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  1. Drug

    Discussion I have slept all day

    I went to sleep and for some reason, I was completely immersed into my dream (I would talk about that but, it was too personal to share it) I couldn't wake up and my head hurts for how long I slept.... I have been awake for only a couple of minutes only... I can't tell how much have I sleep...
  2. Drug

    Discussion I am listening to you, talk to me via anon

    ~Click on Kyungri~
  3. Drug

    Discussion Place your head on your pillows

    And sleepy-spleepity Anyway, being sick is the worst thing ever. Laughing becomes a mucus fest and I won't deny it, I use my finger to taste it afterwards It's delicious That being said, I had a friend over and without realizing it, I ended up drooling on her bag... I feel like a wild...
  4. Drug

    18+ Santa Claus didn't come to me

    I wasn't asleep, only pretending Yes, I wanted my Santa Daddy to show me the "magic" of Christmas. On my list, I wanted to taste his cookie and milk.
  5. Drug

    Appreciation From @Drug to everyone on KS

    I love you~ I love you~ I love you~ I love you~ I love you~ I love you~ I love you~ I love you~ I love you~ I love you~ I love you~ I love you~ I love you~ I love you~ I love you~ I love you~ I love you~ I love you~ I love you~ I love you~ I love you~ I love you~ I love...
  6. Drug

    Discussion This is the title of this thread

    This the content of this thread... I think I made everyone lost minutes their time. A time that could have been invested in my upcoming best selling novel by... Nvm
  7. Drug

    Discussion How I would love to suffocate

    I would love to be strangles to death by a JYP meal I would also want to be unable to breath by accepting Taehyung's mouth I wouldn't mind being completely turned into a slave for Jeonghan until he throws me away~ Give me all of that for Christmas Santa... Actually Santa Claus can sneak...
  8. Drug

    Discussion I feel like doing this and that...

    If I happen to do this and that, I will obtain this and that This and that is the equivalent of creating a new world that can create this and that... I just have to say this, I obviously didn't have to open this thread but, I obviously have zero reasons not to open it either because of this...
  9. Drug

    Appreciation Happy @Chahee day~

    Today, it is a blessed day. Why you might ask? Today we celebrate @Chahee The one and only , my husband and that, even when I cheated with JYP and that time when I was with Jeonghan... On a more serious note, Chahee has always brought happiness and joy to me whenever we have been able to...
  10. Drug

    Discussion Too much is not enough, don't @ me

    I just ate 6 giant chocolate chip muffins and I feel like I am going to die... After the first one, I thought; well you know, they aren't going to eat themselves... That... Was a mistakes because before I realized it, I was done with the whole set... But... That isn't even the worst part of...
  11. Drug

    Appreciation The Skinnny-verse

    Once upon a time, the world was a place without any hope and the sun was nothing more than a void constellation mocking Good from Evil. Under the wrath of @Drug, everything the world stood for was turned into ashes. Until, one day, a warrior named @Skinnny raised hope again - her sword in hand...
  12. Drug

    18+ Jingle Bells~

  13. Drug

    18+ In virtue of my Kpopsource anniversary

    Shopping in the district of KPOPSOURCE with my husband @Chahee and my magnificent daughter @Skinnny. I never would have imagined that I would come across something of that attractiveness and prettiness. That Jeonghan cucumber was given to me by @Chahee which, we happened to bought from @Erae I...
  14. Drug

    Rumor Skinnnymon is targeting me

    Through the vast land of KPS, my Skinnnymon suddenly turned into an evil one. My curiosity helped me getting past her food poisoning strategy but, that being said, my Skinnnymon has been hypnotized by someone and I must act quickly I will be visiting the Pokemon center to find out more about...
  15. Drug

    ANON Drug's short comeback anon

    You are free to tell me or ask me anything you want until I am bored or tired or leave. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/13VOKh4LJfr2woGKsZy0zp_AmkrGYsaq72gWxPdfnzBo/edit#responses
  16. Drug

    Thoughts Keanu Reeves

    I want to be your pet~ I want to be whatever that you want me to be~ Be my daddy and serve me banana~ I want to choke~
  17. Drug

    18+ What I actually love about JYP

    It seems like he possess my favorite fruit in his daddy garden~ :haylul: To help myself in his fruits, he rewards me with milk to eat cereals~
  18. Drug

    Discussion Final Message

    Before going to sleep. Sorry for being inactive, I just am starting to feel too lazy to post anything anymore. Lurking state has been activated~
  19. Drug

    Discussion Can you believe this?

    I successfully ate 12 hotdogs which btw isn't healthy and now have stomach aches...
  20. Drug

    Discussion KPS is insinuating...