet, I would only have Wonho's childrens. I wrote that in my memos and it shall be preserved as mankind's archive.
  6. Drug

    Appreciation I just had an orgasm

    While eating the new chicken sandwich at Subway. Not even a human could make me reach this climax at this pace. :jenniesmug:
  7. Drug

    18+ The best dream ever

    I just had this dream about being basically a cheese bar and I could fill Wonho caressing me with his tongue I'm going back to sleep~
  8. Drug

    18+ That's impossible

    Choi Min-Sik can play with me however he wants!
  9. Drug

    18+ About Peppa Pig...

    Why is it that her head looks so much like a peepee..? I can't...
  10. Drug

    Thoughts It's time for me to leave this forum

    I had a lot of fun following Kpop and being a part of this community but, some changes has to be made in my life if I want to be able to do the things that I want to do. I made a lot of promises along the way, saying that I would never leave and I tried my best to fulfil them but, it's just...
  11. Drug

    Discussion Do you think Jeonghan is loyal to me?

    I overheard him on the phone with probably some homewrecker after we went wild so... Do you think he is indeed cheating on me?
  12. Drug

    Discussion Have you ever felt to tired to write a thread?

    I feel exactly that way but, before I even realized it, I opened this exact thread about being too tired about opening a thread when in fact, I meant LAZY. Now I am wondering if I just opened this thread to waste your times... Honestly tho, I have no idea why I opened this thread. I deserve to...
  13. Drug

    Appreciation Rate how much do you like me

  14. Drug

    Discussion Rate how much do you think I love you?

    Rate now~
  15. Drug

    Thoughts A message important from Drug

    I think Sana is dominatrix and Dahyun would submit to her...
  16. Drug

    ANON [18+]Free Anon, no fees needed

    ~Send me love~ ~Tell me whatever you want~ ~ https://docs.google.com/forms/d/13VOKh4LJfr2woGKsZy0zp_AmkrGYsaq72gWxPdfnzBo/edit#responses
  17. Drug

    Thoughts That gif is... Well

    It reminds me of my brain, too fast for this world.
  18. Drug

    Discussion Did you put your thumb in your mouth?

    As a child?
  19. Drug

    18+ Treating Jeonghan's banana to help

    Usually, during treating a patient, a professional with the necessary tools are required to proceed with such a risky job but, I can do the same by myself. - No professional needed - No fees - Satisfaction guaranteed Jeonghan's banana obviously doesn't get enough attention and thus, here I...
  20. Drug

    ANON Anon of the next civilisations